Great British Lager Case

A brand new case filled with 15 of the greatest lagers from the great British Isles

Perfect for summer get-togethers or just to fill the fridge with amazing beer


We've pulled together 15 of the best lagers Britain has to offer, popped them all together and created our best lager case ever!

3.8 Pils
Cotswold Brewery

Harvleston Brewery

Freedom Lager
Freedom Brewery

Edinburgh Beer Factory

Session Lager

Camden Town Brewery

Classic Lager
Harbour Brewing Co.

Key Lime Lager
Tiny Rebel


Moor Beer Co.

Gypsy Hill

Hex Lager

Lost Lager

Numb Angel
Gun Brewery

Yakima Pilsner
Vocation Brewery

The Great British Lager Case

For a number of years, lager in the UK got a bad rep. You can thank the 90s for that.

But lager is one of the world’s most popular beer styles. It accounts for over 90% of all the beer drank on the planet. The truth is that a good lager can be as complex and interesting as any other beer style.

ThThis box celebrates 15 brilliant lagers from 15 British breweries. Some are inspired by the original Czech pilsners first brewed 175 years ago, whilst others celebrate styles born in the lager powerhouses that are Germany and Austria.

We had a lot of fun picking these beers. We hope you have as much fun drinking them.

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