Jupiler 0.0 Can (Alcohol Free)

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Lager and Hybrid Beers
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6 to 8°C
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Jupiler have always been a domintating force for the Belgian lager scene, with their alcohol-free verison doing much of the same in the alcohol-free category. An immensely crisp and herbaceous lager with a fruity hop finish.


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Good all round beer
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Tasty and refreshing, with a balanced flavour. Thirst quenching on a hot day.
A quality AF lager
Review by
I've drank endless cans and bottles of AF beer since I gave up the booze last year. In a mixed case of AF beers I got from this great site, this Juliper 0.0% stood out and was my clear favourite.

Nice mild, fruity aroma and certainly quaffable. It took me a while to work out what the overiding sweet fruit flavour was before I realised I was tasting green apples. Gorgeous! I'll be buying more.
Very good alternative beer
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I'm new to alcohol free beers and, to be honest, wasn't looking forward to it. After a lifetime of drinking beer and wine, unsurprisingly, a health scare has brought me to this point!

I really liked this Jupiler and thought it was a very good substitute for a mid range lager. It had a nice aftertaste and I felt that I had actually had a beer without the other effects.

I read in another review that you need to stick with these type of beers and get used to the different style and tastes... That's what I'll be doing.
Nice for non-alcohol
Review by
Nice looking can! The drink is absolutely fine but as with most non-alcohol beers you are aware of some artificial sweetness.
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