Nøgne Ø

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The beer market is a bit weird in Norway. In the early 20th century home brewing was outlawed (except for personal use), meaning that commercial brewing has been dominated for decades by just a few major breweries. Also, beers above 4.75% abv are only available from licensed premises or from state-run liquor stores, leading to foreign breweries lowering the alcohol content of their Norway-bound offerings. Despite this, the country has a long history of home-brewing, with most traditional farms having a separate brewhouse as part of the estate. Nøgne Ø, started by two home brewers in 2002, is one of the few craft breweries to come out of Norway. Their beers are more complex and full-bodied than the vast majority of other Norwegian brews, and they pride themselves on the diversity of their range. The fact that they make a 7% Porter in a country where this can only be sold through certain bottle shops says it all really, although they do export about 70% of their production. We don’t mind, as long as they keep sending it over here!