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Wild Beer Co Pogo Can

Wild Beer Co Pogo Can

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Style Pale Ale
Country British Beers
ABV 4%
Serving Temp 4 to 7°C
Bottle Size 330ml
Tart grapefruit, sweet tropical fruit and juicy orange notes burst from this 4% ABV fruity pale ale brewed with plenty of passionfruit, orange and guava. The addition of wheat and lactose gives Pogo a smooth, creamy mouth feel and soft, refreshing finish.


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Tart grapefruit, sweet tropical fruit and juicy orange notes burst from this 4% ABV fruity pale ale brewed with plenty of passionfruit, orange and guava. The addition of wheat and lactose gives Pogo a smooth, creamy mouth feel and soft, refreshing finish.
Style Pale Ale
Country British Beers
ABV 4%
Serving Temp 4 to 7°C
Bottle Size 330ml

Product Reviews

Product Reviews

  • Decent fruity pale

    Review by John

    Plenty of hops and a passion fruit and orange aftertaste. Refreshingly light. (Posted on 28/01/2018)

  • Fruity and refreshing

    Review by Gareth

    A wonderfully fruity and refreshing pale ale, nice and sessionable! (Posted on 15/01/2018)

  • Over Conditioned

    Review by Andrew

    Seems, unlike the rest of their brilliant range, that this has been a little rushed and underloved.

    Tastes fine, but is far too fizzy to enjoy fully. (Posted on 11/01/2018)

  • No fizz

    Review by Rob

    Passionfruit packed taste, nice and sweet. Expected more fizz, the let down (Posted on 12/12/2017)

  • Fruity number

    Review by Dudes Brews

    Very fruity as you would expect with the addition of passion fruit and guava and it has a lovely light tropical taste to it very refreshing and easy to drink, maybe a touch thin which made the flavour wash away fairly easily rather than lingering but thats all I could fault it for (Posted on 11/12/2017)

  • Excellent

    Review by Lucas

    Nice tropical ipa flavour with a slight bitter note. Very good and quaffable (Posted on 16/11/2017)

  • Nice and refreshing

    Review by Woody

    Nice beer, more use to the sours but tasty and easy drinking (Posted on 14/08/2017)

  • fab

    Review by andy

    Great beer that I could have all the time. Pithy and citrusy with a tropical sweetness to it and a bitter finish (Posted on 03/08/2017)

  • Summer in a glass or can

    Review by Mac

    My go to drink when i'm unsure what i fancy.
    just a great refreshing , fruity easy drinking beer. (Posted on 28/07/2017)

  • Nice and summery

    Review by Greeny

    Nice summery pale ale, nice tropical notes and flavours withoit being too over powering or too sweet (Posted on 18/07/2017)

  • Great Summer Beer

    Review by Rich

    Something a little different - lifted by some lighter, tropical flavours.

    Enjoy with sunshine. (Posted on 13/07/2017)

  • Delicious

    Review by Betz

    A mixture of Lilt and Beer but don't let that put you off! Very fruity and light, perfect for a summers day :) (Posted on 05/07/2017)

  • Flavoursome fruity little number!

    Review by Ben

    This beer is nearly there. Orange, guava, passion fruit. This is the good bit. Unfortunately, to malty for me though. (Posted on 20/06/2017)

  • A bit of a twist

    Review by Hannibal

    A nice grapefruit IPA with tartness the passion fruit adds a bit of sweetness although the guava is a little lost, well worth buying though (Posted on 19/06/2017)

  • Fruity

    Review by Pippa

    Nice fruity ale, usual citrus taste mixed with different tropical fruit flavours (Posted on 13/06/2017)

  • Fruity-licious!

    Review by Good Head

    Golden and clear with a fast disappearing head. Is packed full of juices in flavour with a good bitterness and a smooth feel. (Posted on 08/06/2017)

  • Superb

    Review by Rich

    Some different fruit flavours in this one, which I really enjoyed.

    A definite one to re-order. (Posted on 07/06/2017)

  • Nice change

    Review by Chapman

    Nice change to the regular citra IPA, the introduction of the tropical fruits is good and there will surely be more like this popping up (Posted on 30/05/2017)

  • Nice

    Review by Gunner

    Nice fruity and refreshing, good pale ale is great drinking in the sun and not too strong (Posted on 26/05/2017)

  • Fruity Pale Ale

    Review by Pud

    The orange. passion fruit and guava make a nice summery addition to the pale ale. A pleasant refreshing drink. (Posted on 22/05/2017)

  • Easy drinking

    Review by Nick

    Nice easy drinking beer, very refreshing, brilliant price in here too (Posted on 10/05/2017)

  • Lively handle with care

    Review by Ninja Terrier

    Like a Pogo Stick this one tried to jump out of the can despite being deeply chilled. After the head had settled I managed to find a very fruity offering. (Posted on 09/05/2017)

  • Really good summer beer!

    Review by Hagge

    Pogo is a perfect summer beer. I wouldn't say it's packed with flavour, but it's still pretty pleasant, and especially if you drink it really cold on a hot day! (Posted on 05/05/2017)


    Review by MAC

    Love this, great summer drink , refreshing with loads of fruit overtones. (Posted on 04/05/2017)

  • very fuitilicious

    Review by sanchez

    excellent summery beer, lovely punchy fruit flavours without being too sweet , one is not enough though (Posted on 28/04/2017)

  • canny stuff

    Review by Fox

    Nice beer with the most dominant flavour coming through as passion fruit, not a bad thing, could do with slightly stronger flavours in my opinion but I will defo have this again (Posted on 24/04/2017)

  • fruity goodness

    Review by freddy

    lovely fruity tasteing beer very refreshing and ideal for a bbq in the sun (Posted on 22/04/2017)

  • Great Stuff

    Review by Dave___

    Had a few of these now and still love it, refreshing and fruity and fairly low volume so makes a good session beer. Thanks Wild Beer Co. (Posted on 14/04/2017)

  • Pale chocolate orange

    Review by Dale

    I really enjoyed this one by wills beer co.. they are quite experimental with this one tasting like chocolate orange but hoppy and pale (Posted on 14/04/2017)

  • Just Lovely

    Review by ScubaBeanz

    Hadn't heard of this and got it in a mixed case. immediately tried to buy some more, bit sour, fruity and just great (Posted on 06/04/2017)

  • Refreshing

    Review by Beebo

    Orange colour. Caramel e tropical fruits aroma. Tropical fruit juice taste. Light sour. Refreshing. Not unforgettable beer.
    (Posted on 29/03/2017)

  • Decent Pale

    Review by Slack Babbath

    It's a decent enough pale ale, nothing to remarkable but I'd drink it again given the opportunity. (Posted on 28/03/2017)

  • really nice fruity beer

    Review by Dave___

    Thought at 4% this might be a little lacking but I was wrong. Lots of fruity flavor and I do like a fruit beer, easy to drink. Very enjoyable. (Posted on 28/03/2017)

  • Boing!

    Review by Llamaman

    Fruity, but not overpoweringly so, this is a very quaffable beer. Not a patch on their sour beers, but much better than their 'Bibble'. (Posted on 21/03/2017)

  • Initial hit with nothing to back it up

    Review by Andrew

    Looked forward to this as I'm a huge fan of fruity pale ales.

    The smell was sublime and the initial fruit hit a delight but after that there's very little be excited about. Once the fruit falls away it leaves a very average pale that has next to no flavour (Posted on 20/03/2017)

  • Definitely fruity.

    Review by JP

    Very nice and refreshing, definitely fruity as advertised, it is not completely overpowering, but don't expect light undertones of fruitiness, it's the main tones of flavour and it tastes great if you like fruity beers. (Posted on 19/03/2017)

  • Unusual but would buy again!

    Review by Mark

    I wasn't expecting such a fruity taste to come bursting through...this would be fantastic in summer...would be hard to turn a few cold ones down! (Posted on 19/03/2017)

  • Totally tropical

    Review by Snozz

    Deep golden colour with a thin white head. Aroma has tropical fruit including the passion fruit and guava. Nice orange sweet taste. Medium body. (Posted on 14/02/2017)

  • Tropical

    Review by dale

    Thick orange richness and tropical.. wild be co are so cool with their brewing buy it! (Posted on 14/02/2017)

  • Brilliantly bizzare

    Review by dale

    On trying this again.. it's like drinking a tropical jaffa cake.. you must try this one! (Posted on 10/02/2017)

  • Not my favourite

    Review by JLTB

    Too much orange peel for me. (Posted on 07/02/2017)

  • Great in the summer

    Review by Bobby Dazzler

    First had this last summer and it's a great beer for a sunny afternoon. A malty pale ale-style backbone covered in lots of fruit, almost like drinking an alcoholic version of Lilt! Delicious. (Posted on 05/02/2017)

  • Pogo!

    Review by dale

    Another great beer by wild beer Co. I like the name it's random.. nothing but guava and many any tropical hits.. nice orange bitter finish! Could drink this all day. (Posted on 03/02/2017)

  • "Strange Taste"

    Review by dazzler

    Couldn't get my taste buds round this with the first taste, it smells nice, after the initial taste the fruit seemed overpowering but the bitterness of the oranges works well in this wee beauty, you will open another straight afterwards though! good value too. (Posted on 28/01/2017)

  • Amazing drink

    Review by ctm andy

    So nice, could drink this all day (Posted on 26/01/2017)

  • Surprisingly on point

    Review by Geofff

    Great balance between sweetness, hoppiness, slight bitter bite and sour twang ... well judged and quite complex (Posted on 20/01/2017)

  • Not bad...!

    Review by MH

    Pours clear golden yellow with a small, staying creamy white head. Aroma has sweet malts, oranges, light resin, grapefruit. Medium carbonation, fine dry and fairly light mouthfeel. Flavour has doughy malts, light pineapple, grapefruit, light baking yeast. (Posted on 13/01/2017)

  • Best beer so far

    Review by Nickyr

    A great easy to drink beer with tart grapefruit taste then the taste or oranges a nice tart fruity beer will definitely be buying again (Posted on 11/01/2017)

  • Fruity little number

    Review by Pogo review

    Really fruity and refreshing beer. Very light and easy to drink, with a sweet, juicy, almost syrupy undertone. Would definitely recommend and order again. (Posted on 08/01/2017)

  • Would recommend!

    Review by Nick

    the aroma on this is crazy and flavour really comes through. Really refreshing drink that I will be purchasing again and again (Posted on 23/12/2016)

  • Crisp Summer treat

    Review by Mac

    This is a crisp refreshing summer brew. Full of fruit and very light. Drink well chilled and enjoy. (Posted on 10/12/2016)

  • Fruity...

    Review by MH

    Pours golden with a huge, foamy head. The aroma is really juicy, mainly guava but hints of orange in there too. It’s pretty much like drinking a glass of guava juice with a hint of bitterness. Lovely. (Posted on 04/12/2016)

  • Fruity beer best enjoyed in the hot sun

    Review by Mark

    A refreshing beer with fruity undertones, which would be far more enjoyable on a hot summers day. I did think it was a little too fizzy for my liking however. (Posted on 31/10/2016)

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