Ticketybrew Pale Ale

Ticketybrew Pale Ale

Style Pale Ale
Country British Beers
ABV 5.5%
Serving Temp 6-8 °C
Bottle Size 330ml
Not professing or really trying to be a hop bomb, this is a simple and wonderful example of a pale ale. West coast American hops play a delicate balancing act with floral aromas and a bitter sweet finish.
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Product Reviews
  1. Nice Pale Ale
    Review by lostboy

    A nice pale ale this, not overly hoppy, with a bit of fruitiness to it. Very drinkable. (Posted on 09/12/2016)

    Review by anton

    Lovely Floral flavours. A must have drink (Posted on 02/12/2016)

  3. Standard
    Review by Geofff

    Ticketybrew do some interesting stuff ... this is more pedestrian but not to be knocked a solid beer nonetheless with something of a punch (Posted on 20/10/2016)

  4. Enjoyable
    Review by Mags

    Good flavour if your a fan of pale ales. Nice hint of hops. A good refreshing ale for a hot evening. (Posted on 17/09/2016)

  5. Odd after taste.
    Review by alanbullafc

    Not for me, this had a plasticy after taste ( if there is such a word). (Posted on 07/09/2016)

  6. Its alright.
    Review by LoveBeers

    This is a fine beer. Quite subtle flavours and a pleasing drink. Refreshing, nice brew for a sunny day. (Posted on 29/07/2016)

  7. Nice beer
    Review by Chris H

    Not my favorite Ticketybrew, but a nice beer. Delicate flavours & well balanced. Glad I tried it, but I don't think I'll get another. (Posted on 24/05/2016)

  8. Better pales on the market
    Review by Soupy

    Nice colour and head on this beer, but I found it a bit plain tasting. Worth a try though. (Posted on 15/05/2016)

  9. Just the ticket...
    Review by Llamaman

    A nice hoppy pale ale, in the floral style. Not quite as in-your-face as some of style, but still with plenty of character, this balances very nicely and you could happily drink several in a session. (Posted on 31/01/2016)

  10. Depends on what you fancy
    Review by yupcont

    If you like fruity hoppy beers this is great, if not, it\'s not. (Posted on 16/12/2015)

  11. On the hoppy side
    Review by palerich

    I found this one to be a bit overly hoppy, though it was the first beer of the day and perhaps I wasn\'t in the mood for so much floral flavour. I\'d give it a second chance! (Posted on 12/10/2015)

  12. Must have had a bad bottle
    Review by Trevwoody

    Did not like this one at all, glad I only bought 1 bottle. The initial taste was not enjoyable and did not improve.. Although it looks like many folks have enjoyed this one, it is not for me. (Posted on 17/03/2015)

  13. Oh yes...
    Review by Ady Gray

    Spot on. This works. It works well. It is a delicious pale ale, very drinkable but with enough of a hop hit to let you know about it. Definitely worthy of being classed a "Customer Favourite" (Posted on 01/03/2015)

  14. Excellent
    Review by Meana

    Enough hoppiness so that you can actually taste the hops: not something that always happens with English Ales. I really enjoyed this and wouldn't hesitate to buy or drink it again. (Posted on 20/02/2015)

  15. Good price, nice taste, jobs a good 'un!
    Review by Dave

    I enjoyed this ale, despite not having heard of it before. Great for pale ale fans or anyone who wants to try something other than the big names. This was a customer favourite, and I can see why! (Posted on 25/01/2015)

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