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The Last Straw is a very easy-to-use bottling system that is quick to set up, easy-to-clean and comfortable to use. With the press of a button the Last Straw purges your bottle with CO2, then by pushing the tip of the straw to the bottom of your bottle it is filled with carbonated beer from your keg. It has never been easier to bottle perfectly carbonated and sediment-free homebrew. Each bottle just takes 15 seconds to fill and you can move straight onto the next one.

Kit Includes:

• The Last Straw Bottle Filler
• Tubing & fittings

NOTE: You'll need a regulator with two CO2 outlets to use The Last Straw such as the CO2PO double-body regulator. Alternatively you can use a wye splitter, a 2-way CO2 manifold or any other double-body CO2 regulator.

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If you've moved on to kegging your beer but sometimes need a few bottles to share with friends or for a competition, The Last Straw Bottle Filler is just what you need.



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