Homebrewing is coming to Beer Hawk! Forget the enamel-stripping concoctions served by the ladle from a bathtub, we’re stocking marvellous full-grain kits from Brooklyn Brew Shop that will have you turning out pub-quality beer from your stove-top.  

There are loads of reasons to homebrew. Many of the brewing heroes of the craft beer scene started out by making beer at home, including the founders of Stone, Mikkeller and Brewdog. Homebrew is like another grain-and-yeast favourite: bread. It’s hard to beat a fresh loaf hot from the oven. And similarly, fresh beer brewed at home can match, or even surpass, what’s available in our shops, pubs and bars. Plus, it’s worth remembering, that it’s not that hard. Control and consistency take skill and experience, but as a starting homebrewer you don’t need to worry too much. Furthermore, homebrewing educates and advances one’s appreciation of all beer. Smell some hops. Chew some malted and kilned barley.  

Over the next few months Beer Hawk is launching and expanding an exciting homebrew range, beginning with the excellent kits by Brooklyn Brew Shop.  

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Fast delivery of my Leffe kegs Only negative was receiving an email offering £5 off and then to find the price had I increased by £5 Apart from that great to deal with.
The beers are for my husband and he loves the variety of new beers he gets to try. The delivery is reliable and they have a good customer service.
Fabulous beer at good prices.