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Accept All Cookies is Siren Craft Brew and Slim Picken’s send up of the recent GDPR hoo-hah that affected everybody to differing degrees this year. It’s an imperial chocolate stout with strong cookie over and undertones and, if all cookies were this good, we certainly would be accepting them without pause or question! It pours an inky black and the aroma is boozy with roasted malts and cookie dough coming on strong. The mouthfeel is marvellous, thick and syrupy, just as you’d hope and, to taste, there’s cookies yet again, some lactose sweetness, molasses and more lightly bitter roastiness to round it off. It’s ultimately a sweet, with the bitterness there for balance and, what you get is a confection of dark and sweet delicousness. This beer uses cookies to collect information about you, in a good way!

Brewery Info

Siren Craft Brew don’t do boring. Even among the core range, usually reserved for the more ‘commercial’ beers, includes a 6% breakfast stout, a red IPA and Calypso, a Berliner-style sour beer. (What a wonderful beery world we live in). But this is a brewery that doesn’t know how to stop – there’s a huge range of seasonal, experimental and collaborative beers, the best of which we’re lucky enough to stock.

Yet, underpinning the whole operation is the ethos that beer should be exciting and enjoyed in the same way as fine wines, yet balanced and drinkable. It has been a remarkable journey since founder Darron Anley started the brewery in 2012, and we can’t wait to see where it will go next.


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