HOMEBREW: Obama’s Honey Porter recipe

Obama is the first President to brew beer in the White House. Here's the recipe for the Honey Porter

04th Dec 2016 | | Beer Guides

A (very) brief history of dark beers

From dunkels to dubbels, porters to stouts, now is the time pop open those dark beers

02nd Dec 2016 | | Beer Guides

VIDEO: Beer Hawk Advent Calendar Day 2 tasting

The Beer Hawk Craft Beer Advent Calendar - Day Two

VIDEO: Beer Hawk Advent Calendar Day 1 tasting

Welcome to Beer Hawk's Advent Calendar! Each day we'll be creating a short film in which we taste the beer. Find out what behind the first door here...

These are the winners of CAMRA’s Champion Bottled Beer of Britain

This prestigious award celebrates the country’s best bottle-conditioned beers. These are the winners…

29th Nov 2016 | | News & Opinion
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The Wild West

The Wild West Three unmissable beers that showcase the best of US wild beers  American wild beers... it's a thing. If it isn't one of the fastest growi...

29th Nov 2016 | | Beer Guides

LONG READ: A Taste of Place

LONG READ: A Taste of Place Des de Moor, a brilliant author and all-round Good Guy, asks if local beers actually taste of the place where they're b...

29th Nov 2016 | | News & Opinion

Beer Diary: November 2016

Beer Diary: November There are some wonderful events in November for the beer lover. Here are four of the highlghts... and come and say hello to us at the BBC...

08th Nov 2016 | | Beer Festivals

Style guide: West Coast IPA

A West Coast IPA is the biggest, fruitiest, piniest,  type of IPA. It's a beer that bowls you over with a volcano of grapefruit, lemon, an...

27th Oct 2016 | | Beer Guides

Beer World: Britain

Flip through the history books of British brewing and you will discover a multitude of beer styles, some of which have long been consigned to the grave (anyon...

24th Oct 2016 | | Beer Guides

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4.46 / 5 Rating
3345 Reviews
My wife bought me the beer Advent calendar as a present and it arrived in plenty of time. So far so good. The internal packaging was so damaged the. Joy of a beer a day was ruined. The first day of no beer and just a glass was compounded by the krypton factor test to get the glass out. I had to take all the beer out to try and mend the internal packaging "but we must resist the temptation to take things apart as they never fit together again." I do have 23 bottles/cans of beer and a glass to drink it out of. However the joy of a beer a day is gone and I have no idea of the running order. So it's Back to for me
Many thanks, beer advent calender arrived, easy order, delivered on date requested, excellent service from beer hawk. Had a couple of beers now excellent quality and mix, cannot recommend highly enough, certainly be buying more goods from beer hawk
I ordered beer hawk advent calendar (cost £65) on the 4th September 2016 when they were doing a promotion and it's for my husband as he liked his advent calendar last year (I also bought that from beer hawk). So the promotion was; "Buy an advent calendar and free beer taster kit (cost £20) and inside box there's another £10 voucher in there". But unfortunately the taster kit's never arrived. So I called on the 2nd Dec 2016 to find out where the taster kit is and the girl behind the phone called Danielle said she will track it down and will send me the email for an update! Well, the email's never arrived too so I called again today and there's a girl called Sarah who pick the phone up and she said that the taster kit is damage on the way for delivery and there's no more taster kit in the stock. Well, that's not my problem! I paid for that so you guys have to deal with it, I'm the customer here. So I told her how disappointed I am waiting for the taster kit to turn up from 4Sep16 until 6Dec16 ( Yes, 3 months!) and it never arrived so she said she will give me £10 credit in my beer hawk account! And then she agreed to give me another £10 but no more than that and she put the phone down to me when I was still talking to her!!! How very rude!!! Are you kidding me????? Three months I have been waiting for a package that never arrived and I paid for it!!! Now I am very disappointed and angry! Regardless whether it was free or not, it's your fault that the taster kit is never arrived at my front door. I bought it as a package in the promotion!! You deal with it!! So I called again and a guy called Stewart answered the phone he was very apologetic and giving me another £10 credit in my account. Which is now it makes £30 in my beer hawk account. I told him how angry I am that his colleague was very rude and his answered was the line keeps rebooting at the moment, that's why the call was dropped! *what a clasic excuse Now I'm in the point where I am disappointed and angry the way they treated me and I guess I had enough of dealing with beer hawk! "Do you know what, I don't think I'll be ordering anymore advent calendar from beer hawk or anything else of that matter after the way they treated me". I am very disappointed customer of beer hawk!! And I leave it as that!! To be honest I don't think the £30 credit that they give me will make me feel any better at all!