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Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada are fairly old by US craft brewery standards. Located in the Sierra Nevada mountains, they brew wild, hoppy expansive brews to an exceptionally high standard. Most people will have tried the Pale Ale, but the range goes much, much deeper than that and is well worth exploring. They also have an astonishing commitment to community and their environment - they claim the largest private solar panel farms and fuel over half their power needs from from the sun
Style Pale Ale
Country American Beers
ABV 5.60%
Serving Temp 10 to 13°C
Bottle Size 355ml

The Sierra Nevada Pale ale is a classic and one that could be considered the benchmark of the American pale ale style. Hailing from another one of California’s great breweries, this beer has been a beer-drinkers favourite for decades.

A great blend of American hops gives the Sierra Nevada pale ale its iconic pine and grapefruit notes whilst sweet, grainy malts complement them nicely. A firm--but not bold--bitterness gives a fantastic lingering balance. If you don’t at least try this one once, you can’t call yourself a beer-lover. We don’t make the rules.

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Product Reviews

  • Classic apa

    Review by David

    The classic apa. Lovely hop nose and flavour over a caramel malt backbone. Can’t go wrong (Posted on 08/12/2017)

  • Good and widely-available

    Review by Rory32

    One of the best widely-available mass produced pale ales, though doesn't pack as much of a punch as many other APAs (Posted on 21/11/2017)

  • Classic

    Review by Dudes Brews

    Its the original and still the benchmark for US Pale Ales, yes its fairly simple, a fairly straightforward malt bill and dominated by cascade hops, but its a lovely drinkable beer with the classic citrus and grapefruit notes you want in an APA (Posted on 16/11/2017)

  • The steady safe option

    Review by PIMPYC

    This is a pleasant and easy to drink pale ale , does not pack the kick of some other brands but is a good beer and easy to drink (Posted on 25/07/2017)

  • my go Pale Ale

    Review by Betz

    This is undoubtedly one of the best pale ales, if you like this I recommend Sierra Nevadas Hop Hunter! (Posted on 05/07/2017)

  • Fresh and fruity

    Review by Ali

    This was my introduction to american pale ales a good few years ago and never disappoints. (Posted on 17/06/2017)

  • One of my go to beers

    Review by Jonathan

    Refreshing, hoppy and very good on a warm day. (Posted on 30/05/2017)

  • Probably one of my all time faves

    Review by Matt

    this is, without doubt, one of my all time favourite pale ales. Really fruity and zingy, and so refreshing. Massive burst of hops. (Posted on 12/05/2017)

  • Refreshing

    Review by G

    Sooo fruity and so refreshing on a hot day! Absolutely delicious and very easy to drink. (Posted on 12/05/2017)

  • A nice beer that might be better fresher

    Review by Andrew

    As I'm often finding the US beers from BH aren't quite as good as they can be - that's not to say they're not enjoyable but that if they could get them sooner I think they'd probably sell a lot more.

    Regardless... The beer is a classic, tasty, hoppy and if a little fresher has a decent amount of fruit. It's truly in the US-style and if that's your thing then you should definitely this a go. (Posted on 23/04/2017)

  • Still the best

    Review by Brew Den

    Still the best American Pale Ale for me. Strong enough, not too bitter, big aromas, a must for any beer fan. (Posted on 03/04/2017)

  • Classic beer

    Review by Dead Derek

    A classic, and one to return to time and time again. Just a superb refreshing beer. Other beers may have more hops, but this has the consistency and the quality. Was it better in a van than a bottle? Hard to say. Guess that just comes
    Down to (Posted on 26/03/2017)

  • Nice

    Review by Hugo

    Nice, easy-going classic US ale, an everyday beer that's not too complex, but hits the right quality level. Perfect for when you don't want to consider over a beer too much, but still want to drink quality. (Posted on 03/03/2017)

  • The one that started it all...

    Review by Top class

    There's not a lot more that can be said about the Chico, California brew that led the way with tasty, hoppy beer to be served cold. Draught and can are quite different but it's plain they are the same brew. Good, reliable solid performer. Your fridge isn't on message without a few of these.... (Posted on 23/02/2017)

  • Lovely Beer

    Review by FR

    Light and hoppy and a really nice flavour. Definitely recommend, a great beer (Posted on 13/02/2017)

  • A perfect summer beer...

    Review by Paul

    ...even thought I first tried it in the depths of winter! Nice and hoppy and really light and easy to drink. (Posted on 13/01/2017)

  • Solid performer

    Review by The go to beer

    I always have this on site and it never lets me down. Smooth, hoppy and tasty. It is the perfect start to the evening served in a cold glass. Great. (Posted on 06/12/2016)

  • The original and one of the best

    Review by Lakepipe

    This is just one the milestones in brewing. A marvellous, clean and tasty brew. Visited the brewery in Chico in 2014 and this beer is made with love and care. Canned is different than pump with draft being that bit smoother but it, along with its bigger brother Torpedo [treat with care!], these are reliable, solid beers. Thank you! (Posted on 04/08/2016)

  • Far too hoppy

    Review by ChrisBaker108

    I find this beer far too hoppy, clearly not a common opinion, but I didn't enjoy it at all. (Posted on 29/07/2016)

  • Lovely.

    Review by Sam

    Very sweet, not too hoppy with just the right amount of refreshing citrus zest and fruit with a solid malt backbone and even some yeast flavour. Really nice stuff. (Posted on 03/07/2016)

  • Good BBQ Pale Ale

    Review by Chris F

    Good standard Pale Ale, can drink many but doesnt quite meet Dale's Pale Ale for me! (Posted on 18/06/2016)

  • One of the Best

    Review by KRJJ

    Super citrusy and refreshing. A benchmark for other brewers to aspire to. (Posted on 25/05/2016)

  • Iconic

    Review by Llamaman

    One of the classic beers from the nascent 'craft' scene.
    Not as hoppy or as strong as many of those that followed - making it very approachable and drinkable. Perhaps not quite a 'session' beer in ABV, but in style you could happily drink a few. (Posted on 10/04/2016)

  • Enjoyable

    Review by Blind_Drunk

    Nice enjoyable light beer, simple as that (Posted on 03/04/2016)

  • Easy supping

    Review by Andywilks

    Clean easy drinking pale ale without the strong grapefruity citrus finish good pale ale to introduce to newbies (Posted on 08/03/2016)

  • One of my favourite pale ales

    Review by Annie

    I'm not usually a huge fan of pale ales but this is excellent. Not too hoppy, refreshing and nicely carbonated. I like it icy cold. (Posted on 13/08/2015)

  • Lovely

    Review by mikejohnston01

    Have noticed this one getting good reviews,so I decided that I'd better try it..so I did!. I was not disappointed, this would be a brilliant BBQ beer (Posted on 28/07/2015)

  • drinkable

    Review by dodge

    This is one that you can probably manage more of than many such beers as it slips down exceedingly easy and is not too strong.
    Ideal for long lazy evenings or summer afternoons of food beer (Posted on 11/07/2015)

  • Always a winner

    Review by PaleRich

    Every time I order from BeerHawk I have to sneak at least a couple of these into the shopping cart. Refreshing and tasty without being too hoppy, Sierra Nevada is always a good way to start an evening of beer drinking. (Posted on 09/06/2015)

  • Not as good as anchor steam

    Review by EJ

    really nice tasting fresh beer, however my preference is anchor steam when looking for a west coast beer (Posted on 07/06/2015)

  • a tasty starter

    Review by Berer drinker

    a nice beer to start the evening with.
    (Posted on 11/05/2015)

  • Top notch

    Review by AdyG

    This beer is so good that I persuaded my local bar to stock it. 'Nuff said... (Posted on 12/01/2015)

  • Sweet NECTAR!

    Review by MegaHops

    I have been known to buy crates of this for parties and it goes down a treat. People are too keen to try the new and different but everyone is won over by this one! A fantastic beer! (Posted on 25/11/2014)

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