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One beer and the story behind it,
delivered for £3 a week.


One beer and the story behind it, delivered for £3 a week.

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The UK's best online beer club. Join in our live tastings every Thursday at 9pm #BeerBods

Treat a friend

Treat a friend

Presents don't get much better than this. One bottle of beer and the story behind it, every week for 12, 24 or 48 weeks.

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How it works

12 beers delivered

12 beers delivered

You get 12 beers in the post every 12 weeks for £36. That works out at £3 a beer and includes P&P. Less than a pint in our neck of the woods.

One beer a week

One beer a week

All of our subscribers drink the same beer (just one) every week. You can subscribe at any time and we’ll simply send you the next 12 beers.

The story

The story

We email you every Thursday with the story behind that week’s beer. Beer just tastes better when you know a bit more about it.

Taste together

Taste together

Enjoy each beer with new friends by joining our live tasting every Thursday at 9pm. #BeerBods

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No one says it better than our subscribers

"The unexpected beers from BeerBods send you on a journey of discovery. I wouldn't have tried half of the beers I have if they hadn't come from BeerBods."


"The best beer club available. Great beers every week with a bit of background and from a great team of people."


"The most amazing beer subscription service I have ever been involved in. Thursday evening chatting about the beer with so many others makes the whole experience complete."