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Porters and Stouts Mixed Case

Porters and Stouts Mixed Case (15 beers)

You don't need cold weather in order to give the gift of dark beer. Indeed, a nice dry stout or a refreshing English mild fit the bill during warmer weather too! This selection of 15 bottles showcases some of our finest dark beers, ideal for those long winter nights or pleasant days. Chocolate malts, caramel notes, dark liquorice and roasted treacles can all be found in this case. The perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, it contains:

Birra del Borgo Ke To Reporter

Williams Bros. March of the Penguins

Magic Rock Common Grounds

Harviestoun Old Engine Oil

BrewDog Jet Black Heart

Magic rock Dark Arts

Anchor Porter

Thornbridge Eldon

Left Hand Milk Stout (can)

Harveys Imperial Extra Double Stout

Tiny Rebel Stay Puft

8 Wired Flat White Coffee Milk Stout

Founders Porter

Siren Broken Dream

Rogue Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout

Please note if we are out of stock of any of the beers we will substitute one of equal or greater value to ensure we get the beer to you as quickly as possible. Beer shown is representative only of beer in the case.
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Product Reviews

  • Stunning

    Review by Steve

    A cracking selection of tasty porters and stouts...loved it! (Posted on 11/01/2018)

  • A Cracking Case!

    Review by Martin

    Great value, very impressive.A real variety of dark beers, some real heavyweights included. Pity I can’t earn beer tokens for each of the 15 beers but, hey! (Posted on 07/01/2018)

  • For every Porterite

    Review by David A

    A great gift for the dark hearted. Really nice selection of cool beers. Have fun! (Posted on 03/01/2018)

  • Mixed Case

    Review by Steve

    Porterlicious - varied case that was nice to help find a favourite (Posted on 22/11/2017)

  • Excellent selection.

    Review by Adam

    Great selection, didn't get any cans but that's fine. Would appreciate a few milk stouts thrown into the selection too but other than that very good :) (Posted on 05/10/2017)

  • A great selection of Stouts and Porters

    Review by Trevor

    Ordered this as I had really developed a taste for stouts and porters. Was really pleased with the selection, my favourites being the Anchor Porter and the Magic Rock, in reality I really enjoyed them all. Recommend this mixed case. (Posted on 27/07/2017)

  • ter portions

    Review by rik

    selection of porter and stout.
    brilliant range of both strength and taste.
    we worth a try to introduce those who believe stout comes only from dublin (Posted on 17/05/2017)

  • Good deal, be ready for swaps

    Review by Epic Beers

    I ordered this as an Easter present from my wife and was looking forward to many of the brews. Mind you, I ordered it later in the year when winter had already passed. It arrived in good time and had an excellent selection of ales, though 9 had been changed. Out of 15 this was a huge amount! I'm not complaining, you understand, but it was a shame as I'd already had the Eldon and Jet Black Heart and, in the original listings, I'd had none of them. Both the Eldon and the Jet Black Heart are good ales, very good ales, and the Birra del Borgo was an interesting and welcome addition. As was the Common Grounds from Magic Rock Brewing (good job I didn't order that separately!).

    In short, I love what they did with the box, and I get the need to have swaps - maybe have a list of potential ales rather than a set list though? Would that work? Probably not.

    If you have a chance, order this crate, the list ales are brilliant and the swaps I got were good enough that I do not mind. When dealing with ales, that's about as good as you can get. I'd have given five stars but for the sheer amount of swaps. Like I say, I'm happy with what was swapped in, but it may not be to everyone's taste. (Posted on 07/05/2017)

  • Cans included

    Review by Jimed

    Bit disappointed if I am honest. Too many small bottles and cans included (it says bottles). Rather expensive when you consider what is received. Bought as birthday gift, hope he enjoys! (Posted on 19/04/2017)

  • Spot on!

    Review by ArchietheAndroid

    Just received my case today. Had great fun looking through the selection. Couldn't wait to try one, so out with the Keto Revolver. Lush! Superb selection for those of us who are on the "dark side"! (Posted on 28/03/2017)

  • Order it

    Review by RLinskey

    In my opinion, porters and stouts are the finest of all beers. An excellent range in this. (Posted on 13/11/2016)

  • Amazing selection

    Review by DanFlan

    Fantastic case, amazing selection of beers. Ordering again soon!! (Posted on 03/07/2016)

  • Darks

    Review by mickyfell

    A lovely selection of ales with a range of different tastes to excite the tongue (Posted on 12/06/2016)

  • A fine winter selection for the old man!

    Review by Pesky8

    Purchased as a slightly out of the ordinary christmas present for my father. He is traditionally a Guinness drinker, but having said that has probably not ventured very far from this tried and tested product. The case was perfect for him, each bottle like a little surprise waiting to be discovered. He'll be getting another case for his birthday. (Posted on 04/06/2016)

  • Excellent Selection

    Review by Dan

    I'm a huge fan of dark ales and porters and have ordered this case previously. It never disappoints. A fabulous selection. Would definitely recommend. (Posted on 02/06/2016)

  • Fantastic

    Review by beebopb

    Great selection of porters and stouts. At least as many that I thought were outstanding as those that were not to my taste.

    I'd recommend this case to anyone that wanted to get a taster of a broad spectrum of these dark beers. (Posted on 26/05/2016)

  • Join the dark side...

    Review by Jack

    Bought this for a friend and have been receiving photo after photo and a running ranking of the beers! The box had a solid mix of strengths and variants from smoked stouts to vanilla porter. It is only a matter of time before i join the dark side... (Posted on 24/05/2016)

  • a good sampler

    Review by treflo

    i bought it as a sampler of porters and stouts and that's exactly what i got. didn't love them all but certainly found a few i did and that was pretty much what i'd hoped for. recommended for the porter/stout curious. (Posted on 13/04/2016)

  • Dark and delicious!

    Review by JDW38

    A great selection, have enjoyed all so far with each beer individually representative of the amazingly diverse character of 'dark' beers.

    Will certainly be reordering some of my individual faves! (Posted on 21/02/2016)

  • Darkness

    Review by Mad by Martin

    This selection goes into some excellent out the way porters and stouts, always enjoyable but particularly in winter. Real enterprise captured in unusual brews and combinations of grains, hops and flavourings. (Posted on 11/01/2016)

  • An awesome mix

    Review by Nate

    What an excellent mixture of stouts and porters! This is the second time Ive ordered this now, and I am very happy with the contents. 10/10! (Posted on 04/01/2016)

  • Thrilled!

    Review by Kim

    Hubby loves your beers and the fact that each one tells it\'s story on the label. Keeping them for Christmas though ;-) (Posted on 24/12/2015)

  • xmas present to myself

    Review by petesy

    received after two working days not bad this close to xmas ,a few different beers from the last time ordered cannot wait to try (Posted on 21/12/2015)

  • Briliant

    Review by Mick

    Whataselection. As a porter and stout lover there was everything in this case. Great value will be back for more. (Posted on 12/12/2015)

  • Excellent

    Review by Bottled

    A wonderful selection of old favourites like Old Engine Oil and new additions especially the Elland Porter! (Posted on 24/10/2015)

  • Dark Beers for those colder evenings

    Review by Scott

    Lovely selection of dark stouts and porters. A couple I was not completely sold on, but 90% fabulous, and I'm sure that with practice I could love em all! (Posted on 22/10/2015)

  • Dark beer delight

    Review by Timbo

    From California to Scotland, Oregon to Yorkshire this is a lovely eclectic collection. If you love smokey, coffee hints, etc etc and the darkstuff generally jump in ! (Posted on 22/10/2015)

  • Aaaamazeballs

    Review by Robocop

    Sooo tasty. Only 2 out of this pack I didnt love. Amazing set for someone new into the porter and stout world (Posted on 14/10/2015)

  • Fantastic

    Review by Raiz

    A great selection of porters and stouts. Thanks beer hunter! (Posted on 17/09/2015)

  • Porters and Stouts

    Review by PJH

    Great selection here, I got about ~80% of what is shown with some other really interesting stouts making up the rest. I\'m fairly likely to just re-order this pack again as there was nothing I didn\'t like. Delivered safely and on time as well. (Posted on 14/09/2015)

  • The dark side.

    Review by GingerBeer

    Excellent dark beers,stouts and porters. Only trouble I had was one or two were very lively, maybe this was from the transport. Excellent beers just let them settle. (Posted on 29/08/2015)

  • A very fine selection

    Review by Will Cardiff

    This set provides a fantastic selection especially if you are looking to try a wide range of stouts and porters. After this I think I will be staying on the dark side. (Posted on 25/08/2015)

  • Great variety, great taste

    Review by Beer Explorer

    I ordered this mixed case because I enjoy porters and stouts and love it when I get to try new ones. The variety in the case is impressive with beers from all over the UK and overseas. This is an excellent choice for anyone who likes these styles as a couple of the beers are among the best I've had. (Posted on 10/08/2015)

  • An outstanding deal!

    Review by Nate

    If you love dark beers/stouts/porters......well... this is FOR YOU!! When it arrives in the post, its very exciting as you don't know what will be inside exactly! receiving this is like receiving your first ever Christmas present again. PERFECT GIFT for the stout lovers. (Posted on 21/07/2015)

  • Delicious

    Review by Suzy

    This is the most divine selection ever! Buy it immediately (Posted on 18/07/2015)

  • What a treat

    Review by Nick D

    Buy buy buy. (Posted on 01/06/2015)

  • A refreshing change from Guinness!

    Review by Pesky8

    Purchased for my dad who has drank nothing but Guinness for decades. After a few fruity stouts, with fresh sharper tastes he was raving about it. Its already on the shopping list for this Christmas. Winner, if your a stout lover. (Posted on 24/05/2015)

  • perfect

    Review by thiseldo

    This case is an exceptional if you like heavy beers. Some wasn't something I'd buy again, they was interesting anyway. I will buy this again in the winter for a nice bedtime drink.
    Enjoyed this imensly (Posted on 20/05/2015)

  • Return of the Porter

    Review by Dark Vader

    An excellent selection of dark beers ranging in strength and flavour. A must for lovers and initiates to the dark side. (Posted on 18/05/2015)

  • Quality Dark Case

    Review by Simes

    Loving every one of these delightful beers. Got Dad converted to them too. Highlight so far is the 10% Brooklyn Chocolate Stout.
    P.S. More Hopshackle bottles in future please! (Posted on 18/05/2015)

  • aaamazing

    Review by jake

    can honestly say this crate has installed an insane passion for drinking porters and stouts. All beside one (most likely because i was hungover and couldnt appreciate it) they were superb. Highly recommended. I even went out my way to have them with a selection of cheeses and meats with just doubled the beers awesomeness (Posted on 18/05/2015)

  • IPA and Lagers are not stouts or porters

    Review by MDaw85

    Hubby enjoyed his box but was dissapointed that IPAs and largers were included, as he says they aren't stouts or porter ales. He really enjoyed the actual porters and stouts (Posted on 16/05/2015)

  • Quality

    Review by Bear

    Some really quality porters in here, a great choice for a present or to treat yourself!! (Posted on 10/05/2015)

  • A great mix of dark beers

    Review by Abdyman

    Having only recently got into porters and stouts this was a great case to try the different styles and flavours available. All were great and I think I'll be ordering another case. (Posted on 06/05/2015)

  • Some great ones, and some okay ones

    Review by Beer Nerd

    This pack has some really outstanding beers, but it also has some mediocre ones. Overall, it's a good sampler, but I would have preferred more craft samples thrown in. (Posted on 05/05/2015)

  • Excellent

    Review by AB

    Another mixed case had been given to me as a present. This was my first order, with another case (world lagers - equally excellent). The variety and quality of these beers is exceptional; not easy to get porters and less common stouts even in good wine retailers. Why bother shopping when you can get this range online, delivered promptly and for ~£2/bottle! More time to drink and re-order!! (Posted on 30/04/2015)

  • A great mix of dark beers

    Review by Abdyman

    Having only recently got into porters and stouts this was a great case to try the different styles and flavours available. All were great and I think I'll be ordering another case. (Posted on 20/04/2015)

  • Excellent beers

    Review by Bradym69

    The case contained a excellent range of porters and stouts of varying strengths. Good variety of tastes ,would buy again (Posted on 14/04/2015)

  • Excellent Selection

    Review by pups500_0

    My wife bought the case of dark beers for me.All, without exception were fantastic! My particular favourites were the left hand milk stout and the March of the Penguins.I also loved the rich Anchor Porter, Oh hell, I really cant differentiate. They were all great! Two crates down and I'm ready for more.Thank you for your hard work. (Posted on 01/04/2015)

  • Excellent ales

    Review by Macca56

    I love the darker ales and this did not disappoint . (Posted on 31/03/2015)

  • Wow.. a trip to the dark side

    Review by Ianinthewilds

    Bought this originally as a present for my dad, when I saw the range I ordered one for myself. What an awesome collection, incredible beers! (Posted on 31/03/2015)

  • Great dark beers

    Review by Thommo

    Delivery of 2 cases of stout/porters was within days only from order, amazing. The sooner to indulge in the wonderful range of great dark beers. This will not be the last order. (Posted on 31/03/2015)

  • brought for xmas

    Review by hadhamgold

    super range of ports and stouts for xmas lot of american ones which i had not tryed before very good value for money (Posted on 31/03/2015)

  • Excellent

    Review by Chris

    Very good selection, I enjoy trying new beers & you offer a large variety so will be back for more. (Posted on 31/03/2015)

  • Great Present

    Review by Evie B

    Great range of stouts and Porters which was much appreciated by my other half, great site with lots of choice for all ale drinkers. (Posted on 31/03/2015)

  • Makes Winter Worthwhile

    Review by Tony

    A great case - this is my second - that makes winter worthwhile.- with Williams Bros really standing out.
    Only bad one the Bramble Stout (also in the CBOB case) which is going into a beef recipe. (Posted on 31/03/2015)

  • Excellent

    Review by hawkwas

    Great selection, each beer slightly different but equally good. Worth taking tasting notes ! This is beer at its best (Posted on 31/03/2015)

  • Real Winter Porters and stout how it should be

    Review by Frosty

    This was an exceptional box mix a real treat to taste and savour the aromas.

    A definate must for the long winter nights in (Posted on 31/03/2015)

  • fantastic beers

    Review by steve from notts

    I ordered two cases of this fantastic beer on the monday and it came to my house on the thursday morning .on the same night i sampled a few bottles . The taste and the variety were second to none i was in beer heaven. I will be buying more when these have gone . well done beer hawk keep up the good work all the best from steve in nottingham (Posted on 31/03/2015)

  • Great selection

    Review by Bud

    Very happy with beers and service would use again (Posted on 31/03/2015)

  • gift wel received

    Review by marco polo

    bought this case for my dad for his 90th birthday he only drinks the dark ales now for some reason unknown but this went down well. I dare say he will have his favourites, we'll wait and see but I wouldn't mind trying this myself sometime. (Posted on 31/03/2015)

  • Great Range

    Review by Rubikman

    Fantastic range of difficult to find beers. The 2 Rogue Brewery beers were particularly tasty. Highly recommended. (Posted on 31/03/2015)

  • Fantastic range

    Review by Allan

    Fantastic range of ales that I wouldn't have normally bought separately. Thanks guys! (Posted on 31/03/2015)

  • Present to myself

    Review by Petesy

    Really great beers will be treating myself again. Very good selection and quick delivery. (Posted on 09/02/2015)

  • awesome

    Review by kez

    Loved all these beers great tasting great selection and pretty good price. Will definately buy again (Posted on 10/01/2015)

  • First class Beer Hawk

    Review by Beezer

    Great beers at a great price. A perfect Chirstmas present to myself! (Posted on 09/01/2015)

  • Excellent

    Review by MMH

    Winter Porters and Stouts was a New Year present for my husband but it has turned out to be such a lovely selection I've been 'forced' to help him enjoy it. Each beer is a marvel of delightful taste and he is really happy with all the beers he has had so far. (Posted on 08/01/2015)

  • Delicious

    Review by Jason

    Fantastic selection of good quality beer, I had a great time discovering new tastes and flavors. (Posted on 07/01/2015)

  • A real dark treat.

    Review by bandh2

    An excellent selection of sometimes under-rated styles of beer. Fed up with golden ales? Try the dark side and give your taste buds a treat - you won't regret it. (Posted on 06/01/2015)

  • The dark side ...

    Review by Martin

    An excellent selction of which most are new to me and a pleasure to discover thank you (Posted on 04/01/2015)

  • Join the dark side

    Review by bigbearbluesman

    Very nice selection, good enough to make even the most ardent of pale ale drinkers to consider a move to the dark side now and then. (Posted on 04/01/2015)

  • The perfect selection for those dark winter days

    Review by Rob J

    I bought these to drink over the festive season, and it's been a real pleasure to try the different beers. Harviestoun Old Engine Oil is one of my all-time favourites! (Posted on 03/01/2015)

  • fantastic

    Review by donnahaggas

    I bought this as a Christmas present for my husband, he was so pleased, every beer in this selection is of a fantastic quality. I could not have choose a selection like this by myself. My husband normally saves quality beer like this however in this instance he could not wait to get stuck in. A fantastic variety, Im sure I will be ordering again soon. (Posted on 30/12/2014)

  • Porters and stouts

    Review by lover of fine ale

    I was amazed at the quality of these beers .Having bought two cases of this fine beer which i was to save for xmas . I have already polished off one case .The quality and variety is second to none .Every time i open a new bottle the tastes and textures awaken my taste buds .What a great range .Well done beer hawk i will be coming back for more . (Posted on 25/11/2014)

  • excellent

    Review by festivalgoer

    A lovely choice of beers, I couldn't have asked for more. (Posted on 19/11/2014)

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