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Siren Broken Dream

Siren Broken Dream

Siren are a relatively new brewery that has enjoyed a rocket-like launch and really established themselves as a corner of Britain's craft beer scene in a short space of time. Established in 2010, they've won awards as England's Best New Brewery and were runners up for the World's Best New Brewery title in 2014. Bold and compelling with a quirkiness that runs through every element of their creation. The bottles look great and the beers tastes sublime. Simply craft beer without the ego at it's best
Style Stout
Country British Beers
ABV 6.5%
Serving Temp 12-14 °C
Bottle Size 330ml
Notes of coffee, roasted malts and milk chocolate meet a subtle smokiness in this smooth breakfast stout from Siren Craft in Berkshire. Thick and velvety, Broken Dream has a caramel sweetness which is nicely balanced by a robust bitterness and dry finish.
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Product Reviews

  • Nothing special

    Review by Nicolas

    After trying one of the best stouts in my try to Argentina, I decided to sear for something similar here. This Stout has a metallic taste, this is why i rate it only 3* (Posted on 09/01/2018)

  • A real dream

    Review by Jack

    One of my favourite breweries and this is a great stout! well balanced with layers of cocoa, coffee and caramel. This is a great base for all their barrel aged concoctions that are even better! (Posted on 06/01/2018)

  • Superb

    Review by Elmar

    Always enjoy this, perfect partner for chocolate cake or chocolate mousse/ganache. Strong, dark and mysterious smokey roasted flavours, with a hint of brown sugar/molasses to round off bitter, chocolately notes. A satisfyingly complex beer that reveals new flavours as it warms up, and every time you drink it! (Posted on 03/01/2018)

  • Broken dream

    Review by Edward

    Another fine brew from siren (Posted on 27/12/2017)

  • Smoky

    Review by RichMahogany

    A smoky stout which was very nice (Posted on 22/12/2017)

  • very flavoursome stout

    Review by Christopher

    Not usually a massive stout fan, but this has a very unique, strong flavour. Definitely worth a try (Posted on 11/12/2017)

  • One of the best

    Review by enrvuk

    I love this beer. A really deliciously rounded and deep beer. Has all the best elements of this style of beer. A nice sweetness, gives way to a nice light bitter finish. (Posted on 20/11/2017)

  • Mmmmmmm

    Review by Mr T

    Good dark colour with decent lacing. Sweetish stout with chocolate and coffee notes, but nothing too bitter. Quite a thick body and very easy drinking (Posted on 14/08/2017)

  • 4.5 - a rather lovely thing

    Review by TonyL

    Much preferred to the Donker I had drunk the same evening. Earthy and moorish. (Posted on 06/08/2017)

  • Enjoyed this...

    Review by Toad

    Smooth, pleasant, not very heavy, but solid for 6.5%. Decent amount of roasted malts and coffee. (Posted on 27/07/2017)

  • Good breakfast stout

    Review by Jo

    Dark brown colour, smoky, chocolate, malty, coffee and dried fruit aroma, medium to thick creamy, velvety mouthfeel, chocolate, malty, vanilla, nutty (hazelnut/nutella?) and berry flavour, nutty, slightly bitter aftertaste. (Posted on 25/07/2017)

  • Delicious

    Review by Tasty dream

    Very enjoyable stout =] beautiful will definitely buy again (Posted on 16/07/2017)

  • Really good....

    Review by Trott

    Pours black with soft thin tan head. Aromas are plentiful with cocoa, chocolate praline, soft roast malt, very light citrus freshness and dry grain. Tastes like a smooth but roasty mocha. Very chocolatey. A fantastic soft creamy full body with a gentle but dry sparkle. This is an absolutely top drawer sweet stout. Like a mocha praline chocolate with a smooth roasty bitter finish. I love it. (Posted on 29/06/2017)

  • Is it breakfast time yet?

    Review by Marit

    Cracking breakfast stout. Rich coffee aroma backed up with dark chocolate and subtle roast malts. Tangy, fruity and very chocolatey in taste. Superb soft creamy full body. Had me wanting more. Excellent beer – a must try. (Posted on 28/06/2017)

  • Tasty

    Review by Beeeeeer

    Bottle poured a clear dark reddish brown with a lasting brown head. Aromas of roasted malt, coffee, cocoa and light earthiness. Palate was medium bodied and smooth. Flavors of coffee, roasted malt and cocoa with a smooth lingering mocha finish.
    (Posted on 14/06/2017)

  • Breakfest stout, anytime stout.............

    Review by Simon

    I put in a large mixed order for me and friends for the Ryder cup weekend and this was one of the beers I chose. I loved the rich quality of this beer, chocolatey, malty with a coffee edge and oh so smooth and velvety. Really very, very, very good. I love Siren craft beers they are so innovative and interesting. (Posted on 31/05/2017)

  • Really good

    Review by MARTYN

    Black with almost white head. Aroma is roasted and coffee. Taste is also roasted and coffee, but with lactose and chocolate as well. Very nice aftertaste. (Posted on 24/05/2017)

  • Great beer....

    Review by Beebo

    Black colour with white foam. Aroma and taste of coffee and chocolate but very fresh! (Posted on 20/04/2017)

  • Broken dream breakfast stout

    Review by Garygph

    Loved this breakfast stout full of Chocolate and coffee (Posted on 18/04/2017)

  • What a wonderful beer

    Review by Drinking Enthusiast

    Truly wonderfully drinkable, fantastic flavours of coffee and chocolate, smooth with a good mouth feel, highly recommended (Posted on 01/04/2017)

  • Roasty...

    Review by Snozz

    Pours close to black, tan head. Fresh coffee, milk chocolate, roasted malts. Medium sweet, medium bitter. (Posted on 11/03/2017)

  • Great Beer

    Review by Pip

    As with all Siren beers this one hits the spot! If you are a stout fan this one is an absolute must! (Posted on 03/03/2017)

  • Breakfast stout

    Review by MH

    It pours black with a creamy beige head. The aroma is creamy lacto like chocolate and roasted malts. Light coffee. Roasted flavor with some hoppy and chocolate notes. Coffee notes in the finish. (Posted on 24/01/2017)

  • good mix

    Review by christof

    A popular choice with my guests over Christmas, dark and hearty stout, get the coffee and chocolate, and well priced. Will buy again before my last bottle goes (Posted on 04/01/2017)

  • Moorish

    Review by MAC

    Poor's black, coffee aroma, sweet milk stout.
    lovely brew at a good price (Posted on 20/12/2016)

  • Get Swept Away...with a Broken Dream

    Review by BeerSnob76

    I've finally tried this beer and wish I hadn't waited to long. Siren, for me are disappointing in my favourite category of IPA and Pale Ale, but they certainly know how to make a dark beer.

    I had Caribbean Chocolate (not the BA version) and Blacklight Banana over the past couple of month, are both awesome so I finally took the step to try this.

    A great stout with lashings of smooth coffee and chocolate at a great strength for a mid morning "pick-me-up" (unlike for two mentioned above, ha-ha).

    I will buy again and I recommend it to you. (Posted on 13/12/2016)

  • Milky

    Review by Good head

    Black in colour with a small foamy head. Milky and smooth with a very subtle flavour. (Posted on 27/11/2016)

  • Lacking longevity

    Review by dmukgr

    The initial taste is great, but it's gone in a flash with no lingering interest on the palette.
    (Posted on 25/11/2016)

  • Multi-flavoured stout

    Review by RLinskey

    A really interesting stout - nice mix of coffee, chocolate, smoke flavours in a really nice smooth body. Not too heavy either so could have a few. (Posted on 11/11/2016)

  • Could be better

    Review by Ben

    Not the best of Siren's range. This comes over as a little underwhelming. (Posted on 29/07/2016)

  • Delicious

    Review by Harry

    Delicious, decadent and good value. Recommend to stout fans. (Posted on 22/06/2016)

  • Sausage, bacon and a stout please

    Review by Wibble

    Very smooth but also full of flavour. Chocolate, coffee, caramel. Yum. (Posted on 03/06/2016)

  • Fantastic!!

    Review by Ol' Smokey

    Probably the best stout i have ever had in all my years; let a friend try one and immediately ordered some more as he agreed; try it you will not be disappointed!! (Posted on 18/05/2016)

  • Stoutlicious

    Review by Nick

    Very nice breakfast stout. Good balance of coffee and chocolatey tastes. Subtle smokiness after taste. (Posted on 09/04/2016)

  • Dreamy

    Review by Bruce

    Served at 10 degrees.

    Smell is roasted malt and fruit, leading into a espresso dark fruit and finishes nicely on a coffee note. There is some oat taste also but for my taste I prefer Left Hand and the lactose taste of Nitro (Posted on 30/03/2016)

  • The dream may be broken, but the beer is not.

    Review by Llamaman

    Ordered a bottle of this forgetting I'd already tried it back in November. D'oh! Oh well, the real test of quality is does it taste as good 2nd time round when the novelty is gone?
    Happy to report it's as good as ever. A slight sweetness from the lactose, balanced out by slightly bitter coffee. Oats deliver a rich, unctuous mouthfeel.
    And it's 'only' 6.5%, so you can have another one! (Posted on 06/02/2016)

  • Cracking Breakfast Stout

    Review by Danny

    Lovely balance of sweet coffee and smooth oatmeal stout, very moreish. (Posted on 31/01/2016)

  • WOW. Just....WOW

    Review by Nate

    Malty, choco, biscuit, caramel, coffee. This one is bursting with flavours, all perfectly balanced with one another to make an incredible stout perfect for any time. YOU NEED TO TRY THIS ONE! (But don\'t buy too many or they may run out of stock for me!) (Posted on 04/01/2016)

  • Excellent

    Review by Tim

    Superb full-bodied breakfast stout with a hint of coffee and a smooth, creamy, caramel finish. Even my sister likes this one and she\'s a lager drinker.
    Tastes as good in a bottle as it does in a barrel and I can pay it no higher compliment than that. (Posted on 01/01/2016)

  • Heed the Siren's call...

    Review by Llamaman

    Siren come up trumps again.

    A beautiful stout - creamy mouthfeel, rich smooth malt, a hint of smoke.
    It achieves all this without being overly heavy or cloying and at a reasonable ABV. (Posted on 19/11/2015)

  • enjoyable stout

    Review by irv

    great stout (Posted on 08/11/2015)

  • Yes, yes and double YES!

    Review by Elliott.jh

    This is one hell of a breakfast stout, full coffee/choc velvet notes making this a rich and smooth beverage. i really couldn't pick fault with it... (Posted on 10/08/2015)

  • Good stuff

    Review by RachB

    I'm slowly getting into the darker beers. This one helps tremendously as it is a great brew. It drinks easily, smooth with a chocolate/coffee taste (Posted on 21/07/2015)

  • Great evening beer

    Review by Lush

    Lovely smooth malty taste.
    A truly splendid porter, a market leader in the UK. (Posted on 06/05/2015)

  • must have!!

    Review by Timmark

    Amazing!! Full of deep caramel flavours, amazing richness and chocolate. I must have for the next order. (Posted on 07/03/2015)

  • If I could, I'd give it 6 stars ...

    Review by interzen

    Oh, now this is dark ... very dark indeed.

    Pop the cap off this and you're assaulted by dark roasted malts, dark chocolate and roasted coffee and it gets even better once you've got it into the glass.

    This is an unbelievably smooth stout, not too heavy on the alcohol but the flavours will knock your socks off. Given the tendency for some stouts to be excessively heavy, this one hits the bullseye and the transation from chocolate flavours up front, through coffee to a long, dry finish is absolutely mind blowing.

    Siren have a fairly stellar reputation and on the strength of this it's not hard to see why - I can see more of their brews in my future. Absolutely top notch. (Posted on 21/02/2015)

  • Dream on

    Review by Jack Swans

    High class stout style from Siren. Very smooth mouthful, luscious flavours. Stout of my dreams! (Posted on 03/02/2015)

  • Uber-stout

    Review by Stuart Oxlade

    Siren Craft have another winner on their hands here. Gorgeous stout. Strongly recommended. (Posted on 11/12/2014)

  • Siren: British Masters

    Review by Ay Pee Horne

    WOW! What a fabulous beer. Chocolate, light spice, cream, a touch of smoke, nicely blended alcohol, just perfect. Lovely, thick and cloying mouthfeel. Siren, you're just the best. (Posted on 25/11/2014)

  • Awesome

    Review by Jules

    When I first tried this beer it was the mystery beer in my local pub, I loved it! The keg finished and the beer was revealed. I was delighted when my wife brought me some from beerhawk as a surprise present. (Posted on 22/09/2014)

  • New favourite brewery

    Review by KB

    I don't think I've had a single non-droolworthy beer from Siren. Ultra-recommended. (Posted on 10/09/2014)

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