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Siren Pompelmocello

Siren Pompelmocello

Style Fruit Beers
Country British Beers
ABV 6%
Serving Temp 7 to 10°C
Bottle Size 330ml
Wow! What a citrus party! Intended to be an IPA, we think the Siren Pompelmocello is closer to a tart fruit beer. No matter the description, a number of us at Beer Hawk have declared this our favourite beer of the year (so far.) The Pompelmocello was made with grapefruit juice, grapefruit zest and lactose. Unsurprisingly big grapefruit and juicy citrus notes are at the forefront. The grapefruit is nicely complemented by a limoncello-like sweetness and sour tartness but not a whole lot of bitterness (hence why we're loathe to call it an IPA.) Effervescent, refreshing and semi-sweet--we love this beer!

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Product Reviews

  • Mmmmm....style is?

    Review by martin

    Classes itself as an IPA? more of a sour/fruit beer! needs re-marketing? (Posted on 20/11/2017)

  • Refreshing change

    Review by Mr T

    Slightly hazy amber beer with a cream head. Grapefruit aroma. Grapefruit and light lactose flavor. Medium bodied. Good bitterness. Grapefruit and light lactose lingers. (Posted on 09/08/2017)

  • Grapefruit-y!

    Review by Beer Baron

    Nice grapefruit tang to this beer from Siren Craft. Not too bitter, or hoppy, the flavour is managed well to work with the infusion of grapefruit peel. (Posted on 23/07/2017)

  • Sour!

    Review by Philip

    Quite tart with a creamy finish (Posted on 20/07/2017)

  • Different!

    Review by Toad

    Pours clear golden with a small, staying creamy white head. Aroma has fresh red grapefruit, apricot, crisp malts, lemon zest. Medium carbonation, fine dry and slightly light mouthfeel. Flavour has mild malts, melon, grapefruit, solid bitterness. Fine fruit ipa. (Posted on 19/07/2017)

  • Tart & Fruity

    Review by Rich

    More of a grapefruit sour - it's a very tart beer, and sour isn't my favourite style but I'd get this again.

    Lingers nicely. (Posted on 19/07/2017)

  • Beer of the year?

    Review by Luke

    For me this is ones of the nicest beers I've had this year nice tartness almost a sour one heck of a citrus drink (Posted on 27/06/2017)

  • Great

    Review by Trott

    Thin white head, a little lacing. Hazy golden amber body. Sweet citrus nose, orange. Flavour is grapefruit, lime, lemon sherbet. Lasting tart finish. Loads of fruit. Light carbonation, good mouthfeel, slight stickiness. Really good. (Posted on 23/06/2017)

  • Tart IPA

    Review by Beeeeeer

    Thin white head, a little lacing. Hazy golden amber body. Sweet citrus nose, orange. Flavour is grapefruit, lime, lemon sherbet. Lasting tart finish. Loads of fruit. Light carbonation, good mouthfeel, slight stickiness. Really good. (Posted on 11/06/2017)

  • Brilliant

    Review by MARTYN

    Cloudy golden yellow with small foamy off-white head, acidic aroma, low carbonation, tart grapefruit taste with medium bitterness, smooth body, long tart citrusy finish. Very well balanced tartness vs bitterness.
    (Posted on 19/05/2017)

  • Tasty but sharp

    Review by Tasty but sharp

    I wasn't that keen initially, this packs a serious citrus punch from the Grapefruit in it. It's got a sharp, serious kick and leaves your nose tingling. My girlfirend says it's one of the tastier IPA's, not my personal preference but if you're after a serious IPA, this may be for you. (Posted on 26/04/2017)

  • Love this

    Review by Beebo

    Aroma is grapefruit/lemon and big sourness. The flavor is grapefruit, lemon, fruit, malts and a mix of big sour/tart and slight earthiness in the finish. (Posted on 18/04/2017)

  • Love this beers

    Review by ScubaBeanz

    The best Grapefruit beer I have had. Bit of sour, great taste. Highly recommended. (Posted on 06/04/2017)

  • Siren pompelmocello

    Review by Garygph

    Full of summer this IPA its zesty, tart, sour pleasant to drink in the warm spring sunshine. (Posted on 06/04/2017)

  • Maximum sour without gueuze

    Review by energizedwork

    Great sour beer without drying out your mouth with sour. (Posted on 01/04/2017)

  • Tart

    Review by Daniel

    Currently enjoying many a grapefruit infused beer and this one is an absolute favourite. So tart and refreshing with a sour after taste. (Posted on 26/03/2017)

  • Such a great beer!

    Review by UK Beer Network

    Definitely a sour beer this - smacks of pink grapefruit, raw tartness and lingering IPA makes this a favourite summer sipper. (Posted on 16/03/2017)

  • Different!

    Review by Snozz

    Amber/gold pour with a wispy white head. Tangerine, grapefruit, lemon and bitter herb aroma. Lots of tart/sour fruit flavours, grapefruit dominates. Tangy, bitter citrus linger. Tasty stuff. (Posted on 10/03/2017)

  • Great Summer Sour

    Review by Pip

    One for the sour fans to be sure! I think this is an amazing beer though not as bitter as some sours. Not one if you are looking for a standard IPA but an absolute must for a real fan of the sour flavours. (Posted on 03/03/2017)

  • Sour sour sour

    Review by Brew Den

    Not for me. I feel a little harsh giving it 1 Star as I guess I knew what I was getting. That said I still wasn't prepared for the taste. It's like sucking on a lemon and having a grapefruit shot afterwords. Very tart, very sour; not for me. (Posted on 22/02/2017)

  • Zingy

    Review by Bruce

    I would say this tastes like a sour more than a IPA, upfront it is tart with big grapefruit aroma and flavour. It's has kiwi sourness as well. The finish however balances out with a nice sweet orange finish. (Posted on 15/02/2017)

  • Present

    Review by Nilly

    Bought this for my husband and he liked it alot. I bought him an assorted lot, while he said this was good - it wasn't one of the best ones! (Posted on 09/02/2017)

  • Not for me

    Review by dawslevel7

    I'll be honest, this wasn't for me, very tart and fruity with a sour taste. If that's your thing you'll probably enjoy it. One for a summer's day sitting in the garden I think. (Posted on 25/01/2017)

  • Fruity...

    Review by MH

    Hazy yellow with a white head. Aroma of big citrus, grapefruit, lemon, and a light yeasty funk. Flavour is above light sweet and moderate bitter with a nice sourness. Light medium bodied, dry and soft carbonation. (Posted on 21/01/2017)

  • Very nice

    Review by Andyp

    Definitely plan to buy thi's again (Posted on 03/01/2017)

  • Well Balanced

    Review by Ben

    Very well put together overall. It's sweet, tart and slightly bitter at the same time, without being chaotic.
    (Posted on 16/12/2016)

  • Sour lemonade

    Review by Ray

    Pours a hazy yellow with a thin white head. Starts sour taste (very grapefruit heavy as expected), yet sweet and juicy as it goes on. Reminds me heavily of a classic lemonade or lemon boiled sweet. Very tasty. (Posted on 07/12/2016)

  • Not an IPA, but a stellar brew

    Review by Geofff

    Great balance between sourness, hops, bitterness, sweetness ... Siren nail it once again, must try for those who like a subtle sour edge (Posted on 20/10/2016)

  • Like sucking on a grapefruit

    Review by Good Head

    It's a very cloudy golden yellow almost like a cider in appearance with a fast diminishing head. Tastes very very very tart and the grapefruit dominates. It takes a bit of getting used to and I found the flavour improving as I drank it. (Posted on 14/09/2016)

  • Sour tart zingy juicy taste

    Review by Nickyr

    Tart and sour with a zingy grapefruit taste very nice (Posted on 04/08/2016)

  • Worth a try! Super summer-y!

    Review by C.Long

    This is an interesting beer indeed! It's like summer in a bottle and makes for very easy drinking. However, despite being a grapefruit lover myself, I think the guys at Siren have overdone it just a touch with the sourness. You get some of the hops as an aftertaste but I think that you could give this to a nom-beer drinker and they wouldn't know that it was beer. Worth a try though. (Posted on 29/07/2016)

  • A bit odd

    Review by Llamaman

    Forget the IPA description. The hops in this are lost in a sea of fruity, pithy grapefruit. Not that that is a bad thing. It's very fruity, quite sour and remarkably drinkable. However, the grapefruit is so overpowering, the malt and hops are somewhat lost - it's beer, but not as you know it. (Posted on 28/07/2016)

  • Ghastly

    Review by alanbullafc

    After reading the blurb on Beerhawk, I was really looking forward to trying this out. Unfortunately, I hated it. Reminded me a lot of Andrews Liver Salts, and the grapefruit taste overpowered all other tastes, and reminded me of a fizzy child's sweet. (Posted on 27/07/2016)

  • Very Interesting

    Review by Johnny

    Bottle. Pours cloudy yellow. Aroma of citrus, gherkin, vinegar and yoghurt. Sweet & sour taste with some mild pithy grapefruit bitterness. Nice and juicy with strong grapefruit flavour. Really enjoyed this, good summer drink. (Posted on 25/07/2016)

  • Super juicy!

    Review by ghbradshaw

    Wow, I loved this beer. It's described as a sour IPA, but I found it more juicy, with more sweetness than bitterness. A very different beer to Elvis Juice, and hard to pick a favourite, but this is one I'd love to go back to! (Posted on 15/07/2016)

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