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The all-in-one, all grain home brewing system.

Keep your wort safe and yeast happy in a plastic, glass or stainless steel fermenting vessel.

New to homebrewing, or know someone who is? Starter kits are the best way to get going.

Brew classic styles, or make clones of legendary beers using all-grain or extract recipe kits.

Serve your brews on tap at home with our Draft Brewer homebrew keg systems.

All the raw ingredients to design your own recipes. Malts, hops or yeast. Just add water!.

Malted barley, the foundations of the brew. We stock Belgium biscuity pales to roasted nutty English malts and everything in between.
Hops add all important flavour, aroma and bitterness to your beer. Without them, we’d still be in the dark ages of beer!
Converting tasty sugars into carbon dioxide and alcohol while being able to add their own distinct and magical flavours, yeast really is the magic ingredient!
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The Ultimate Guide to 2020 Beer Hawk Christmas Gifts and Mixed Cases
Every year, Beer Hawk releases a lineup of limited edition craft beer mixed cases for the holiday season. Christmas in 2020 may look a little different due to, you know, a global pandemic, so the team at Beer Hawk have put together the best Christmas beer gifts to put a smile on everyone’s face this year.

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Best Secret Santa Beer Gifts 2020
Secret Santa gift exchanges have gone virtual in 2020, so we’re here to make sure you deliver the best gift possible…beer! While you can never go wrong when gifting some craft beverages, we’ve put together a couple of gifts that will help you win Christmas this year without breaking the bank.
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Fight Prostate Cancer with (Alcohol Free) Beer
Throughout the entire month of November, Beer Hawk will be donating £10 for every £25 case of the Prostate Cancer UK Low & No Alcohol Mixed Case! Alcohol-free beers have been all the rage recently, and this mixed case does not disappoint. Drink beer while fighting a good cause; this is a win-win for everyone!
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