Goose Island Beer Company

Goose Island

An Urban IPA

In Chicago's first craft brewery, founder John Hall created a beer that inspires brewers still today: Goose Island IPA.

Bold Brewing

Whether aging beer in barrels or adding fruit ingredients, the brewers at Goose Island keep pioneering in beer.

Wide range

From IPAs to English-style ales, saisons to barrel-aged hits, Goose Island’s diverse beers are unified by one thing: quality.

Chicago’s IPA

Great breweries start with a clear vision. Founder John Hall’s was to bring the best of European beer styles to Chicago. Since its modest beginnings in a brewpub in 1988, Goose Island went on to make some of America’s greatest beer, including Goose IPA that won medals not just once, but six times at the Great American Beer Festival.

Innovation in brewing

Like Chicago itself, Goose Island has a hard-working, pioneering ethos that led to several craft innovations. Whether it’s their fresh ingredients, ranging from coffee to raspberries, or brewing breakthroughs, such as aging beer for months in bourbon and wine barrels, Goose Island is constantly pushing boundaries.

A broad, bold range

Goose Island is home to a full range of modern craft beer. From classic styles like Goose IPA to innovative beers like Juliet, aged with fresh blackberries, there’s a beer for everyone and every occasion. Try pairing Matilda and Sofie with food, or Honkers Ale and 312 Urban Wheat Ale when relaxing with friends.

The Beers

Explore our diverse range of Goose Island beers. A suggestion: kick off with an IPA and a Honkers Ale, and grab a Matilda or Sofie for the dinner table.

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