Yeastie Boys Hellzapoppin

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New Zealand
Yeastie Boys
Bottle Size
Serving Temp
4 to 7°C
New Zealand
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Yeastie Boys used a boat-load of chilis and smoked malts in their hot-smoked IPA. Sweet malts, tropical hops and a hint of lingering spice finish off this dynamic beer from New Zealand.


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Michelin-Star Beer
Review by
This beer is amazing! Spicy, different, flavorful - like a liquid Michelin-starred dinner in a casual, easy-going beer. LOVE IT and am now buying it all.
7 / 10
Review by
Deep copper colour, hazy, some carbonation
No head whatsoever
Smoky, (chipotle?) chilli, honey, peach and hoppy aroma
Thick crisp, oily, creamy mouthfeel with some carbonation
Creamy, chilli, woody, peach, lemon, pine, malty and slightly salty flavour
Dry, slightly bitter, salty and moderate chilli aftertaste, some heat, lingering, little carbonation
Not for me.
Review by
Did not enjoy this one. Tasted too strong for my IPA liking.
Not to my taste
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On opening the bottle you are greeted with a lovely smokey aroma. But the taste, chilies in beer? Doesn't work for me, didn't like it at all. Save the chilies for food where they belong, seems to me a case experimenting for the sake of experimenting.
Review by
A smokey IPA with Chilli and fruity notes. I'll definitely be ordering this one again in future.
Tastes like bonfire
Review by
Like this brewery and yeah the name is what lured me in but they do make good beers it seems. Not really tried a smoked beer so wasn't sure what to expect. There was for me a real taste of smokiness coming through the beer. However I like to drink the fruity IPA's and so this beer wasn't for me. Nice for a change but not for me.
Review by
The smokiness is very subtle unlike the Chilli. I would have prefered it around the other way but having said that it was not a bad experience.
Rauchin' hell!
Review by
Not quite as smoky as the German rauchbiers but way ahead of most others. The chilli is a welcome addition rather than a distraction, just sneaking in the aftertaste.
Heady stuff - I wouldn't want more than one.
Bitter, subtle smoke
Review by
Had smoked porter before, which was a powerful flavour.

This is more subtle, with a bitter finish.

Think along the lines of that taste you get after sitting around an open fire
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