Homebrew Products Discontinued

Homebrew No Longer Available

Beer Hawk no longer carries homebrew products, but if you are interested in making your own beer at home we encourage you to support your local homebrew shop. If you're curious to learn a little more about the brewing process, here's a brief article all about how beer is made. In the meantime, feel free to stock up your fridge with ready-to-drink beer shipped straight to your door. Back to Beer Hawk Home

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From The Journal
What Is Craft Beer?
Craft beer is a common term used to describe many of the beers we drink today, but what, exactly, is craft beer? When did the term become popular, and what does the future of craft beer look like for the UK and across the globe?
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Style Feature: Pilsner
This Style Feature will walk you through all things Pilsner. The Pilsner, a lager style beer, has a rich history that's been carried across the world. Learn about where pilsners come from, what they taste like and how the style is defined, and our recommended Pilsners to order online and get in your fridge today.
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An Update on PerfectDraft Keg Stock

Update 16:00 15/02/21:

We have received confirmation that 100% of the expected deliveries are due to arrive tonight (15 February, 2021). This will help us replenish with stock of Stella, Lowenbrau, Thornbridge, Ginette and more. We are also expecting more deliveries tomorrow and every day this week.

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