Taste the Silence

Brewed by Trappist Monks
Brewed in Our Lady of Koningshoeven Abbey, La Trappe Blond is the first Trappist ale on PerfectDraft!

An accessible, provocative beer
La Trappe Blond is slightly sweet, mildly bitter, with a satisfying malty finish

Multi Award-Winning
Winning numerous gold awards over the last few years, we thought it was the perfect fit for PerfectDraft!


The first 750 people to purchase a PerfectDraft La Trappe 6L Keg will receive a La Trappe merch pack containing:
•  1x La Trappe Glass
•  1x La Trappe Skimmer
•  1x La Trappe Bar Towel
•  10x La Trappe Beer Mats

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