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Founders KBS

Founders KBS

Style Stout
Country American Beers
ABV 11.8%
Serving Temp 10 to 14 °C
Bottle Size 355ml

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Elegant. Well-crafted. Full of depth. The 2017 Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout is so good it almost melts in your mouth. Aged in Kentucky Bourbon barrels for a year, this chocolate and coffee-infused Imperial Stout boasts creamy and smooth flavours of milk chocolate, coffee and vanilla. The bourbon notes are rather evident and brings with it a nice warming character. Its medium-full body is viscous thanks to oats but it feels lighter than it is because of a light, dry finish. Age it or drink it now: either way, it's a beauty!
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Product Reviews

  • Cue Controversy!!

    Review by Edward

    Simply nowhere near as good as it is made out to be!! They take a pretty great no-nonsense imperial stout (4 stars) and destroy it in a barrel of nonsense... all the edge is taken off and it becomes a rather boring vanilla slog-fest :S Founders are a good solid brewery and produce much better beer - just don't believe the hype around this one! (Posted on 09/08/2017)

  • Wow.

    Review by Rich

    It may sound expensive, but you've never tasted anything like this.

    It's thick, rich and chocolaty.

    Such a complex flavour, but everything works in harmony. (Posted on 04/08/2017)

  • Incredible - A Stone Cold 5

    Review by Harmyfunkster

    There really is nothing else available like this. Deep Chocolate, Vanilla and Coffee notes with a perfect body and strong Alcohol edge.
    Perfect to sip in the evening like a fine Wine. (Posted on 30/07/2017)

  • The best stout ever

    Review by No1smudger

    Definitely the best stout ever, one hell of a stout, truly awesome. Definitely one to try before you die. (Posted on 27/07/2017)

  • A solid 5 Star Stout

    Review by FunkSquirrell

    I was lucky enough to be given a bottle of this by my brother last night who had purchased it from Beer Hawk. It is absolutely stunning, pitch black in colour with notes of chocolate and coffee, the whiskey flavours hit you at the back of the mouth after you swallow. I was so
    Pressed that (Posted on 23/07/2017)

  • A solid 5 Star Stout

    Review by FunkSquirrell

    I was lucky enough to be given a bottle of this by my brother last night who had purchased it from Beer Hawk. It is absolutely stunning, pitch black in colour with notes of chocolate and coffee, the whiskey flavours hit you at the back of the mouth after you swallow. I was so
    Pressed that (Posted on 23/07/2017)

  • A solid 5 Star Stout

    Review by FunkSquirrell

    I was lucky enough to be given a bottle of this by my brother last night who had purchased it from Beer Hawk. It is absolutely stunning, pitch black in colour with notes of chocolate and coffee, the whiskey flavours hit you at the back of the mouth after you swallow. I was so
    Pressed that (Posted on 23/07/2017)

  • Perfection

    Review by AndyC

    This is one of the top rated beers on the planet. Absolute perfection for any dark beer fans. Complex, tasting better with every sip as the beer warms from fridge temperature. Well worth the cost. (Posted on 21/07/2017)

  • Great beer

    Review by GNPN

    So much chocolate and coffee! Great stout. (Posted on 19/07/2017)

  • 5 Stars

    Review by MR EGG WHHITE

    Amazing beer! perfectly balanced and flavoursome, just left me wanting more! (Posted on 03/07/2017)

  • Liquid Splendour

    Review by Owen

    Beautiful beer. Soft carbonation, medium-full body. Lots of vanilla, coffee and chocolate. Perfectly balanced and worth every penny. (Posted on 01/07/2017)

  • Epic

    Review by Red

    This is just epic, full of flavour and great colour (Posted on 28/06/2017)

  • Deserves the respect it gets

    Review by lenoz

    What an insane tipple. I believed in the hype with this one, and it was worth every penny. Almost 12% of huge thick bedtime hit sweetness. Got to sip this. Unique, but an excellent onslaught of flavour. (Posted on 20/06/2017)

  • Like A Dessert In A Bottle

    Review by Rich

    Rich, chocolatey, with a coffee bitterness.

    It's too difficult to put into words just how good this is - don't look at the price, you'll forget about that once you taste it! (Posted on 07/06/2017)

  • bourbony stout

    Review by mik

    The first sip might taste too strong but after 2 or 3 you get immersed in its sweetness. Must try. (Posted on 05/06/2017)

  • Amazing Dark beer

    Review by Daveisme

    One of the best barrel aged beers on the market with srong tastes of bourbon, coffee and dark chocolate (Posted on 04/06/2017)

  • Buy it

    Review by TonyL

    Superb. I repeat, buy it. (Posted on 17/05/2017)

  • Awesome

    Review by Tinman72

    Big thick and bold coffee taste (Posted on 12/05/2017)

  • Big filling beer

    Review by Ben

    Huge thick rich beer. Chocolate and coffee notes, sweet but balanced with around 80IBU of bitterness. Nice carbonation level. Worth the price. (Posted on 11/05/2017)

  • The mutts

    Review by OldIron

    Great beer, worth at least the 100 received from ratebeer.

    Similar look and consistency to Founders 'ordinary' imperial, but just ... better. Quite sweet and low bitterness, which might not appeal if that go against your tastes. Otherwise, one the the best beers: dark, viscous and intense flavour. (Posted on 10/05/2017)

  • A whopper

    Review by Beer Baron

    Hugely big on rich, chocolatey, slightly aniseedy flavour. Thick, strong (11+%) and delicious. Try it with stilton - a truly epic beer. So sad I only ordered 12... (Posted on 04/05/2017)

  • Amazing

    Review by Ben

    Simply an amazing beer, one of the best in the world. A must try. (Posted on 03/05/2017)

  • The hype got me

    Review by Snapey

    I needed to see what I was missing out on so ultimately broke down and bought a bottle, myself personally am not a fan at all of coffee, even so it was nice enough for me to drink it. At 11.9% it seriously packs a punch and is a sipper not a gulper, and after dinner beer due to it's richness and sweetness, the chocolate hides behind the coffee but it's definitely there. If you like coffee porters you will love this one. (Posted on 03/05/2017)

  • 6 stars

    Review by Llamaman

    Aroma is incredible - exactly like a freshly made espresso. It didn't smell of coffee, it smelled exactly like a coffee. Remarkable.
    Mouthfeel is smooth, but not that thick for a beer that sailed past 10% and was still accelerating as it did so.
    Taste is all over the place, in a good way. A maelstrom of chocolate, espresso coffee, roasted malt, rich dark fruit and a hint of vanilla all vie for your attention. Yet somehow it all hangs together. If you like Harvey's Imperial Stout you like this.

    I'm only halfway through the bottle and already this has stormed into my top 10 beers. (Posted on 02/05/2017)

  • Decadent

    Review by MeanGreen83

    You need this beer in your life. Indulge in its decadence and have it with breakfast. No, have it for breakfast! KBS is rich with notes of coffee and chocolate and a weighty mouthfeel. Buy more than one--a fantastic beer to age. (Posted on 28/04/2017)

  • A real wow beer

    Review by Good head

    Very dark like treacle in colour and thick in consistency with a foamy head. Has a very strong coffee flavour with hints of chocolate that combine to make an outstanding flavour. Couple this with the flavour of the whiskey barrels and you get a real winner. Has a flavour that lingers and well worth buying. (Posted on 26/04/2017)

  • Worth the hype

    Review by Beebo

    pours black with medium long-lasting head. Nose of coffee, vanilla, bourbon, and chocolate. Flavor to match that just coats the entire palate. Not much else to add to this classic! (Posted on 25/04/2017)

  • EXCELLENT 5*****

    Review by Math

    I love this stout. Well rounded, cream, smooth, sweet and malty. mmmm (Posted on 25/04/2017)

  • One of the best

    Review by twacker

    There are few things in life that are certain; death, taxes and KBS. Founders KBS is what all imperial stouts wish they were. Amazing roast chocolate and coffee flavours with a lovely hint of bourbon. A+ beer. (Posted on 24/04/2017)

  • Amazing

    Review by Mr.B

    Got a bottle of thIs to see what all the hype was about. Well this is one amazing stout. Great aromas of bourbon notes, chocolate and coffee. The aromas lead to similar notes of smooth rich indulgent taste. All very well balanced. A nice treat to finish the evening with. Already ordered some more. (Posted on 22/04/2017)

  • stunning

    Review by adele

    best stout on the market (Posted on 21/04/2017)

  • Amazing

    Review by adele

    Without doubt the best stout on the market (Posted on 21/04/2017)

  • Rich and Indulgent

    Review by Ian_atc

    Definitely a beer to take your time over - rich flavours of coffee and chocolate give this stout a complexity to savour. Having bought a case of 12 it will be interesting to see how the beers mature over the next year - am allowing myself one per month! (Posted on 20/04/2017)

  • Hype, Anticipation, must try

    Review by Bruce

    These are all some of the things I have seen written about this beer. This was my first bottle of KBS but not my first time on imperial stouts or indeed barrel aged.
    Is it worth the price! Yes but in my opinion there are breweries doing beer just as good as this. Vibrant Forest are one.

    It is big on coffee with that fresh green taste rather than the roasted flavour of something like Modern Times Black House, big dark prune flavour comb through as well.

    Great beer nevertheless and I have a 2016 and 2017 which I will age and see what happens to them over the next year or two. (Posted on 19/04/2017)

  • Wonderfully tasty

    Review by stefcha

    I've tended to stay away form darker drinks but I've been giving them more of a chance of late and this sounded very interesting and was highly recommended by a friend so I had a go, and bought, er, just the 12. On arrival I noticed this batch is 11.9% so definitely something to sip and savour, and that I did. The aroma and taste was overwhelming at first but I soon settled into it and it passed the time very nicely, after that I dug out a not-insubstantial triple coffee porter and it tasted of almost nothing in comparison to the KBS. I've only had one other bottle since and had it very slightly cooler (first was plain room temp) and I enjoyed that one even more, there's just so much flavour to it all tied together so seamlessly. Lovely stuff. (Posted on 18/04/2017)

  • awsome

    Review by kbs

    worth all the plaudits great rich imperial stout (Posted on 17/04/2017)

  • Excellent

    Review by Ninja Terrier

    Having heard lots of good reports I was eager to try this. It was everything I was expecting and more. Now for the long wait for next years edition. (Posted on 14/04/2017)

  • Ksb

    Review by garygph

    A stout of quality. A good mix of flavours. Enjoyed. (Posted on 13/04/2017)

  • It's that good

    Review by Blaineyboy

    Not a huge stout fan but bought this on reviews alone. Lived up to its reputation and more! (Posted on 10/04/2017)

  • Can I rate this higher than 5 Stars?

    Review by Young_Team

    Pours black-ish with a small tan head. Aroma is very boozy; coffee, whisky, oak, sweet malt, and some dark chocolate. Taste is similar, but bigger; whisky, coffee, roast, bittersweet dark chocolate, and oak. Just a hint of vanilla - less than expected. Boozy finish with some lingering coffee and some resulting light bitterness. (Posted on 10/04/2017)

  • Wow

    Review by UK Beer Network

    A very good beer this - heavily flavoured with whiskey throughout. Strong, boozy, thick stout with great aroma and sweetness throughout. Wow! (Posted on 03/04/2017)

  • Too expensive

    Review by Rich

    Great beer but same price in shops round Southampton so don't see point in buying it from here ? (Posted on 30/03/2017)

  • Lives up to the hype

    Review by McSpanner

    I'd read a lot about this beer and thought "it couldn't be that good". I was right -it's better. I'm only sorry I didn't order more as when I went back to re-order it was already sold out. At least the head brewer has released the recipe so I can have a crack at recreating this one at home. One of the best stouts I've ever tasted. (Posted on 19/05/2016)

  • Great stout all around

    Review by Beer Nerd

    This is a fantastic stout. Smooth, with coffee and chocolate flavors. I think there are probably a few stouts that are better, but not many
    (Posted on 27/06/2015)

  • Beautiful beer

    Review by Pazzi

    I first tried this beer at this years "Craft Beer Rising" event at the old Trumans brewery in the East End of London last February. It was a smasher!
    So, I knew what I was letting myself in for when I bought these bottles of nectar.
    Honestly, the best beer I have ever tasted.
    Had to get a cab back to London Bridge Station!
    Never thought I'd be able to buy this beer in the UK as the brewer said it is usually sold out before its on the market.
    Ordered it one day, and arrived double quick time! Amazing service with text and e mails tracking my order, brilliant!!!!! (Posted on 25/06/2015)

  • A little extra

    Review by Nick

    Further to my review, I've been joined by a few friends on a couple of these. Without fail, everyone liked them. That's no small thing for such an unusual beer. (Posted on 23/06/2015)

  • Very special

    Review by Nick

    I've had many beers where the quality of the description far outweighs that of the taste. Not this time. This beer is very special indeed. All of the flavours come through, but in a supremely balanced manner. It's certainly no lightweight beer (and I could only manage one at a sitting); however the experience is like no other. (Posted on 19/06/2015)

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