Star San No-rinse Sanitizer 8oz (227ml)

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Stop looking, there’s nothing else that’ll do the job. Star San is the best, most highly regarded sanitiser available. Effective and simple to use, this sanitiser is made of food-grade phosphoric acid that is safe for people and the environment. No odor and no colour means it won’t taint your precious brew and it doesn’t require rinsing. It truly is just spray and forget. It may foam a bit, but that’s good. It means it’ll get into all the nooks and crannies and you don’t need to worry about it. It is safe to use on all types of surfaces but, as it is an acid, don’t let it sit too long on things like plastics, soft metals or rubber (wear gloves if you don’t want to replace that wedding band!) Follow the proper dilution of 30ml to 18.9L (5 US gallons) of water and you’ll be ready to go!

This bottle is 227ml.

Other sizes available:

Star San No-rinse Sanitizer 16 oz (473ml)

Star San No-rinse Sanitizer 32 oz (909ml)

The only way to truly know your equipment is completely clean: Star San. This acid-based, no rinse sanitiser is the most effective, quickest and highly rated on the market.


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