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Cooling your wort quickly means you can pitch your yeast and get your fermenter closed as quickly as possible, reducing the 'danger zone' where your brew is prone to infection by unwanted microbes. Rapid cooling also ensures a proper 'cold break' occurs, where additional proteins are thermally shocked into precipitating out your wort. Beer where a proper cold break has not taken place will likely suffer from chill haze and go stale faster.

The Shirron plate chiller can either be gravity fed from your brew kettle, or you can pump wort through it with a pump such as the Steelhead. You can pump straight from the kettle to the fermenter, and a full 5 US gallon/18.9 litre batch will be brought down to pitching temperature in under 10 minutes. It is made from 10 plates of 316 stainless steel that have been brazed together with pure copper in an oxygen-free furnace.

We recommend using the Therminator Backflush Assembly for ease of cleaning.

The Shirron chiller hooks up to your cold water tap and passes wort through 10 plates of stainless steel, cooling a 5 US gallon/19 litre brew in less than 10 minutes.


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