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Beer Hawk is rated 4.33 stars by Reviews.co.uk based on 4290 merchant reviews

4.33 / 5 Rating
4290 Reviews
Buying perfect draft kegs from yourselves is a breeze with prompt delivery, thank you. A bit more choice would go a long way, however very pleased with your service.
Have used Beerhawk a few times now and service has been excellent every time . Some of the bottled beers are a bit pricey but I guess that's the cost of a such a fantastic range . Their deal to buy the Philips Perfect Draft machine was the best available and although the choice of kegs is currently limited I am sure it will improve . I do love the Beer Credits every time you order , great loyalty incentive .
I purchased the "Premium Draft combo" just before Christmas as we planned to have friends around on the odd occasion. Anyway the Premium draft went down a storm that much I ended up buying another keg. That was 3 in just over a week phew! but thoroughly enjoyable. Will definitely be topping up again :-)