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Rogue Mocha Porter

Rogue Mocha Porter

Rogue are based on the West Coast of Oregon and are producing some mighty brews, with almost all of their beers scoring over 90 out of 100 on RateBeer – that’s up there with the best Belgian brewers!
Style Porter
Country American Beers
ABV 5.10%
Serving Temp 6-8 °C
Bottle Size 330ml
A filthy brown colour with a fantastic bittersweet malt and hop balance. Mocha Porter is made from Northwest Harrington and Klages, Beeston Chocolate, Black, Munich and Carastan malts and Perle and Centennial hops.

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Product Reviews

  • Mochalicious

    Review by Steve

    Almost as good as having a coffee (Posted on 22/11/2017)

  • Impressive

    Review by Bryn

    Lovely aftertastes of coffee and cocoa (Posted on 15/10/2017)

  • Really nice, but feels like something is missing

    Review by Hakan

    A really nice mocha porter from one of the best brewers. Just feels like it lacks that last bit of oomph needed for 5 stars! (Posted on 05/09/2017)

  • Delicious...

    Review by Ady

    A fantastic dark beer; rich and velvety. Great kick of alcohol. A rare treat... (Posted on 20/07/2017)

  • Not bad

    Review by Jo

    Black colour, chocolate, buttery, toffee and popcorn aroma, medium crisp mouthfeel, malty, coffee, vanilla and brown sugar flavour, slightly bitter, creamy aftertaste. (Posted on 19/07/2017)

  • Average

    Review by Average porter

    Just your typical porter, nothing special about this really... Still a nice drink though =] (Posted on 16/07/2017)

  • superb American-style porter

    Review by James

    I really enjoyed this beer - it's a rich, smooth and complex American-style porter. There's the typical roasty flavours of a porter with enough mocha flavour to give it an interesting dimension, but without overpowering it. (Posted on 06/06/2017)

  • Rogue mocha porter.

    Review by Garygph

    Well balanced but lacking in mocha. Far better flavoursome porters available. Not got the wow factor for me. (Posted on 05/04/2017)

  • Not for me

    Review by Ninja Terrier

    Sorry guys but this one did not do it for me. I found it lacking in all the areas that mark out a good porter. (Posted on 30/03/2017)

  • middle of the road

    Review by christof

    A decent porter with pleasing chocolate and coffee aromas, but not as prominent as I expected as flavours. Very smooth mind, just missing the mocha hit I was awaiting. (Posted on 05/01/2017)

  • I really like it

    Review by Ben

    Extremely complex and may be one of the most solid porters I've ever tried. Delicious coffee flavor mixed with unique bitterness makes this porter stand out. (Posted on 29/07/2016)

  • A Good Import

    Review by Dan

    I first tried this many years ago and managed to track it down at Beer Hawk.....although they now sell it in much smaller bottles I still love the smoothness of the porter (Posted on 02/06/2016)

  • A tad dissapointing

    Review by Blind_Drunk

    Though this porter is still a nice pleasant drink, for me it fails to deliver the mocha flavour. I struggled to taste the coffee and chocolate coming through and as such was a little disappointed (Posted on 19/01/2016)

  • Good

    Review by Laura

    Good but lacks a bit of robust flavour I prefer in porter (Posted on 05/01/2016)

  • A rude awakening

    Review by Llamaman

    I\'d tried this once before a few years ago and remembered it as being fairly good, so when I saw it on BH I ordered a bottle to try again.
    And here\'s the shock - this time I fund it a little disappointing. Has the superb quality of BH made me demanding of brilliance in every beer? Maybe so...

    It\'s a little thin (it\'s by no means a tar-like porter) with a pleasing (if not amazing) malty taste with hints of coffee. Chocolate is not a prominent flavour despite the name.
    It\'s a fairly quaffable porter that I\'d happily sink a few of (it\'s not so rich that one is enough) but I was hoping for big, bold flavours not a \'session\' ale. (Posted on 28/12/2015)

  • porter

    Review by petesy

    first time I have tried this very nice and easy drinking will buy again (Posted on 23/12/2015)

  • Coffee Drop

    Review by Ay Pee Horne

    A wonderfully malty, smooth, coffee porter. Nice tickle from the hops on the finish. Fantastic stuff. (Posted on 11/06/2015)

  • Not bad, needs more

    Review by Abdyman

    A pleasant porter which has the aromas of coffee and chocolate but unfortunately these don't come through as flavours which is disappointing when the beer is called a "mocha" porter.
    Also a slightly thin feel, I prefer my porters thick! (Posted on 05/05/2015)

  • Not mocha enough

    Review by Abdyman

    A pleasant porter but could do with a bit more coffee and chocolate flavours. (Posted on 01/05/2015)

  • Very nice

    Review by Abdyman

    A pleasant porter but could do with a bit more coffee and chocolate flavours. (Posted on 01/05/2015)

  • Disappointing

    Review by Ity

    As a fan of Rogue's other beers I was excited to try this. Unfortunately, a below average porter without a memorable mocha kick. (Posted on 11/04/2015)

  • Thick and dark beer

    Review by Len from Leyton

    A very dark thick choc/coffee beerin flavour. Also bitter.
    Am sipping this beer as I type and the after taste is a long lingerer. (Posted on 10/04/2015)

  • Intense taste and very dark

    Review by Markiemark

    One of the darker beers I have tasted. Very intense flavours and just a hint of bitterness. I'm not a massive porter fan but this one should satisfy in spades! (Posted on 04/04/2015)

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