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alpine beer company

From the scorching hills of Southern California comes the Alpine Beer Company and we love them. Why? Well, they have a crystal clear understanding of the culture of beer – they know that beers are there to enjoy, drink when you’re having fun, for clinking glasses with mates. This is often the way with breweries that start out as a brewpub – the brewer sees exactly the context for the beer. This comes across in the Alpine’s beers. These are hop-forward beers to be enjoyed with friends after a day out skiing or on the bike. They’re fun – and that’s what beer should be all about.

Alpine Beer Company was founded in 1999 by Pat Mcilhenney in the town of Alpine, California – a few miles from San Diego. After contracting the first beers, including the Great American Beer Festival silver award-winning McIlhenney’s Irish Red, Pat opened the first facility in 2002. It has then since shot to the top ten of many ‘favourite brewery lists’, including the Rate Beer where the brewery is rated, er, 100/100. So what of its beers? Well, the name gives away the focus: Hoppy Birthday (99% on RateBeer) and Pure Hoppiness (100% on RateBeer - 100%!!!) to name a couple. In short, this is an amazing brewery. A recent merger with Green Flash also means that you can now get the beers outside of its California taproom for the first time… and now in our warehouse.

The beers are massively hoppy, but not at the expense of being balanced. These are beers that stand up and scream: “DRINK ME! HAVE FUN! HAVE ANOTHER!”. Yep, these are beers for good times…