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  1. Mother's Day Gift Ideas

    Mother's Day Gift Ideas

    Mother's Day is on the horizon, Sunday 14th March to be precise! It's the perfect time to say "cheers" for everything she's done for you throughout the years. This year's Mother's day is going to be a little different, with most of us unable to go round and visit some of those mums, step-mums, grandparents or best motherly influences in our lives. We know shopping for a gift can be a tricky task, so we've pulled together a couple of cracking presents to make life a little easier!
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  2. What Is Craft Beer?

    What Is Craft Beer?

    Craft beer is a common term used to describe many of the beers we drink today, but what, exactly, is craft beer? When did the term become popular, and what does the future of craft beer look like for the UK and across the globe?
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  3. Style Feature: Pilsner

    Style Feature: Pilsner

    This Style Feature will walk you through all things Pilsner. The Pilsner, a lager style beer, has a rich history that's been carried across the world. Learn about where pilsners come from, what they taste like and how the style is defined, and our recommended Pilsners to order online and get in your fridge today.
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  4. How Many Calories Are In a Beer?

    How Many Calories Are In a Beer?

    Whether you're trying to stick to your New Year's Resolution or hoping to shed some weight put on during lockdown, understanding the calories in beer can be a helpful first step to getting you back on track. Trying to figure out how many calories are in your beer can be a daunting task, so here's a few tips to help you understand your beer calorie consumption.
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  5. Best Valentine's Day Beer Gifts

    Best Valentine's Day Beer Gifts

    Struggling to find the perfect Valentine's Day gift? Look no further; we've got you covered with the best beer for Cupid's holiday. Whether you're looking for a romantic mixed case or a case of your special someone's favourite style, nothing says "I Love You" quite like craft beer.
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  6. Style Feature: Lagers vs. Ales

    Style Feature: Lagers vs. Ales

    Most beer that's been brewed can be classified as one of two beer types: either a lager or an ale. But how can you tell the difference? What makes a lager a lager, and an ale an ale? Keep reading to learn more about how they're made, and what types of flavours, aromas, and appearances you can expect from either beer type. By the time you're done, you'll know how to talk about beer like a pro!
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  7. Beer of the Month Club

    Beer of the Month Club

    Looking for an easy way to try out new craft beer without putting in any effort? The BeerBods Beer of the Month Club is the easiest, most affordable way to do just that! “The unexpected beers from BeerBods send you on a journey of discovery. I wouldn’t have tried half of the beers I have if they hadn’t come from BeerBods.” --Iain, BeerBods Subscriber

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  8. Style Feature: IPA Beer

    Style Feature: IPA Beer

    Ode to the IPA: the beer style that’s loved by craft beer drinkers across the world. It seems as though every brewery, no matter how big or small, has a flagship IPA in their lineup. But what exactly makes a beer an IPA? Where did it start, what does the style look like today, and where can you buy the best IPAs online? Keep reading to find out.
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  9. Dry January? Try these alcohol-free beers

    Dry January? Try these alcohol-free beers

    Planning to partake in Dry January this year? Good news! Low alcohol and alcohol free beer has evolved into a wide selection of beers with outstanding flavour profiles. So sit back, crack open an NA beer, and reset your body for the year to come!

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  10. The Ultimate Guide to 2020 Beer Hawk Christmas Gifts and Mixed Cases

    The Ultimate Guide to 2020 Beer Hawk Christmas Gifts and Mixed Cases

    Every year, Beer Hawk releases a lineup of limited edition craft beer mixed cases for the holiday season. Christmas in 2020 may look a little different due to, you know, a global pandemic, so the team at Beer Hawk have put together the best Christmas beer gifts to put a smile on everyone’s face this year.

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  11. Best Secret Santa Beer Gifts 2020

    Best Secret Santa Beer Gifts 2020

    Secret Santa gift exchanges have gone virtual in 2020, so we’re here to make sure you deliver the best gift possible…beer! While you can never go wrong when gifting some craft beverages, we’ve put together a couple of gifts that will help you win Christmas this year without breaking the bank.
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  12. Fight Prostate Cancer with (Alcohol Free) Beer

    Fight Prostate Cancer with (Alcohol Free) Beer

    Throughout the entire month of November, Beer Hawk will be donating £10 for every £25 case of the Prostate Cancer UK Low & No Alcohol Mixed Case! Alcohol-free beers have been all the rage recently, and this mixed case does not disappoint. Drink beer while fighting a good cause; this is a win-win for everyone!
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  13. 8 Things You Need To Know About Low and No-Alcohol Beers

    8 Things You Need To Know About Low and No-Alcohol Beers

    Non-alcoholic beer ranges from 0.0% to 0.5% alcohol, and are gaining popularity as more people are seeking alcohol free alternative beverages for a variety of reasons. From Pilsners to Stouts and everything in between, low and no-alcohol beers are available from breweries around the world, and they are 100% worth celebrating. Here's what you should know about these alcohol-free beers, as well as a few favourites offered online at Beer Hawk:
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  14. Hoppy Christmas, the Craft Beer Advent Calendar is Back!

    Hoppy Christmas, the Craft Beer Advent Calendar is Back!

    Remember the childhood excitement of opening a new door on your advent calendar every day in the run up to Christmas? It gave each day a little sparkle of festive magic, even though those tiny chocolates behind the doors were always a bit rubbish. How would you like to recapture that childhood magic, but with bottles of delicious beer instead of powdery chocolate? Sounds amazing, right? In that case, you need to get your hands on our Craft Beer Advent Calendar.
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  15. Spooktacular Halloween Beer

    Spooktacular Halloween Beer

    Want an article full of terrible puns? No? How about these fangtatsic beers? Here's a list of the top beers for Halloween and the best scary movies to pair with them for the spookiest day of the year!

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  16. Top 10 Father's Day Beer Gifts ideas

    Top 10 Father's Day Beer Gifts ideas

    Father’s Day, 21st June 2020, is the special date in the calendar when we celebrate and give a nod to the Dads in our lives. It’s an excuse to spoil them with a little something to say thank you for being awesome. If you’re looking for inspiration for a craft beer-loving Dad, then check out our top 10 Father’s Day craft beer gifts.
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  17. How to host a successful beer tasting night on a budget

    How to host a successful beer tasting night on a budget

    After trying out our very own World Beers mixed case for a beer tasting party, Christie Day, Brand Expert at money-saving website Savoo shares her tips for hosting a top beer tasting night on a budget.

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  18. Introducing Tynt Meadow

    Introducing Tynt Meadow

    The UK's first Trappist brewery has launched with the delicious Tynt Meadow. Read the amazing story behind it here.

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  19. 10 of the best Fruit Beers you should try

    10 of the best Fruit Beers you should try

    Our top ranked and reviewed fruit beers by our customers plus a few of our favourites, including a collab between To Øl and Pohjala. Tantalise your tastebuds this Summer with these punchy fruit beers.

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  20. Learn why is Belgian beer so damn good

    Learn why is Belgian beer so damn good

    If you’re not already into craft beer then hopefully you’re thinking about it but may not know where to start, so if that’s the case then I’ve got a suggestion: start with Belgian beer as that’s exactly where my adventure began.
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  21. 8 Most Romantic Craft Beers for Valentines

    8 Most Romantic Craft Beers for Valentines

    In case you missed the explosion of teddy bears and chocolate roses love is apparently in the air. And while you’ve been trying to decide on the perfect Valentine gift for other half this year, we've been busy scouring the shelves for the most tenuous Valentine’s Day-related beers we could find. Enjoy.
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  22. Camden's 2018 barrel-aged lager released

    Camden's 2018 barrel-aged lager released

    Camden Town Brewery’s Beer 2018 is inspired by a classic German Pilsner and the Old Fashioned cocktail. And it's stunning.
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  23. What is RateBeer and why should you care?

    What is RateBeer and why should you care?

    What is RateBeer and why should you care? 

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  24. Crossing borders

    Crossing borders

    English vs US IPAs, Bohemian Pilsner vs German Pils, Belgian Witbier vs German Weissbier. How exactly do the same beer styles differ in different countries?

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  25. Is this the ultimate beer shed?

    Is this the ultimate beer shed?

    When we put a shout-out for the best beer sheds on the Perfect Draft Facebook group, we didn't expect this

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  26. INTERVIEW: Sierra Nevada's Steve Grossman

    Peak brewing

    We speak to Sierra Nevada's beer ambassador Steve Grossman about Sierra Nevada's amazing past and what the future holds for the brewery

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  27. The History of Beer - Part 3 - by Pete Brown

    The History of Beer – Part 2 – Commercial Brewing

    The third part in an exclusive series of articles about the history of beer by one of the world's best beer writers

    For most of our history, beer has been drunk on the same premises it was made: in homes, monasteries, inns, taverns and alehouses.

    But naturally, some people are better at making beer than others, and from the Middle Ages onwards

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  28. Beer jargon buster

    Beer jargon buster

    There’s a lot of jargon, buzzwords and terminology floating around the beery world. Beer Hawk is here to help make sense of it all

    Admittedly, not jargon, but we know it is the oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic drink in the world. Brewed using cereal grains and fermented.

    Think of malt as the base of beer. It provides the sugar for alcohol, but also impacts on the colour and flavour.

    Hops are responsible for preservative qualities, imparting bitterness and giving flavour and aroma.

    A group of organisms that ferment sugars to alcohol and carbon dioxide. It also can add flavours to a beer.

    Naturally carbonated in the the bottle because of an additional fermentation from sugar added in packaging.

    This is the measurement of alcohol in a solution described as ‘alcohol by volume’, in percentage terms.

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  29. VIDEO: The story of Founder's remarkable CBS

    The story of Founder's remarkable CBS

    CBS is here! This is the 'Canadian' version of KBS, one of the most sought after beers in the world. Watch the Founder's film about it's world-beating barrel ageing programme

    Some beers come and go, some beers however develop their own life, their own history, their own future. When brewers at Founders Brewing Co, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, released KBS, they probably thought it would be good, but probably didn’t imagine the fuss it would cause. And when we mean fuss, we mean a queueing-at-dawn, inflated-price-on-internet, blog-post-filling, RateBeer-loved, 100%-scoring beer. It became one of the world’s most sought-after beers. If it sounds like hype, it is, but this was a beer that deserved every superlative adjective. KBS, a bourbon barrel-aged chocolate coffee stout, weighing in at 11.8%, is the best imperial stout in the world.

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  30. The History of Beer - Part 2 - by Pete Brown

    The History of Beer – Part 2 – From ale to beer

    The second part in an exclusive series of articles by one of the world's best beer writers

    Wherever humans settle, they have always managed to ferment the local vegetation into booze. Depending where on Earth they are, some plants grow better than others. And while the climate has changed quite a bit over the centuries, grapes have always grown well in southern Europe, while grain has fared better in the north.

    So when the wine-loving Romans arrived in northern Europe, they were distinctly sniffy about the local beverage. The Emperor Julian is reputed to have written an ode to ‘wine made from barley’:

    Who made you and from what?
    By the true Bacchus I know you not.
    He smells of nectar
    But you smell of goat.

    Given the early recorded origins of beer in the Middle East, many have speculated how it made its way from there to northern Europe,

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  31. Tryanuary: Delve into the dark side

    Delve into the dark side

    If it is a dark, winter ale that you’re pining for...

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  32. What was your gateway beer?

    What was your gateway beer?

    Beer Writer of the Year Adrian Tierney-Jones writes about the importance of the first beer that opened your eyes

    Think about the first time you enjoy a certain beer style that you normally shudder at, a beer that you usually declaim ‘I hate this kind of beer’ with the venom usually reserved for whenever Donald Trump appears on the TV. However, the world has been turned upside down and this beer in your hand is rather delicious and the intricacies and attractions of the style are suddenly totally understandable. Congratulations, you have discovered and enjoyed a gateway beer, a beer that will open up your senses to a whole new journey of beer.

    Gateway beers are usually not the most exciting versions of their style and they won’t break new records for flavour and aroma, but they are beers whose character is the olfactory and gustatory equivalent of a large light bulb flashing off and on above your

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  33. PROFILE: Founders Brewing Co

    If there’s someone who doesn’t love at least one of Founders Brewing Co’s beers, we’re yet to find them. Maggie Cubbler visited Grand Rapids, Michigan, to find the secret of its adoration

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  34. Twas the beer before Christmas

    Twas the beer before Christmas

    Christmas beers are more than just modern marketing, dating back at least into the 1600s  

    The Christmas ale. The jolly, warming, merrymaking Christmas ale. Is that the sound of Silent Night being sung by a choir outside?

    Or perhaps Christmas beers are just another regular beer with some cinnamon flavouring thrown in as a not-so-subtle marketing ploy, and a vaguely smart pun for a name. Pumpkin ales are divisive, and so can the Christmas ale. But should this seasonal beer also be thrown into Room 101 along with plastic mistletoe and the Furby (sorry, I mean, Hatchimal).

    Perhaps first we should look at the ghosts of Christmas past to see what they were drinking… [wavy editing affect here].

    According to the Oxford Companion to Beer, lambswool was one of the first Christmas ales, a frankly

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  35. Style guide: Porter

    Style guide: Porter

    Porter was once the lager of its day, drank by everyone. But then we nearly lost it. Here's the story of its fall and remarkable rise

    (Courtesy of the British Library)

    We nearly lost porter. The beer that London drank, the beer that inspired Arthur Guinness, the beer that was the first to be mass produced. But we nearly did. Porter, dark and hugely satisfying to lug back on a winter’s night, was as popular by the end of the 18th century as lager is today, yet on September 9, 1940, Whitbread brewed its last one.

    Today, browsing Beer Hawk alone, there are more than 20 from across the world. Imperial porters, smoked porters and even a marshmallow porter. Thank the beer gods we still have porter.



    Flavour. The original porters probably tasted smoky and a little sour, but today it is chocolate, coffee and caramel

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  36. Diary of a Christmas beer collaboration

    Diary of a Christmas collaboration

    Christmas CRCKR is a new collaboration between Beer Hawk, Fourpure and North Brewing Co. But why are collabs so important for the beer industry? Daniel Neilson finds out on brew day

    It’s 10am in Bermondsey, South London, and North Bar and North Brewing Co’s co-director John Gyngell and North Brewing Co’s Head Brewer, Seb Brink, are on their second cup of coffee in the Fourpure taproom. Meanwhile, James Johnson, our snapper, is getting in the way of the brewers mashing in. Bags and bags of malts – Belgian, German and British – are being thrown into the huge stainless steel tun. The grist, as the blend of malts is called, is about to be mashed. Brew day is here.

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  37. Best new beers of the week

    Best new beers of the week

    Amazing new beers from Brewski, the highly-rated Alphabet, BrewDog and some continental beauties

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  38. Best beers we tried this week

    Best beers we tried this week

    Amazing  beers have landed in the warehouse from De Molen, Fyne Ales, Brewski, Oud Beersel and Mondo Brewing. Here are our tasting notes

    Mondo Brewing / Global Heresy 2 / 4.8%
    Mondo is a London brewery who came crashing into the craft beer limelight in 2015 as the best UK up and comer and has lived up to the hype. This collaboration with Heretic Brewery in the US is bottle conditioned and highly carbonated blood orange saison. Black pepper and citrus are the two most notable flavours. As the big fluffy head dissipates the blood orange is more noticeable and the beer has a surprisingly sweet finish for a saison.

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  39. VIDEO: Best beers of the week

    Best beers of the week

    This week we had a member of our design team, Dan, pick out some of his favourite beers. This week features three different styles from three very different countries

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  40. Best new beers: Lost & Grounded, De Molen, Founders

    Best new beers of the week

    Beer Hawk's Beer Sherpa Patrick Gengler picks out his favourite new beers of the week including Lost & Grounded, De Molen, Founders, Haandbryggeriet and To Øl

    Founders / PC Pils / 5.5%
    From the folks who bring you a cave-aged bourbon barrel stout, PC Pils is a perfect beer for summer. We put an article on our journal about hoppy pilsners becoming the new thing in craft beer and this is the best example we’ve found so far. Loads of fruity hoppy smell, refreshing carbonation and light pilsner body with just enough bitterness to keep you coming back for more
    De Molen / Vuur and Vlam / 6.2%
    This Netherlands-based brewery, famous for their super black viscous beer Rasputin, produces a gamut of craft
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  41. VIDEO: Best new beers June 30

    Best new beers of the week

    In a new video series, our Beer Sherpa, Patrick Gengler, talks us through the best new beers that have hit our warehouse recently


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  42. Brewgooder: Drink Beer, Give Water

    Brewgooder: Drink Beer, Give Water

    Brewgooder is a beer label that donates 100% of its profits to clean water projects around the world. We speak to co-founder Alan Mahon about this remarkable story

    Where did the idea for a beer that helps with the water crisis come from?

    Josh (Co-founder) and I had previously founded and ran two social enterprises before, including a sandwich chain in Scotland called Social Bite which provides food and employment for homeless people. We were obsessed with the idea that you could help people through good businesses and brands which you could also take satisfaction in seeing come to life. This obsession didn’t end at 5pm on a Friday and it’s often something we’d take to the pub. Thinking of all the things I’d want to do it became clear that outside

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  43. Guest blog: Magic Rock’s taproom

    Guest blog: Magic Rock’s taproom

    Following on from last week’s Beer Hawk University: Navigating the taproom, our Beer Sherpa Patrick Gengler visits Magic Rock’s Huddersfield taproom, and with it, gets a little taste from home. Photograph: Sam Needham/Magic Rock

    How to feel a bit like an American in England? My wife and I went on an excursion this weekend that was the closest we have felt to being back in the States for some time. We drove down from our home in Harrogate to the Peak District for a hike with the dog, but with the real goal being a visit to Magic Rock Brewing’s taproom. I don’t know if this is how a lot of younger adults in America spent their free weekends but for my friends and I, this is pretty common. We would pick a nice sunny day, jump on our motorbikes and ride two hours to the beach for some Dogfish Head, and growlers to take home with us. On the rainy weekends we would go the other way to Fredrick

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  44. Best new beers: Cloudwater, Rooster's, Thornbridge & Buxton

    Best new beers of the week

    This week, we've seen some amazing deliveries to the warehouse, including these delights from Cloudwater, Thornbridge, Buxton, Rooster's and Arbor. Not bad eh?

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  45. Best beers this week

    Five best beers this week

    Dip into this eclectic global selection from Ireland, United States, Belgium, and Berkshire.

    Devil’s Canyon / Full Boar / 7.4%

    Darkness, deep, fresh, malty darkness. This beer looks more like a Guinness than a Scotch ale. It is nearly black with a red brown hue when held to the light. Straight away the nose gives off suuuuuuuuper fresh malt. It smells like fresh grain that just went into mash when you are home brewing. There are hints of caramel and dark biscuits. The finish is slightly sweet but dry and short. Seriously stellar beer!

    Siren / Alarm Red Chilli Beer / 7.4%

    Pours dark brown but looks red, maybe even angry. Straight away on the nose, the beer smells of hot chilli

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  46. Five of the best new beers this week

    Five of the Best New Beers This Week

    There's an amazing selection this week with fantastic new beers from Arbour, Omnipollo, Roosters, Ticketybrew and Brew By Numbers

    Arbour / Oz Bomb 4.7% Australian Pale Ale

    We’re excited to have some beers from Bristol-based Arbour. In particular this ‘Australian Pale Ale’, so named for the Aussie hops combination of Galaxy and Vic Secret. The flavour evokes memories of pineapples and starbursts/juicy fruit gum. It pours a frothy off-white head on a cloudy slightly darker than straw coloured liquid. There is a light carbonation and hoppy bitter finish that lingers. There is something in this beer that makes it taste unmistakably like a real ale, which is good because they are our newest addition to the Real Ale range!

    Buy this beer here

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  47. The Big Picture: The art of the can

    The Big Picture

    The art of the can photographed by Rob Vanderplank

    Art matters. Labels matter. For a good century, brewers have understood the benefits of a nice bottle, bottle label and pump clip, often employing world-class illustrators and artists to make them. Just look at the artwork on the old William Younger’s and Guinness labels. Plus, the Bass Red Triangle was, of course, the first registered trademark. Breweries have long understood branding.

    Yet in the brave new world of craft beer, the design of bottles, pump clips, and especially cans, can be elevated to something beyond branding. At its best, it’s a canvas for artists, illustrators and designers. Just look at this Unfiltered Lager can from And Union. It’s beautifully simple, yet tactile. We love it (what’s inside

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  48. Stone's Little Bastard is here

    Stone's Little Bastard is here

    Little Bastard Ale is the younger sibling of Stone's classic Arrogant Bastard Ale, and we've got our hands a few. And, wow, it's good

    From the moment you pop open the can, but can instantly recognise the aroma of the Little Bastard from its bigger brother, perhaps a bit less intense due to lower alcohol, but it’s still as arrogant as ever.   

    The original ale was brought forth in 1997, Arrogant Bastard Ale and, according to Stone: "openly challenged the tyrannical industrial beer overlords who have spent their careers brazenly attempting to keep beer drinkers chained in the shackles of poor taste. Arrogant Brewing exists to fight the darkness, and bring enlightenment."

    The younger sibling of the original Arrogant Bastard Ale, Little Bastard Ale, revels in an uncompromising celebration of intensity.

    Consider this Arrogant Bastard Ales’ almost-identical little brother,

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  49. Malt of the Earth

    Malt of the Earth

    In celebration of BrewDog's stunning Semi-Skimmed Occultist launch, we look at what makes dark beers so complex and delicious

    The Maillard reaction is a beautiful thing. A reaction between amino acids (stay with me) and sugars that makes food, and beer, taste amazing. It is, in short, the browned crust on a steak, the golden shine on a brioche and the darkened onions on your hotdog. So what does a chemical reaction, first discovered by French chemist Louis-Camille Maillard in 1912, have to do with this month’s Beer Club focus on the indulgent dark beers we’ve included? Well, pull up a chair and crack open your Semi-Skimmed Occultist.

    The beer you’re pouring into your glass is dark red with a sumptuous creamy head. The taste? There's a rich hint of chocolate and

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  50. BrewDog's Born To Die 13.5.17: The verdict

    Born To Die 13.05.2017: The Verdict?

    BrewDog's Born To Die is back. BrewDog's 'Terminally hopped' beer comes out every few months, and is defined by its drink by date. Here's some opinions from us... and you

    Here's what our team thought...

    "Oh my. Brewdog's Born To Die is, well, to die for. This sparkling gold beer hits you with gorgeous aromas of grapefruit, citrus fruits and fresh-cut grass. Taking a sip, however, sends you to another world (pretty sure it's heaven.) Complex notes of passionfruit, mango, candied oranges and lemongrass are complemented by a fantastic earthy bitterness with a bit of spice whilst a firm bitterness nicely lingers. A medium-light body and a dry finish give this IPA a very refreshing drinkability that is surprisingly restrained. But those are just words. All you need to know is that this. Beer. Is. Fresh."

    Ellie: "Super piney and resiny taste with an almost chlorophyll quality, a bit like cut grass.

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