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Ticketybrew Pale Ale

Ticketybrew Pale Ale

The first thing to note about Ticketybrew is that their branding is awesome! You'll be pleased though that the beer is just as good too. Escapees from London and settling in Manchester, Duncan and Keri set up Ticketybrew to fulfil a lifelong ambition. Only brewing 2 beers at the moment that are all bottled by hand, we hope they brew more as these two are top notch indeed - a very exciting find!
Style Pale Ale
Country British Beers
ABV 5.5%
Serving Temp 6-8 °C
Bottle Size 330ml
Not professing or really trying to be a hop bomb, this is a simple and wonderful example of a pale ale. West coast American hops play a delicate balancing act with floral aromas and a bitter sweet finish.
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Product Reviews

  • Just the ticket

    Review by Mark

    I rated 7 hoppy aroma and hoppy flavour - great beer nice taste. (Posted on 19/10/2017)

  • Pretty decent

    Review by Matt

    It is a decent enough Pale but certainly nothing to write home about (Posted on 15/08/2017)

  • One of my favs

    Review by Demetria

    Hazy orange body with citrusy hop npse and taste, Bitter (Posted on 15/06/2017)

  • Nice Pale Ale

    Review by lostboy

    A nice pale ale this, not overly hoppy, with a bit of fruitiness to it. Very drinkable. (Posted on 09/12/2016)


    Review by anton

    Lovely Floral flavours. A must have drink (Posted on 02/12/2016)

  • Standard

    Review by Geofff

    Ticketybrew do some interesting stuff ... this is more pedestrian but not to be knocked a solid beer nonetheless with something of a punch (Posted on 20/10/2016)

  • Enjoyable

    Review by Mags

    Good flavour if your a fan of pale ales. Nice hint of hops. A good refreshing ale for a hot evening. (Posted on 17/09/2016)

  • Odd after taste.

    Review by alanbullafc

    Not for me, this had a plasticy after taste ( if there is such a word). (Posted on 07/09/2016)

  • Its alright.

    Review by LoveBeers

    This is a fine beer. Quite subtle flavours and a pleasing drink. Refreshing, nice brew for a sunny day. (Posted on 29/07/2016)

  • Nice beer

    Review by Chris H

    Not my favorite Ticketybrew, but a nice beer. Delicate flavours & well balanced. Glad I tried it, but I don't think I'll get another. (Posted on 24/05/2016)

  • Better pales on the market

    Review by Soupy

    Nice colour and head on this beer, but I found it a bit plain tasting. Worth a try though. (Posted on 15/05/2016)

  • Just the ticket...

    Review by Llamaman

    A nice hoppy pale ale, in the floral style. Not quite as in-your-face as some of style, but still with plenty of character, this balances very nicely and you could happily drink several in a session. (Posted on 31/01/2016)

  • Depends on what you fancy

    Review by yupcont

    If you like fruity hoppy beers this is great, if not, it\'s not. (Posted on 16/12/2015)

  • On the hoppy side

    Review by palerich

    I found this one to be a bit overly hoppy, though it was the first beer of the day and perhaps I wasn\'t in the mood for so much floral flavour. I\'d give it a second chance! (Posted on 12/10/2015)

  • Must have had a bad bottle

    Review by Trevwoody

    Did not like this one at all, glad I only bought 1 bottle. The initial taste was not enjoyable and did not improve.. Although it looks like many folks have enjoyed this one, it is not for me. (Posted on 17/03/2015)

  • Oh yes...

    Review by Ady Gray

    Spot on. This works. It works well. It is a delicious pale ale, very drinkable but with enough of a hop hit to let you know about it. Definitely worthy of being classed a "Customer Favourite" (Posted on 01/03/2015)

  • Excellent

    Review by Meana

    Enough hoppiness so that you can actually taste the hops: not something that always happens with English Ales. I really enjoyed this and wouldn't hesitate to buy or drink it again. (Posted on 20/02/2015)

  • Good price, nice taste, jobs a good 'un!

    Review by Dave

    I enjoyed this ale, despite not having heard of it before. Great for pale ale fans or anyone who wants to try something other than the big names. This was a customer favourite, and I can see why! (Posted on 25/01/2015)

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