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My favourite kegs are on it... a great idea as far as I'm concerned.5/5 - Grant

Delighted a monthly delivery option is now available, and with 15% off what's not to love. Excited to start using the REFILL+ subscription.5/5 - Grant

This is an amazing deal... Cheaper than buying individual kegs and brilliant way of saving for more kegs. Highly recommend this to everyone.5/5 -Adam

Early Access
All REFILL+ VIPs get guaranteed access to new PerfectDraft kegs! No more rushing to get your hands on the newest beers – we'll make sure you always have access ahead of time.
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From £1.90 per-pint
Pints under 2 pound in 2021? You heard us right! Sign up now and you'll be sipping your favourite beer while making the most of a brilliant bargain.
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Exclusive merch
* Subscribe and get access to bar runners, pint glasses, medallions, magnets and more! As a REFILL+ VIP, you'll be one of a select few to receive these exclusive rewards and be able to purchase limited merch too.
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