Originally brewed as a seasonal summer style for the field workers in French-speaking Belgium, the Saison is now a year-round favourite and, predictably, very refreshing. Extremely versatile, the Saison style welcomes all sorts of additions to the brew kettle: fruit, herbs, sour mashes, Lactobacillus. Often featuring a tart characteristic, the Saison is typically hoppier than most Belgian styles and is very carbonated, dry and thirst-quenching.

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A little worried that craft beer is pushing out traditional beer. I realise that more choice is good but I still prefer the local brewed ale such as Phipps or Whychwood.
Beerhawk needs to do more verity on the perfect draft. Beerhawk should also get more beers from South African craft brewery's.
Fast delivery, well packaged. Love all the beers I received! Thanks!