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Mixed World Beer Cases

Mixed World Beer Cases

Discover the world of beer!

Our beer experts have pulled together special mixed cases of beer that we call "Discovery Cases".  They are a great way to discover beers that we believe are great examples a particular style - helping you learn a little more about a specific country or syle, or simply to discover beers that you wouldn't normally try.  You'll benefit from a discount too, as these cases are cheaper than buying the beers individually.

Our best-selling discovery cases are: Great British, American, Belgian and German... but there really is something for everyone.  Enjoy discovering the world of beer!

Beer Hawk's Discovery Cases offer a great way to explore great beers from around the world, as we include a selection of beers that showcase the very best of a particular country or style.  They can help make a wonderful tasting evening with friends, or the opportunity to try beers that you wouldn't normally experience.

If you'd like our beer sommelier to create a bespoke selection just for you, please do get in touch.