Small Batch Homebrew Starter Kit with New England IPA Recipe Kit

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Northern Brewer's small-batch starter kits are the perfect entry into the world of homebrewing, allowing you to make 1 US gallon (3.8 litres) of fantastic beer on your stove top. This New England IPA recipe is a whirlwind of tropical pineapple and dank, piney peach - a tribute to one of today's most sought-after beers. When the kit is done and your beer is bottled you can buy another small-batch recipe kit and use your equipment again and again.

Kit includes:

● 1 US Gallon (3.8L) fermentation jug with cap and airlock
● Off the Topper 1 US Gallon (3.8L) recipe kit
● Mini siphon and tubing
● Bottle filler
● 8 oz (237ml) easy clean cleanser
● Bottle capper and pry-off caps

You supply:

● A 7.6 litre (2 US gallon) kettle - see here
● Around twelve 330ml beer bottles with crown caps

Alchemist's Heady Topper: the beer that some say was the first New England IPA, and which kicked off the haze craze currently sweeping the craft beer world. Unfortunately for us, it's elusive at best in its home state of Vermont, and nigh-on impossible to get your hands on in the UK.

What else is there to do then, than brew your own?


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