Brewing Equipment

For all your brewing equipment needs, whether you’re after a new fermenter, a starter kit, a kettle or an all-singing-all-dancing Grainfather. Brewing beer has never been easier with our range of homebrew equipment!

The all-in-one, all grain home brewing system
Keep your wort safe and yeast happy in plastic, glass or stainless steel...
Serve your brews on tap at home with our Draft Brewer kegs systems...
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Beer of the Month Club

Looking for an easy way to try out new craft beer without putting in any effort? The BeerBods Beer of the Month Club is the easiest, most affordable way to do just that! “The unexpected beers from BeerBods send you on a journey of discovery. I wouldn’t have tried half of the beers I have if they hadn’t come from BeerBods.” --Iain, BeerBods Subscriber

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Style Feature: IPA Beer
Ode to the IPA: the beer style that’s loved by craft beer drinkers across the world. It seems as though every brewery, no matter how big or small, has a flagship IPA in their lineup. But what exactly makes a beer an IPA? Where did it start, what does the style look like today, and where can you buy the best IPAs online? Keep reading to find out.
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Dry January? Try these alcohol-free beers

Planning to partake in Dry January this year? Good news! Low alcohol and alcohol free beer has evolved into a wide selection of beers with outstanding flavour profiles. So sit back, crack open an NA beer, and reset your body for the year to come!

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