In case you missed the explosion of teddy bears and chocolate roses love is apparently in the air. And while you’ve been trying to decide on the perfect Valentine gift for other half this year, we've been busy scouring the shelves for the most tenuous Valentine’s Day-related beers we could find. Enjoy.

8 Most Romantic Craft Beers for Valentines

So ditch the flowers and pick up something you can enjoy together, a beer. We’ve got our favourite loved-up brews to help you say it with beer. From aptly named bottles to chocolate of the liquid boozy type, there’s something for even the most stereotypical Valentine - as long as they won’t miss the red tissue paper we forgot to add to our packaging order.  The Bruery MischiefSiren Brut Romance, Founders Breakfast Stout, Durham TemptationWilliams Bros. Birds & Bees, Deus (Champagne Beer), Magic Rock Salty Kiss, Moor Radiance.