Craft Beer In Cans

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Canned beer has a reputation spanning decades that, unfortunately, precedes itself. Whilst cans in the craft beer industry have been slowly coming back in to favour over the past few years, we wanted to diligently test and assess whether we felt they were a good fit for our range. (Reality: we just wanted an excuse to drink more beer.)
We were very pleased with what we experienced in terms of the quality of the product and have wholeheartedly embraced canned craft beer! Concerns about metallic taste are unfounded and the benefits of enjoying beer in cans are many. Durability, ease of storage, lighter packaging, portability and protecting the product from oxygen and light are some of the reasons why craft beer cans have become so popular and why we are very proud to offer high-quality cans from breweries such as Rooster’s Brewing Co., Beavertown Brewing, and Weird Beard.