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From The Journal
Homebrew essentials #1: Preparation

In the first of our (virtual) cut-out-and-keep homebrewing course, we're looking at preparation – it'll make your brewday go much more smoothly

Success, so the saying goes, is 90 per cent preparation and 10 per cent perspiration, and so it is with beer. Having your brew day planned out will not only save you time but also eliminate the chances of anything ruining your beer.

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Homebrew recipe: Dry Irish Stout

To celebrate St Patrick's Day we're publishing our easy homebrew recipe for a classic: the Dry Irish Stout

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Hops: Pellets vs whole cone

We only answer the important questions here at Beer Hawk and this week it is: should you be using pelletised (real word!) hops or whole cone

Whole cone hops:
Whole hops are often used in dry hopping as they are easier to remove from the beer and may give a slightly fresher aroma than pellet hops.

Pellet hops: Pellet hops are produced by grinding up the whole hop cones and pressing them into pellets. When used for bittering, pellet hops have a higher extraction efficiency by weight than whole hops. They are also less subject to oxidising than whole hops.


See our extensive collection of hops here

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