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Raspberry Blitz – BrewDog – Alcohol Free/Sour – 0.5% Prepare for the Raspberry Blitz! Coming at you like a flash out of the blue, Brewdog’s alcohol-free, Lacto-sour fruit beer. On the nose there’s raspberry, lacto-sourness and a little funk. To taste there’s a raspberry front and centre with yogurt lacto-sourness behind it followed by a light, fizzy and funky finish. Looking to expand your alcohol-free repertoire? Look no further!

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With a no-holds-barred approach to business and beer, BrewDog brews with no constraints and are constantly innovating to release amazing beer to the UK—and the world—from their brewery in Scotland. Despite their punk-like anti-establishment image, BrewDog is famed for supporting the craft beer industry by investing in great small breweries, featuring fine beers in their bars and providing training for every single one of their employees to a high-standard of beery knowledge.
It’s not all philanthropy though (although there’s a good bit of that) it’s the best way they know how to take down “the man” of mass-produced beer, one bold move at a time.


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Refreshing, fruity
Review by
If you like a fruit beer that is not at all sweet, but tart and refreshing, this is the one for you. One of the few drinks I could keep on drinking all evening. It never becomes sickly.
Something different!
Review by
Something different from the more usual non-alcoholic beer and wine selections - definitely worth a try!
Yet to be convinced!
Review by
It's a new sour style beer with a heavy raspberry taste. Not like anything else I've ever tried! Certainly not beer like but you can tell it's imitating an alcohol containing product due to the dry finish. Not sure I'd have it again but I read somewhere that you have to try this one twice to properly appreciate it so maybe I'll give it another go.
Review by
Not sure what Brewdog are trying to achieve with this or who it is aimed at. Not very pleasant at all. There is a faint hint of raspberry with some sourness but essentially it is like a weak, very dry raspberryade.
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