Bellfield Brewery

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Hailing from the mighty seven hills of Edinburgh and located a stone’s throw from Arthur’s Seat, Bellfield Brewery live and breath the sense of craftsmanship, artistry and ingenuity which seeps from every pore of the city. Much like the city, they are taking a distinctly modern and egalitarian approach to governance over their realm, Bellfield’s being beer and not just any old beer, gluten-free beer! Their mission is to make beer available to all, even those traditionally unable to sample the such heavenly delights.

Launched in 2015 with their maiden brew, a gluten free Bohemian Pilsner, Bellfield have always pushed the envelope and helped by the founding members’ relentless entrepreneurial spirit and dedication, they’ve been riding the waves of their own success and hard work from pretty much day 1! With a gold medal for their most recent brew, Lawless Village IPA, and a silver for their Bohemian Pilsner awarded at last year's World Beer Awards, it appears that the only way is up for the intrepid Bellfield Brewery and, with the promise of more styles upcoming, they really are a brewery to watch now and in the future.