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PerfectDraft Keg Machine

PerfectDraft Keg Machine


Who doesn’t want to turn their kitchen into a bar? This handsome PerfectDraft beer dispenser now allows you to have fresh, cold bar-quality draught beer in the home. It’s incredibly easy to use: just plug in kegs for the perfect beer, no need for gas cylinders and the like. If you’re having a party, what could be better? It also makes the perfect gift for any beer lover.

There are twelve beers currently available through Beer Hawk, including the Belgian classic Leffe Blonde, the stunning Franziskaner weissbier and the refreshing Jupiler Pilsener. They come in six-litre kegs that simply pop in to PerfectDraft. The beer will be chilled to a constant 3°C and will stay fresh and carbonated for 30 days.

The dispenser itself, manufactured by Philips, looks fantastic, feels sturdy and has a real tap handle. Plus it stands only 38cm high. An LED display shows the temperature and the amount of beer left in the keg until you can try the next one. It was originally designed for bars and restaurants, so the results are perfect and the system reliable. It’s also very economical to run and takes very little cleaning (the tube comes with the keg). Perfect draught? It certainly is.

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8.34 Kg

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Who doesn’t want to turn their kitchen into a bar? This handsome PerfectDraft beer dispenser now allows you to have fresh, cold bar-quality draught beer in the home. It’s incredibly easy to use: just plug in kegs for the perfect beer, no need for gas cylinders and the like. If you’re having a party, what could be better? It also makes the perfect gift for any beer lover.

Don't forget your kegs! - View the full Perfect Draft Range


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Who doesn’t want to turn their kitchen into a bar? This handsome PerfectDraft beer dispenser now allows you to have fresh, cold bar-quality draught beer in the home. It’s incredibly easy to use: just plug in kegs for the perfect beer, no need for gas cylinders and the like. If you’re having a party, what could be better? It also makes the perfect gift for any beer lover.

Don't forget your kegs! - View the full Perfect Draft Range

Who doesn’t want to turn their kitchen into a bar? This handsome PerfectDraft beer dispenser now allows you to have fresh, cold bar-quality draught beer in the home. It’s incredibly easy to use: just plug in kegs for the perfect beer, no need for gas cylinders and the like. If you’re having a party, what could be better? It also makes the perfect gift for any beer lover.

There are twelve beers currently available through Beer Hawk, including the Belgian classic Leffe Blonde, the stunning Franziskaner weissbier and the refreshing Jupiler Pilsener. They come in six-litre kegs that simply pop in to PerfectDraft. The beer will be chilled to a constant 3°C and will stay fresh and carbonated for 30 days.

The dispenser itself, manufactured by Philips, looks fantastic, feels sturdy and has a real tap handle. Plus it stands only 38cm high. An LED display shows the temperature and the amount of beer left in the keg until you can try the next one. It was originally designed for bars and restaurants, so the results are perfect and the system reliable. It’s also very economical to run and takes very little cleaning (the tube comes with the keg). Perfect draught? It certainly is.

Product dimensions (cm)




8.34 Kg

Style No
Country No

Product Reviews

Product Reviews

  • What a Find!

    Review by Quentin

    By chance, a friend at work introduced me to the PD machine. This was the Thursday before Christmas. I ordered one (and a few different beers that i was already familiar with) and received fantastic service from BH (and Royal Mail) as it arrived on Saturday morning, to the Isle of Man!
    The machine looks good and is simple to set up and simple to use. The range of beer is great and the ordering/delivery/return with BH makes it so easy.
    Get one! (Posted on 22/02/2018)

  • Simply Marvellous :-)

    Review by Amy

    Fantastic purchase and pulls the perfect pint with a taste of being down at the local in your own home... (Posted on 21/02/2018)

  • Perfect draft keg machine

    Review by Richard

    Fantastic quality absolutely love mine (Posted on 20/02/2018)

  • Best appliance for your kitchen

    Review by Michael

    This is one of the best things I have ever bought. It gives you perfectly chilled beer (takes a while to get to 3 degrees) and “perfectly” pours it. It’s great to use for when you’ve got people round, and there is a great choice of kegs to go with it. It’s really simple to set up and doesn’t require any cleaning at all really. (Posted on 19/02/2018)

  • Perfect Gift

    Review by Siobhan

    I bought this for my husband as a gift and he loves it. Normally he is difficult to buy for but this was the ideal gift for the man who has everything. This is far superior to the normal twisting kegs you can buy from your local store. It is quiet and quick to cool the keg with a clear display and easy to use.The only disappointment with this machine was that it is a European plug and you need a plug adaptor before you are able to use it so make sure you have a spare one handy. We would definitely recommend the PerfectDraft! (Posted on 17/02/2018)

  • Excellent

    Review by Delboyo

    The best keg machine i have purchased, one tip i can give for newbies is to store the keg in the fridge for a couple of days before use, otherwise you will be waiting hours and hours for the right temperature. The reason for not 5 stars is that nothing is perfect. (Posted on 16/02/2018)

  • Who needs bottles.

    Review by PETER

    Really good machine. Like the beer selection. Though really hope other beers, especially Belgian, will be added. Gulden Draak for example. (Posted on 15/02/2018)

  • And why not

    Review by Paul

    Best of this type of machine suits my man cave well (Posted on 14/02/2018)

  • Perfect draft machine

    Review by Nigel

    Fantastic machine keeps the kegs at 3 degrees and shows remaining volume in keg. Best birthday present I have had. (Posted on 14/02/2018)

  • Amazing keg machine

    Review by Nichola

    I saw this website and thought of buying different beers but when I saw the draft machine I thought this would be the perfect gift for my husband.
    After using the machine for a month this is an amazing gift and can be used for every occasion for someone who loves beer (Posted on 12/02/2018)

  • Keg machine

    Review by Mel

    Super machine don’t know how I went on before having one (Posted on 10/02/2018)

  • Great Machine

    Review by Mark

    Absolutely brilliant machine. Produces beer the same as I get in the pub. Temperature kept stable and beer slike Hoegaaarden and Leffe taste exactly the same with same carbonation as my local pub. Recommended (Posted on 09/02/2018)

  • Excellent value

    Review by Catherine

    Well worth it, perfect pint (Posted on 07/02/2018)

  • Awesome

    Review by Stephanie

    Great product, quick delivery. Great addition to every man cave (Posted on 06/02/2018)

  • Perfect Draft Machine

    Review by Mark

    Awesome piece of kit. Easy to use and great having perfect beer on tap in the home. (Posted on 04/02/2018)

  • Best Christmas present ever!

    Review by David

    Thanks to my beautiful wife for getting me a Perfect Draft Machine for Christmas, it really is the best present I’ve ever received. And when my friends visit they are like moths to a 100w bulb around my machine. The only problem now is I’ve realised I need 2 more machines so I can get 3 different beers on at a time (Posted on 01/02/2018)

  • Game changer

    Review by Jhodie

    Best thing I have brought for my bar. Never fails to deliver an amazing pint. There are alot of other machines out there so pleased I went for this (Posted on 29/01/2018)

  • A perfect draft

    Review by PETER

    This machine produces my pint at the perfect temperature, it’s very easy to set up and it operates very easily. There is no noise from the refrigeration unit, unlike other similar products, and is an ideal product to have for any celebration or barbecue. I would recommend it to anyone. (Posted on 28/01/2018)

  • Machine

    Review by garreth

    The beer hawk machine is a fab addition to my games room ,fresh beer on tap a joy (Posted on 25/01/2018)

  • Excellent present

    Review by Louise

    I purchased this for a 40th present for hubby and he loves it. He says the machine produces a fantastic pint and is perfect for christmas and special occasions. (Posted on 20/01/2018)

  • X mass present

    Review by Ana

    Bought this as a present for my husband , it's easy to set up and keeps the beer nice and cold . Hubby says it does serve up a perfect pint . Perfect gift for a beer lover !! (Posted on 19/01/2018)

  • Good machine

    Review by John

    Very good machine. My dad has one too. Overall very happy (Posted on 17/01/2018)

  • Perfect draft pump

    Review by Mark

    Excellent job, dont know why I held off so long too buy (Posted on 15/01/2018)

  • Excellent

    Review by Gary

    Great machine and fantastic additional to any household, added bonus of getting token back when returning your kegs which is very easy to do via collect+.

    The machine itself is very easy to set up and pours a fantastic pint, haven't bought bottles now for some time and can really notice a difference in quality. Don't be put off by the price of this item as its well worth the money (Posted on 13/01/2018)

  • Machine

    Review by lee

    Had my machine for a year now, working great, have used many kegs and always ready. (Posted on 12/01/2018)

  • Ice cold pint at home

    Review by Liam

    After a mess up from Yodel another machine was resent by BeerHawk very swiftly. Over the moon with the look and quality of the product. Highly recommend to anyone who likes a beer or to host parties (Posted on 11/01/2018)

  • Only wish I had bought it before hand

    Review by Russell T

    I had a beer pump system some years ago, the carlsberg
    Draftmaster and it was a novilty that kept it going for a while but only having carlsberg as the beer choice and it not being very reliable was it’s demise.
    However the PD is chuffin awesome and can’t leave it alone
    Top purchase especially within the festive period.
    (Posted on 10/01/2018)

  • What’s Not To Like?

    Review by Turbo

    The PD machine is brilliant. It doesn’t take up much room, it chills beer down to 3 degrees, it looks quite stylish. Setting up is simple, changing kegs is easy, remember to wet the pipes and tap and push down hard, with the keg on the floor, till you hear the double click. Pull the tap down and that’s it. There’s a wide range of kegs available from BeerHawk, covering all tastes. With 10% off if you buy 2 kegs, 20% if you buy 4, the kegs are good value. Returning kegs is simple and saves you more money. So a pint of your favourite beer, on draught at home for about £1.80 is easily achievable, and that’s for the likes of Leffe Blonde. Perfect gadget, can’t fault it. Buy one! (Posted on 09/01/2018)


    Review by Caleb

    a GREAT purchase. have not got bored of this yet and had it for about four or five months now. highly recommend. Worth every penny! (Posted on 08/01/2018)

  • Great machine

    Review by Sammy

    Really good machine, pressure is slightly too high which makes the beer come out with a lot of head however this may be due to it being a wheat beer. Only one we've tried in it yet. Cools to the correct temperature overnight. Perfect for instant beer constantly. Highly recommend (Posted on 08/01/2018)

  • Brought us to tears ...

    Review by Lesley

    Wow! What a fab investment. On the surface it seems an expensive way to drink but on balance, perfectly chilled, stylishly served beer in the comfort of your own home ... what's not to like especially when you amass some points, tokens and make use of multibuy discounts? Easy to set up, devilishly easy to use and a perfect accompaniment to this Christmas. Bought as a gift for hubby but of course, it would be churlish to let him drink alone ... ! Love this and highly recommend it! (Posted on 05/01/2018)

  • PerfectDraft = Perfect beer Machine

    Review by Lee

    Been very impressed so far with this machine, you cant beat having draft beer at home and with beer hawk there is alot of different types of beers to try, which i am still working my way through them...

    I have also suddenly become alot more popular with my friends who keep inviting themselves round, i can t think why.. (Posted on 03/01/2018)

  • best xmas present ever

    Review by paul

    My wife bought me this for xmas, I've gotta say its absolutely brilliant, better than any pint pulled down my local. I love Belgian beer so this is a bonus as a lot of the beer available is from there. If you want to invest in a cracking pint treat yourself to one of these , you'll not regret it , its so easy to transport also, I took it to Center Parcs over the new year and saved myself a fortune (Posted on 02/01/2018)

  • Great Item!

    Review by PETE

    Brilliant bit of kit! Made Xmas, everyone loved it!!!!! (Posted on 02/01/2018)

  • Excellent service Excellent Beer

    Review by Alison

    Perfect Draft is an excellent idea to own in your home, what more would you want!!! Well made machine easy to set up and use very happy customer (Posted on 01/01/2018)

  • Brillant beer machine that comes with great beers

    Review by Andyrobo

    I've had my machine for over a year now and I'm so glad I bought one. If you want to drink great quality beers on draught in the comfort of your own home then you can't go wrong with this. The keg selection is good and is getting bigger which can only be a good thing to increase choice. The machine is easy to use and putting a keg in doesn't take long to set up although I would recommend pre-chilling kegs so they don't take as long to come down to the set 3 degrees temperature. The only thing that would improve the machine is an option to manually set the temperature as some of the darker beers taste better when they warm up. On the whole, this is a great machine. (Posted on 01/01/2018)

  • I won gift of the year!

    Review by Mels

    Well I finally managed to outdo my husband in the surprise christmas present stakes! We've been together nearly 25 years and he always buys me brilliant presents whereas my efforts for him have been somewhat lame ( not including the first playstation though). He is incredibly difficult to buy for and nothing really makes him get too excited. But this year i managed to really turn the tables with this. He absolutely loves it! He hasnt stopped going on about it since Christmas day and has managed to work his way through a couple of kegs already. This may work.out rather ecpensive in the long run (Posted on 01/01/2018)

  • Perfect Draft Machine

    Review by Susan

    Bought two of these machines and they are Brilliant!! We have a garden bar and they have just made it even better. Love them !! (Posted on 30/12/2017)

  • Every home needs one!

    Review by Lorna

    Don’t delay! Don’t think about it too long.... and make sure you buy plenty of kegs to go with it as the saddest thing ever is a beer pump with no kegs! (Posted on 30/12/2017)

  • Absolutely Brilliant

    Review by Anton

    I came across this by chance after searching for a Christmas gift for my dad, when I saw it I thought well that'll be a gift for myself haha.
    It was the talking point over Christmas and everybody loved it.
    I ordered a keg of leffe ruby with it and it was incredibly easy to set up just pop the keg in that's it. Chilled it within a couple hours even though it said it could take up to 12 hours.
    It came out frothy at first but soon settled down, I assume because the keg was moved about beforehand rather than anything to do with the machine itself or my pint pulling skills.
    The machine itself looks great sat on the side. It even comes with two beer medallions that sit on top off the pull magnetically. Although finding other ones seems to be quite hard, it would be nice if beer hawk would sell them. That's just me being picky and that's the only fault I can find.
    Absolutely fantastic machine would recommend to anybody (Posted on 29/12/2017)

  • Perfect Draft

    Review by Lee

    Love this machine !!!
    Every household should have one (Posted on 28/12/2017)

  • Excellent piece of kit

    Review by LicioCwrwCryf

    65th Birthday present from the wife - glad I married her now!
    Quiet & quite unobtrusive in our utility room - good variety of kegs from Beerhawk - Well pleased! (Posted on 27/12/2017)

  • Brilliant Present

    Review by Linda

    Bouvht for my son with some kegs to go with it. Brst present we have ever bought him. Its a big hit with all his friends too they all want one. The beer is just what it says the perfect draft. Would recommend to anyone who likes a decent beer at home. (Posted on 27/12/2017)

  • Superb!

    Review by Corey

    One of the best buys ive made. Great machine and a nice novelty toy to have... (Posted on 27/12/2017)

  • A must have

    Review by DaZzA

    A must have device for every home. Purchased this on a whim and never looked back. Easy to pour draft beer in your own home. Liked it so much I now have 2 of them. Excellent range of beers too and still growing. (Posted on 27/12/2017)

  • Merry xmas

    Review by Ross

    Everyone should have one of these just so handy and a amazing quality (Posted on 25/12/2017)

  • Excellent Machine

    Review by Craig

    Been using this machine for a few months and have no regrets. Works out a lot more expensive that buying cans from the supermarket, but the quality can’t be matched. If you appreciate a quality beer, perfectly poured and at the correct temperature, you need this in your house. Price wise, if like me you have a pint or two every other night then this is reasonably priced to run. If you drink heavily, then this may be a bit on the expensive side for most people to run. Highly recommended. (Posted on 24/12/2017)

  • Great machine

    Review by Nigel

    Really enjoying my Christmas gift to myself. If you like drinking draft lager, then this is a winner, who doesn't want beer on tap in their kitchen!?!...maybe the wife, seek permission first! (Posted on 23/12/2017)

  • European plug

    Review by Wessas

    Received my draft machine tonight, just in time for Christmas and it has a European plug on it! Not happy! No one returned messages on phone or by email (Posted on 22/12/2017)

  • #well Worth It

    Review by Carl

    Took me a while to go for this machine, but so pleased that I did. Now on my 2nd keg of draft beer from this machine and both have been lovely. If you fancy draught beer at home then go for this. (Posted on 22/12/2017)

  • Loving this machine

    Review by Mark

    Great machine, wish there was a bigger range of beers but there is still time i guess (Posted on 22/12/2017)

  • This is great

    Review by David

    Delivered this morning and easy set up. Pulled first pint off at 7pm and tastes just like a pint from a pub. This is great. Invited mates round boxing day hope my 4 kegs last that long or they will be bringing their own beer. (Posted on 21/12/2017)

  • Top machine

    Review by Martin k

    I've had this machine over a year and I can't fault it one bit, I'm thinking of buying another so I can have two different beers on tap.
    Won't buy bottles or cans ever again, don't wait about as I think it's better than a pint in the pub (Posted on 21/12/2017)

  • Well thought out home draft system

    Review by Beerdoddy

    I have been converted to the home draft concept by how well this system works. Before I was happy to buy bottles and cans but now there is a sensible sized (6 litre kegs) home draft alternative. This coupled with Beer Hawk's ability to get a selection of beer kegs to you quickly makes this a realistic and practical solution. I like the idea of the kegs being returnable which I think has to be the case with a pressurised system and works fine if you swap an empty for a full when you replenish your stocks. (Posted on 19/12/2017)

  • Loving it!!!

    Review by Mark

    Came well packaged and at first I thought this isn't going to be easy to set up. But it took literally 5 minutes, had my keg in and switched on in minutes. I bought 2 kegs of Juliper and previously never tried it. Thankfully after reading another review on the beer this person was spot on. It's a kin to fosters or Carlsberg so was right up my street. Was lovely I've ordered another 4 lol. Time to try some others soon. Only thing that has annoyed me is a week after I paid full price it was discounted for Christmas. But hey ho such is life Lol! Treat yourself you wont regret it. What you waiting for? Christmas lol. (Posted on 18/12/2017)

  • pd m/c

    Review by Sarah

    best buy ive ever made ever (Posted on 17/12/2017)

  • Love love love this

    Review by Joanne

    Love this machine. Christmas present for husband last year. It's great. (Posted on 17/12/2017)

  • 3rd one

    Review by John

    well that impressed bought another (Posted on 16/12/2017)

  • Great Product

    Review by Nik

    This is my second, my first one I sold as I could only get the kegs in Europe now Beer Hawk sell them I have invested in another...a great investment. (Posted on 15/12/2017)

  • Brilliant

    Review by Jackie

    Love this machine so much we bought a second one! (Posted on 15/12/2017)

  • Perfect Draft = Perfect pint

    Review by michael

    I purchased one of these for my home bar when i realised i wouldnt have room for a full system set up.
    The perfect draft is sensational, i am very very happy that i found one of these.
    Its not the smallest piece of kit but to fit the 6 ltr keg in it it never was going to be. If youre after a beer tap for your house, this is the way to go. (Posted on 14/12/2017)

  • Excellent

    Review by Gary

    Best thing that I now own (including my kids) (Posted on 13/12/2017)

  • PerfectDraft Keg Machine

    Review by Daz

    What a great machine this is! Perfect quality pints every time and a great range of Kegs available direct to your door from BeerHawk. (Posted on 12/12/2017)

  • Fantastic Machine

    Review by Jason

    This is an amazing machine. It is quiet and easy to use. It looks great in the kitchen and the beer is better than most pub pints. (Posted on 11/12/2017)

  • Bought for a friend

    Review by Ben

    After receiving my machine it’s a little too popular. Answer buy your friend one and they can buy their own beer (Posted on 11/12/2017)

  • BEST BUY OF 2017

    Review by Colb51

    As in title. this is the best "new" kitchen appliance in the house! (Posted on 11/12/2017)

  • Excellent

    Review by Lee

    Absolutely fantastic buy, best purchase this year. One happy man (Posted on 08/12/2017)

  • Love it!

    Review by Ben

    What an amazing purchase. I wish I had bought two! I have one in my shed pub and what a hoot it is for parties. In fact, I have brought it into the house for the winter. The kegs are very easy to insert / replace. I tend to chill a keg in the fridge for a few hours before putting it in the machine, just to speed up the cooling process (or you'll wait 24 hours or so for it to chill to 3 degrees. The LED display is simple enough and the pour is as its namesake states - perfect. Heads above the rivals out there. (Posted on 07/12/2017)

  • Perfected Drafting

    Review by Andie

    Excellent machine. Very simply to setup and operate. Looks like a professional bit of kit in my bar area too...oh, and produces an excellent draft pint, chilled to perfection! (Posted on 07/12/2017)

  • Top Machine...............

    Review by Adrian

    Best thing since sliced bread. So good I bought another one.. (Posted on 06/12/2017)

  • Perfect home pub

    Review by martin

    Very pleased with this machine. Easy to set up. Just remember it takes about 8 hours to chill the keg (Posted on 04/12/2017)

  • PerfectDraft Keg Machine - Highly recommended

    Review by Fiona

    Bought this for my partner's Birthday as he had dropped lots of hints about it as it came highly recommended by his friends and we could not be happier with this product. It works great, nice chilled beer straight from the keg at home. Great features displaying the temperature of the beer and quantity left in the keg. The design is stylish and fits perfectly on the kitchen counter, the drip tray is also a great feature and a perfect fit for the draft machine. This purchase is very highly recommended! (Posted on 01/12/2017)

  • Absolutely love it

    Review by Wes

    What a great gift from the wife (purchased by me lol) the pints are refreshing, Chilled and this machine is an a solute must have for any mancave, remember to chill your next keg on the party night so its an instant reload. Looking forward to many happy pints together (Posted on 30/11/2017)

  • Best Buy ever!

    Review by Ian

    This is definitely the finest thing I've ever bought! Beautiful draft beer on tap whenever you want with more than 20 keg varieties available as I write. Superb. (Posted on 29/11/2017)

  • Perfect Keg Machine

    Review by MARK

    This is a great addition to my new bar and everyone comments on it.
    I bought it mainly because Hoegaarden (one of my favourite tipple's) was available but I am now enjoying trying some other beers with it.
    Thoroughly recommend this product, serves draft at home but same quality as in a pub. (Posted on 29/11/2017)

  • Peferct Draft Machine

    Review by David

    Love my Peferct Draft Machine. Its a perfect size and was easy to find a place to set it up in our kitchen. It looks good and definately not out of place. (Posted on 29/11/2017)

  • My life

    Review by Gareth

    Best purchase ever love my PD one year one so
    Many kegs so much spent beer hawk are such a great company and community (Posted on 28/11/2017)

  • Amazing!!

    Review by Gavin

    Purchased for a poker session with my friends and they absolutely love it.....and so do I. So smooth, such a nice range of beers available....and when you crunch the numbers.....it works out cheaper than some supermarkets....yes it really is. It can take a number of hours to chill down to 3 degrees from room temperature, so I keep a keg in the fridge as well. Buy one now.....you will never want to go to the pub ever again. (Posted on 28/11/2017)

  • Best gift ever

    Review by Stuart

    Got this last Christmas and it’s so addictive trying different beers. Pubs have never been the same since I got this (Posted on 26/11/2017)

  • Worth every penny

    Review by Darren

    Worth every penny and since buying I have not looked back. Friends have also seen and used it and bought one themselves (Posted on 25/11/2017)

  • Perfect draft

    Review by Ellen

    Perfect draft is a great way to drink beer at home, chilled to the correct drinking temperature, so for a beer drinker you can't go wrong (Posted on 25/11/2017)

  • Perfect draft machine

    Review by Suzanne

    Best thing I’ve ever purchased (Posted on 25/11/2017)

  • Awesome

    Review by Lagerlover

    This machine is a must for any beer lover. Serves the perfect pint every time and looks good, well made and quiet to operate, makes the perfect draft keg machine the perfect gift for anyone. (Posted on 25/11/2017)

  • The perfect kit

    Review by Stuart

    Excellent product easy to set up and he perfect way to keep and enjoy your beer. Have had the machine a few weeks now and so worth the outlay. Great selection of beers to go with it. (Posted on 24/11/2017)

  • perfect machine

    Review by gary

    It really does pour the perfect pint, chilled to perfection and looks great, what more could you ask for (Posted on 24/11/2017)

  • Merry Christmas

    Review by Joe

    Received my keg machine early for my Christmas from my wife, glad to say I was allowed to try it out early and now I’m hooked, just ordered my third order of kegs. (Posted on 24/11/2017)

  • Better than a coffee machine

    Review by Parminder

    I've had the beauty about a year. The best addition to a kitchen, but be prepared for friends & family asking to borrow for parties. (Posted on 22/11/2017)

  • Draft beer at home

    Review by andrew

    The best gadget iv ever purchased.. (Posted on 22/11/2017)

  • Best thing I ever brought

    Review by Nicholas

    I love this machine, it may take a while to chill (unless in a fridge before hand) but the quality of pint, ease to change a keg and the fact last for 30 days with an excellent selection means it takes pride of place in kitchen and always in use by me & friends during football games. I pull better pints than my friends with it who seem to get loads of head on theirs (experience I guess) (Posted on 22/11/2017)

  • Draft beer machine

    Review by joe

    Great purchase, beer at perfect temperature and no wastage in the kegs!! (Posted on 20/11/2017)

  • Perferct draft

    Review by JONATHAN

    This machine is simply fantastic, pours the perfect pint every time and looks awesome. (Posted on 19/11/2017)

  • Perfect gift

    Review by Jonny

    What to buy for the man who has everything? THIS - plain and simple. Makes a sad man happy, and a happy man happier. (Posted on 17/11/2017)

  • Great Machine can only become more popular

    Review by Jonathan

    Having had this machine 6 months, it is brilliant, regardless of the keg, it chills it to 3 degrees which is a superb temperature, cold and pours like you get in the pub. I have had worse beer in pubs, its a sizeable unit but it holds 6l kegs with that in mind it is a sleek design, well constructed and perfect for a nice pint at home, i just wished it would cool a bit quicker, but i have noticed that you can keep the kegs in fridge which takes temperature to 5 or 6 degrees then in machine takes about 4 hours to 3 degrees but it is definitely drinkable at 6 degrees (Posted on 17/11/2017)

  • PerfectDraft

    Review by Jim

    Excellent bit of kit,pours a top pint at a lovely cool temperature. I only wish I’d have bought one sooner. (Posted on 17/11/2017)

  • Excellent addition to our kitchen

    Review by Caroline

    This has to be the best gift I've ever bought my husband.
    He says the beer is better than that served at our local pub. (Posted on 25/10/2017)

  • Awesome

    Review by ROBERT

    This is a must for any household that has live sports tv!! Few pals were round before heading out and this is just an awesome gadget to have just soo cool to pour a pint/glass of beer and feel like your own personal bar man Wife doesnt even mind getting the beers in now!! #Winning (Posted on 24/10/2017)

  • Perfect Draft Keg machine

    Review by Johann

    I recently created a man cave / bar in my garden and wanted to have a beer tap. I noticed this Perfect draft via a Facebook advert and was intrigued. I checked what beers were covered by this machine and found there was a good selection available, Leffe being my favourite, and some other pretty good German and Belgian beers too. I purchased the machine and was really happy with the product. Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to swap the barrels out. I would highly recommend. (Posted on 22/10/2017)

  • Draft keg machine

    Review by Carolyn

    This is and excellent machine we use it in our entertainment room and has gone down very well with family and friends when they visit. It's so easy to use and would recommend to anyone think of getting one ! (Posted on 17/10/2017)

  • The Perfect Draft

    Review by Ashley

    The initial outlay for the machine may seem expensive, I know I had my reservations for some time, but it's well worth it!
    I've only had the PD machine for less than a week and I ordered a Lowenbrau, Diebels and a Hassoroder to start with, it takes some time for the beer to reach 3 degrees, but it's certainly worth the wait, the Lowenbrau that started with is just like (if not better) then I've had on tap!
    So if you're looking to treat yourself or it's a gift for a beer lover, then I'm sure if you or they like beer you can't go wrong! (Posted on 04/09/2017)

  • Perfect draft, well named

    Review by nathanael

    Had this for a few months now, it's great having beer on tap. The only issues is the kegs are slightly expensive but if you get them with multi-buy discounts there are still good value. Also with mine the screen seems to change randomly with the amount of beer left in the keg (once it went increased while i was pouring) so its hard to tell how much you have left.

    Love it so glad I bought this (Posted on 02/09/2017)

  • Best Christmas present ever!

    Review by James

    Bought for me by my wife, excellent machine with growing amount of lovely beers! (Posted on 01/09/2017)

  • Amazing buy!

    Review by Crip

    Got this for Xmas last year and it's the pest purchase I've made for a long time, great beers available and it's novle thing to have for parties and BBQs. Strongly recommend (Posted on 24/08/2017)

  • Perfect beer

    Review by sarah

    Fab machine, keeps your beer at a perfect temperature and great when friends are over. Really recommend! (Posted on 19/08/2017)

  • Why go to the pub

    Review by Laxeybobby

    Who needs to go to the pub when you have a Perfectdraft Machine in your home!
    Not me and probably not you once you've bough one or two of these machines.
    We are not big drinkers or pub goers due to the extortionate cost of a pint here on the Isle of Man (Posted on 12/08/2017)

  • Always beer

    Review by Ray

    It's great I've always got lovley fresh beer (Posted on 05/08/2017)

  • A much-loved new family member

    Review by Englishman

    Worth every penny. Has turned our whole household into beer drinkers. Highly recommend chilling the kegs in the fridge first though as otherwise it takes ages to get down to 3 degrees. System is very simple to set up and use. (Posted on 03/08/2017)

  • An essential purchase... for a home pub.

    Review by Ol'Hungers

    Having converted an outhouse to be a bar, I was on the lookout for a beer pump system for the authentic experience. Perfect Draft is... perfect. Without the need for Co2, this self contained unit fits and chills 6l kegs of great beer. For any self respecting man-cave, what more could you ask for? (Posted on 02/08/2017)

  • Perfect Xmas pressie

    Review by Kel

    I'm reviewing this now after we've had it for 7 months. I got it as a last minute Xmas present for my partner who is really difficult to please at Xmas. I saw this on special offer and thought I'd take a chance. He had never seen them before and was really excited to get it all set up for boxing day. Since then we have bought several different kegs with Hoegarden being the winner so far. We have to be selective and not have it on all the time or we'd be drinking constantly! It's really great to fire up when a few friends are coming over. Our mates have been well impressed by it. We're just hoping for a few more sunny days now. Can't wait to get hold of the Xmas leffe which sold out too fast last year. (Posted on 28/07/2017)

  • Good kit

    Review by David

    Took delivery 2 weeks ago, so far worked through 4 mixed kegs. The beer tastes as it would in good pubs. Natural levels of gassing you'd expect from brewing process with the system self pressurising to help the beer out by way of an inbuilt compressor. Cost wise it seems there are 1st purchase discounts and specials so my second order of 4 kegs came in at £84 with free delivery. So far so good but allow at least 12hrs for the unit to chill the keg down to 3c. My thursday night order arrived Saturday. (Posted on 27/07/2017)

  • Beer machine

    Review by Elayne

    Genius! How did we ever get through summer without it? Or winter, for that matter!! (Posted on 22/07/2017)

  • Outstanding machine

    Review by Adam

    Splashed out on the Leffe bundle its fantastic, so easy to change kegs, they don't go flat within a few days love my machine very worth while buying! (Posted on 19/07/2017)

  • Best Fathers Day Present Ever

    Review by Malcs

    This is by far the best fathers day present I have ever had even if I did buy it myself.
    Works a treat if you pre-chill the kegs like I do by keeping them in the fridge. Got no chance of any keg lasting 30 days.
    Everyone that comes round loves it too.
    Just returned my first four empty kegs and got beer tokens in return so what more do you want.
    (Posted on 19/07/2017)

  • Quality

    Review by Matthew

    The perfect draft pump is a quality piece of kit and will enhance your life. I fitted mine in an outdoor bar that I recently built and it went down a storm with my family and friends. The kegs are easy to fit and each one comes with a clean pipe which is a nice touch. The keg takes a long time to chill down to 3 degrees around 15 hours or so. Being quite impatient I cheated and put the kegs in my chest freezer for a few hours before installing them and this worked a treat. Overall im very impressed with the pump and have already got through 4 kegs. (Posted on 16/07/2017)

  • Ace

    Review by Jim

    Quality piece of kit, hooked up and ready to go! (Posted on 15/07/2017)

  • Great product and great service

    Review by Nathan Haywood

    I purchased the perfect draft machine along with four keys of different beers. It arrived in excellent packing next day and the delivery was free. Fantastic service which will result in repeat business from me. As for the machine, it's ace! Frosty cool beer on tap and it looks really smart too - I now keep one keg in a fridge so it's ready for a quick swap over when the other runs out. Absolutely delighted with this, 100% recommend the product and service - way cheaper than other retailers such as Amazon too! Can you stock Stella and becks kegs next please??? (Posted on 07/07/2017)

  • Great piece of kit

    Review by Settle Rhino

    Received my new Perfect Draft machine today. So easy to set up and off you go. As i had my first keg delivered at the same time its going to take a while to cool it down to correct temperature of 3 degrees. Going forward i will chill the kegs in the garage fridge overnight before i put it in to save time. Looking forward to trying the full range and hopefully Beer Hawk will add even more variety to choose from. I am more than happy to pay these prices as it is top class beer. (Posted on 05/07/2017)

  • PerfectDraft With Leffe Blond

    Review by Stephen

    My first experience of the PerfectDraft system. As a frequent imbiber of Leffe Blond, I chose this beer to try first. This proved to be an excellent combination. The only wrinkle was the hot weather meant it took 24 hours to reach the optimum temperature of 3 degrees!
    The setup was straight forward. Simple instructions were easy to follow. Connection of the disposable pipe required a little care to ensure a true fit.
    Once chilled, the beer poured smoothly, managing the foam by angling the glass proved effective. On tasting, it was a pleasure to drink: chilled as I like & hard not to go for another!
    So first impression is a good investment. Value for money-wise, the 6L kegs are pretty close to buying the equivalent in bottles. However, the multi-buy is more competitive, plus the pleasure of chilling & drawing a fresh glassful. Each keg is claimed to last 30 days. Not likely to be a problem in our house. (Posted on 25/06/2017)


    Review by PETER GASKELL

    Bitterly disappointed that I have just paid £250 for the same machine from the same Company (Posted on 25/06/2017)

  • Who doesn't want a home bar?

    Review by Geoff

    Excellent machine for great beers at home on tap. Easy to set up, nicely chilled and great tasting beer. Doesn't take up loads of space and a good selection of beers to try. (Posted on 24/06/2017)

  • Great bit of kit

    Review by Duncan

    I've had one of these for about a year and a half now and it's truly excellent. Tastes so much better than cans or bottles in my opinion. A keg lasts for 30 days when it's put in the machine but as others have mentioned it does take a fair while to cool down so if you're planning on having a party or something then it's best to keep additional kegs in the fridge to keep a supply of cold beer.

    It may not be the cheapest way to enjoy beer at home, but it's certainly the best tasting that I've found. Recommended for sure. (Posted on 21/06/2017)

  • Perfect

    Review by Thereal

    It really is the perfect draft machine. Had mine about 3 weeks and i love it.
    It may seem expensive but the price of kegs quickly comes down with discounts beer tokens and taking your kegs back .
    The machine does take 15/20 hours to cool the keg but you can get this time down by putting the keg in the fridge over night.
    So far i dont have anything negative to say about it its easy to use.
    Uses very little power.
    No can will every rival the quality of the perfect draft.
    Perfect for summer dont wait (Posted on 19/06/2017)

  • Best Toy Ever!

    Review by Martin

    Bought this for myself at Christmas and it's the best toy I've ever bought! I've been working on the home bar for a few months and this is pride and joy. The machine is superb, you just don't get the same fresh, crisp taste from bottles or cans as you do from draft. Can't recommend it enough! (Posted on 18/06/2017)


    Review by Mark Alex

    This is my 2nd Perfect Draft machine as I bought a 2nd hand one a year ago to see if it liked the product it. Well the answer is I don't like it, I LOVE IT!
    The machine is sleek in design & quiet in operation. It provides your favorite beer chilled to perfection in just seconds. It comes with a nice and easy to remove drip tray so no sticky mess every time you have a pint. The kegs are quick and easy to change but I do advise to chill your beer in the fridge for a day or so before you change a keg otherwise you'll be waiting around 12 hours for it to chill down to 3 degrees.
    Buy one today for an authentic home pub experience! (Posted on 09/06/2017)

  • Home bar.... perfect

    Review by Beer pig

    What's not to love.... pouring pints at home and great
    Selection of beers... no brainier (Posted on 07/06/2017)

  • Excellent machine

    Review by Steveo

    I thought this was a bit pricey but at the offer price of £189 it is a little more acceptable.

    The pump itself works brilliantly. Very very easy to set up the first cask - the only difficulty was waiting for the beer to cool down to 3%.............I lasted until 6% but had to try it and it was perfect!!! (Posted on 02/06/2017)

  • Leo

    Review by Leo

    Amazing to be able to pour your own pints at home I would and have been recommending to every one (Posted on 30/05/2017)

  • PerfectDraft machine

    Review by Ebo

    Amazing piece of kit and so easy to use. First keg change took several minutes but now, after practice, it takes less than a minute.
    My only criticism, hence only 4 stars, is that there is no way to change the beers temperature, which will always default to 3 degrees and this can be too cold for some beers. (Posted on 30/05/2017)


    Review by Barry

    You have to buy this just now and stop hesitating, it is worth every penny you will not be disappointed. I have just purchased the perfect draft along with two kegs and 4 glasses all for 240 which is a real bargain.

    I believe the kegs are fresh for 30 days.........my first one has lasted 4 days....oops.

    No more messing around get it in your basket!. (Posted on 27/05/2017)

  • How did I live before perfect draft

    Review by Vod

    Truly amazing bit of kit
    Think it's probably the best birthday present I've had in 49 birthdays (Posted on 12/05/2017)

  • Perfect Draft

    Review by Beer Goggles

    Great investment, it does take 15+ hours for you to cool, but if you are organised or if you put the keg in the fridge, you will have a perfect cool pint. I've invested in a few half pint glasses to try and make it last a bit longer. It realky depends how thirsty you are. Easy to set up andceasy to use. (Posted on 12/05/2017)

  • Home Bar worth every penny

    Review by Perfect Draft beer dispenser

    Brought this for my boyfriend who was over the moon with the system, Really great looking product the machine is 5 star but its does take a very long time to cool the beer we have seen since that if you keep your keg in the fridge before then put it in is quicker but 15/20 hours is a really long time when you want a nice cold pint . Hopefully the price of the kegs will come down aswell as they can be a bit steep, But the idea works so well, Is quiet and good value machine, Easy to set up. Would highly recommend!! (Posted on 10/05/2017)

  • Bought on a Special Offer but would pay full price for this

    Review by James

    I was a bit sceptical about buying another keg cooling machine given poor past experiences, but with full keg functionality, proper cooling and pressurised pouring, I thought why not splash out with some birthday money. One of the best purchases I made in the last 6months, and now the summer is fast approaching, and with another 4 kegs on their way to me as we speak, I am sure it is going to see a lot of use over the next couple of months (though I will have to order more kegs for that to happen). The beer tastes as good as in the pub, and for that quality of beer at home is a little miracle. Just need a comfy seat for the garden and I'll be well away. If you like beer, and want proper tasting beer at home, get yourself a machine (Posted on 08/05/2017)

  • Worth every penny

    Review by markm

    Great build quality and looks perfect on my makeshift bar, quality cold beers on tap and a great range of kegs to try this machine is superb value for money and a must for any beer lovers home highly recommended. (Posted on 06/05/2017)

  • Amazing

    Review by Nick

    The build quality, design and ease of use of this machine is out of this world and I am not easy to please! Quite simply first class. It took the sum total of ten minutes to set up. Very very happy customer!! (Posted on 30/04/2017)

  • Highly recommended

    Review by NJP

    Great price of kit, pours a very nice pint and the kegs available on here are mean there are plenty to choose from (Posted on 27/04/2017)

  • Excellent but won't stop me buying individual bottles.

    Review by Voyage34

    What a great piece of kit with a fabulous range of Leffe beers. I'm not one for the standard lagers so hopefully the range will expand (sounds like it might be very soon) so will be a great investment if bought whilst on offer. We haven't found a problem with the 3 degree temperature being too cold. The beer soon warms through to 6 degrees once poured. (Posted on 25/04/2017)

  • Beer Keg Machine

    Review by theammer

    Perfectly chilled beer and wish I had bought this years ago (Posted on 25/04/2017)

  • Perfect perfect perfect

    Review by Wifey148

    Where has this been all of my life?? What an amazing machine! So easy to use & a great range of beers to put in it - love it! (Posted on 24/04/2017)

  • Perfect

    Review by Matt

    I couldn't be happier with this purchase. I've loved every keg I have tried so far. Perfect beer ready on tap at all times. Great for BBQs, you'll be the envy of all your friends. (Posted on 20/04/2017)

  • Cracking piece of kit

    Review by Boffy

    I have only drunk half of the keg, but the beer so far has remained lively with a good head and tastes absolutely great, I bought Lowenbrau with the machine. You get £5 in beer tokens for returning the empties which is a bonus and brings the price per pint down. If you are looking for a cheap drink, stick to cans. If you want a pint of amazing fresh beer chilled to perfection then this is for you. I have honestly not had a better pint than this even when living in Munich. (Posted on 14/04/2017)

  • I like it

    Review by Ben

    Money well spent (Posted on 14/04/2017)

  • A great addition for any beer lover.

    Review by Alan

    Not cheap, but having chilled, good draught on tap at home is worth it. (Posted on 12/04/2017)

  • Question

    Review by Liam

    Hope this isn't a silly question, but Jaipur Is one of my favourite ales. Could this be used with this dispenser? (Posted on 09/04/2017)

  • Perfect machine for enjoying beer

    Review by Gordon

    I had thought about buying the PerfectDraft for ages and finally decided to go for it. Delighted with the machine so far. Although it's bigger than I imagined and needs quite a bit of space, especially with the 10cm space around each edge they recommend, the build quality seems really good and was really simple to setup. The temperature is perfect for the beer and pouring is pretty straight forward, although the first one I poured was as much head as beer (my dodgy pouring though). The beer is quite expensive and limited in choice, but if you like any of the beers for sale I would thoroughly recommend treating yourself to it, I'm sure you won't regret it. (Posted on 09/04/2017)

  • Best purchase iv made

    Review by Leo

    Absolutely awesome to be able to pour a pint In The comfort of my own home with my favourite tipple would recomend 100% I'm very happy with my purchase only thing is I wish they had more choice on kegs but still regardless I'm a very happy boy ! 10 out of 10 ! (Posted on 05/04/2017)

  • Best Buy of the year

    Review by Laineym

    Chilled to perfection - so easy to set up - easy to pour and even easier to drink!!! (Posted on 05/04/2017)

  • Solid, Lovely, Beer Lovers Dream

    Review by Jaegermaster

    Excellent product, aesthetically pleasing, simple to use, compact and a beer lovers dream.
    The fact it looks so good is one of the reasons i purchased, the other being the perfect draft (lives up to its name) it produces. (Posted on 01/04/2017)

  • Great buy

    Review by Ashley

    Just needs more available kegs now! (Posted on 31/03/2017)

  • 100% Satisfied

    Review by BeerDrinker

    I am extremely happy with the quality and the functionality. Pre chilled kegs don't take long to get down to 3 degrees, and once there, the temp always stays there regardless of how hot it gets in my kitchen. What a shame I purchased mine 1 week before they knocked £60 quid off the price. If you are thinking of purchasing one I would not think twice. Grab one now at £189! (Posted on 29/03/2017)

  • Awesome. Game changer.

    Review by Reg

    No more barely warm tins of beer from the garage stock. Perfectly chilled, lovely pint every time! (Posted on 18/03/2017)

  • PerfectDraft Keg Machine

    Review by ian9821

    Great bit of kit, looks good and makes drinking beer so much fun (Posted on 16/03/2017)

  • Brill !

    Review by Teejer

    Fab machine . Leffe blonde beee in the keg tastes great . Only problem I find is that you can finish the keg pretty quick as it's only 6 Ltrs. (Posted on 14/03/2017)

  • A must buy

    Review by Ben

    A life changer... Seriously! The beer tastes so much better than from a bottle or even the local pubs. So easy to set up, only problem is the kegs don't last long enough but maybe that's just me. (Posted on 28/02/2017)

  • Great machine

    Review by Paul

    Very impressed with machine easy set up impressive looking would recomend (Posted on 27/02/2017)

  • Awesome

    Review by Shaun

    Received it for Christmas I absolutely love it so easy to get set up you have to wait 15 hours for the beer to chill but it sure is worth it. Pours a great pint with no waste just a lovely fresh beer I would definitely recommend it I only wish there was more beer to choose from but the choice already is still pretty good. (Posted on 23/02/2017)

  • Excellent

    Review by Ben

    Received this for Christmas and I love it good cool crisp beer at home (Posted on 23/02/2017)

  • great machine

    Review by dean

    bought the perfectdraft machine and very impressed cools beer perfectly and pours a great drink. miles better than bottles and cans in my opinion (Posted on 21/02/2017)

  • You need one of these in your life!!

    Review by Stu

    I had been tentatively looking at these for some time and after having a glass of Leffe Blonde from one that my mate had I was immediately hooked.

    Of course this is not the cheapest way to drink beer at home, but it isn't going to break the bank either. What you do get that you won't get from your el cheepo tins from the supermarket is a quality beer and the best taste.

    Previously support in the UK for Perfect Draft had been quite limited however now Beer Hawk stocks the equipment and beers the problem is solved. (Posted on 20/02/2017)

  • Perfect Christmas present

    Review by Wifey148

    Having bought this for my husband I am now the perfect wife (Posted on 19/02/2017)

  • Brilliant

    Review by Kat

    An amazing machine, really easy to use. My husband loves it. (Posted on 18/02/2017)

  • "Perfect"

    Review by Martin V

    Cannot recommend this machine enough , saw a review saying the machine is as noisy as a computer fan.... think that guy has drank to many kegs, the machine make a small noise for a few seconds when pouring a pint and goes off. (Posted on 07/02/2017)

  • Quality

    Review by Corebit

    This machine is the future, made up with it. Although the kegs are limited at and and a little on the dear side, am sure things will get better. The only fault i would say with this machine, which isnt the end of the world, is the fact that you carnt adjust the temperature, it just sets to 3, and reading up on in my opinion the best ever made beer leffe, it should be served at 6. But hay, its not the end of the world. Still a quality machine. (Posted on 07/02/2017)

  • Produces excellent beer

    Review by Ben

    The machine is quite big and the fan on it runs continuously about as loud as a computer fan.
    You can not set the temperature your beer is cooled to so it's always at 3c. Leffe is best served at 6c according to the labels on their bottles so this is a little annoying.
    Having said that the beer is so good. Tastes much better than bottled.
    Would not use it for lagers though as it wouldn't make sense at £2 a pint. (Posted on 02/02/2017)


    Review by Tom

    Not much that needs to be said here...if you drink beer in any kind of way then you NEED this machine. It has transformed my beer drinking experience not to mention saved me money by not having to go to the pub. Keeps the beer at the perfect temperature and is energy efficient. You have to get one...sell the coffee machine if need be! (Posted on 02/02/2017)

  • Great addition

    Review by Pete B

    Great machine. Perfect chilled beer every time.

    Even surprised my wife who bought it as a present for me.
    Good tasting beer selection and great to be able to have a little extra rather than opening a whole bottle.
    Only criticism serving suggestion on some of the barrels says 6 degrees no way to adjust chilled temperature pre-set at 3 degrees. (Posted on 22/01/2017)

  • Great gift

    Review by Yorkshire Lass

    Bought for a surprise Christmas present for my husband. After some initial problems with ordering and delivery. Arrived just in time for xmas. Have on xmas eve as takes 15 hrs to chill and wanted it ready for the big day. Easy to assemble and if you can fit keg in fridge can take some time off initial she up. Two kegs went dawn very well !! Looking forward (Posted on 16/01/2017)

  • Perfect Draft

    Review by Dark One

    Just got the Beer Draft after some Christmas money. It is easy enough to put together, with diagrams and easy instructions. It does indeed take 12-15 hours for it to cool, so some forward planning may be needed, however if you are smart enough and can make room in your fridge, you can speed up the process. It does make a bit of noise, but no louder than your average frisge. Iis a bit bigger than expected but it has a neat finish. (Posted on 11/01/2017)

  • Fantastic Gift

    Review by Hawkster

    I am a lover of belguim beers and so is my father. So when I saw this I knew that he would love this, I brought this for him as a Christmas present and both of us are thrilled with the purchase.
    Very easy to setup and works like a dream.
    (Posted on 09/01/2017)

  • Perfect machine

    Review by Essex Boy

    Bought one of these just before Christmas and have now got 6 empty kegs in the garage! Had a bit of a mix up on the order, I had ordered 2 kegs but only one dispatched. Customer Service sorted quickly though and all received in time for Christmas. Bit annoyed the price then dropped £40 but I am more than happy with the machine and (most importantly) the beer! Beer Hawk is much cheaper than other keg suppliers and the range of beers available is pretty good. I really wanted some Jupiler and Becks so had to order elsewhere so hopefully Beer Hawk will widen range to include these. Overall, a great machine, beer is excellent and it really does look nice in the kitchen (Posted on 09/01/2017)


    Review by Martin V

    Well........ this machine has been the best invention the size of the machine sits perfect on the kitchen worktop, the service from Beerhawk is "Perfect" as well. highly recommend the machine and Beerhawk if you are a beer lover. (Posted on 08/01/2017)

  • Fantastic machine

    Review by BethB

    I bought this as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. Some hiccups with getting everything I ordered but customer service were fab (shout out to Beth Campbell). The machine itself is really easy to use, chills to 3degrees and the freshness days ticker is also a really handy feature. My only slightly negative comment would be the variety available. Would love to see Phillips working with some independents like Brew Dog to get some kegs! (Posted on 05/01/2017)

  • wow...we love this

    Review by james n jodie

    we are loving our new beer machine the beer is lovely..word of warning the Royal Leffe is incredibly strong!! take caution..we will be purchasing another 2 machines for our new set up in the garden this year. (Posted on 04/01/2017)

  • beer and dispenser

    Review by lesley

    I recently brought this dispenser for my husband - it was easy to install and he is one very happy man - now to have cold beer on tap without using up fridge space is brilliant - wished we have brought one earlier :-) (Posted on 30/12/2016)

  • Perfecto

    Review by Wife of a husband who loves beer

    Bought this for hubby at Christmas with the hoegarrden keg. He absolutely loves it! Pours a perfect pint at the perfect temperature. Now all the men in the family want one for their own homes! Takes a while to cool the keg tho, would deffinatly advise chilling the kegs before using! (Posted on 26/12/2016)

  • Top quality machine

    Review by Peterg

    1st impressions out of the box looked built well and a nice finish.
    Took all of 5 minutes to understand and put together nice and simple.
    Lcd display looks great nice and simple, machine runs nicr and quiet.
    Put a keg straight in 10hrs later and its chilled the keg down to 3 degrees all ready for christmas day.
    Cant wait to pour my 1st fresh pint on it. (Posted on 24/12/2016)

  • Question

    Review by Sean

    Does the PerfectDraft Keg Machine chill the beer? (Posted on 18/12/2016)

  • Great

    Review by Mizzi

    Only had this machine a few days and love it already. Can't wait for some more variety of beers (Posted on 13/12/2016)

  • Incredible

    Review by l1lwedge

    BeerHawk is a company like no other. I ordered this Sunday night, to receive it mid morning today. I ordered a keg with it, immediately set it up, chilled it down and have started enjoying the amazing beer it delivers!

    Cheaper than anywhere else on the internet, easy to set up, easy to add the keg into the machine, and so simple to pour! I cant wait for the many house parties we will host to show it off!

    My only question would be, are the magnetic 'tap heads' available branded?! Apart from that, exceptional service and a great product! (Posted on 13/12/2016)

  • Chuffed

    Review by Martin R

    Great piece of kit, very easy to set up all the way to pulling the first beer, I've already ordered more kegs after enjoying my Leffe Blonde so much.
    Also great customer service from Beer Hawk (Posted on 07/12/2016)

  • Excellent

    Review by LauraB

    Drinking from this machine is so much better than drinking from a bottle.

    Just wish there was more choice of beers available (Posted on 06/12/2016)

  • Perfect

    Review by Kellergirl

    Not only is this machine easy to use, I have to give credit to the company themselves. Even with a later delivery than expected by only a few days due to time of year, communication is excellent, beer tokens offered As a gesture and packaged brilliantly. Win win this offer , bargain price but priceless service ! (Posted on 06/12/2016)

  • Excellent

    Review by Nay

    Brilliant machine (Posted on 05/12/2016)

  • PerfectDraft Keg Machine

    Review by ian9821

    great look machine and easy to use (Posted on 04/12/2016)

  • Perfect Draft is....Perfect!

    Review by Glen

    I've wanted one for a while, but the price has always been that little bit too high...until Beerhawk came to the price rescue! Great price for the unit and 2 kegs. Really easy to use, looks good and the beer tastes fantastic. Great for parties or just if you like quality draft beer for yourself...at home! (Posted on 29/11/2016)

  • Perfectdraft Machine and Keg

    Review by Derbhoy

    Well tried my perfect draft machine out on Saturday night got to say the Leffe Blonde was excellent, takes my weekends to a whole new level.
    Bottle beers and cans from the local supermarkets just won't be the same anymore, would highly recommend this product to any lover of beers.
    Best price also on the Internet. (Posted on 17/10/2016)

  • Perfect

    Review by Crags

    Seeing my friend in his new man cave with this on his bar convinced me I needed one. I was not disappointed! Best price from beer hawk and a free keg was brilliant. The quality of draft that this produces is perfect. I like my Belgian/German beers by bottle but on the Perfect Draft they are on another level! Best purchase in a long time! (Posted on 13/10/2016)

  • PerfectDraft Keg Machine

    Review by 9821

    cant wait to try it out, looking good (Posted on 11/10/2016)

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