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The all-in-one, all grain home brewing system.

Keep your wort safe and yeast happy in a plastic, glass or stainless steel fermenting vessel.

New to homebrewing, or know someone who is? Starter kits are the best way to get going.

Brew classic styles, or make clones of legendary beers using all-grain or extract recipe kits.

Serve your brews on tap at home with our Draft Brewer homebrew keg systems.

All the raw ingredients to design your own recipes. Malts, hops or yeast. Just add water!.

Malted barley, the foundations of the brew. We stock Belgium biscuity pales to roasted nutty English malts and everything in between.
Hops add all important flavour, aroma and bitterness to your beer. Without them, we’d still be in the dark ages of beer!
Converting tasty sugars into carbon dioxide and alcohol while being able to add their own distinct and magical flavours, yeast really is the magic ingredient!
From The Journal
Top 10 Father's Day Beer Gifts ideas
Father’s Day, 21st June 2020, is the special date in the calendar when we celebrate and give a nod to the Dads in our lives. It’s an excuse to spoil them with a little something to say thank you for being awesome. If you’re looking for inspiration for a craft beer-loving Dad, then check out our top 10 Father’s Day craft beer gifts.
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Going NOLO
I’m going to take you back into the not-so distant past - let’s say 2012. You’re out with friends/family/a loved one (or two, no judgment here) and you find yourself at the bar. Unfortunately for you, you are ‘dezzy’ (aka designated driver)/have to be up early in the morning with a clear head/doing dry January/are pregnant - whatever the reason, not a drop of alcohol can pass your lips that evening. Well, your choices as you stand in front of this wonderfully carved oak bar are tap water or something chock full of enamel rotting sugar that can shine up a 2 pence piece just by looking at it. From a drinks perspective, this is not a great night… and you may have to book a dentist appointment soon.
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Belgian Beers – what’s the fuss all about?
Belgium might be a small country, but it’s one that’s home to arguably the world’s most influential breweries, which have given us a huge catalogue of epically interesting beer styles.
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