Rogue Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout

Rogue Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout

Style Stout
Country American Beers
ABV 6.10%
Serving Temp 6-8 °C
Bottle Size 330ml
Pitch black in the glass, the aroma screams booze soaked prunes and malty goodness. There's a dry spiciness to taste though as the cocoa and chocolate flavours feed through to balance the initial sweetness with a heavy velvet mouthfeel make this a worthy winner as Best in Show at the World Beverage awards

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Product Reviews
  1. Lovely
    Review by Jo

    Jet black colour, dark chocolate, cherry, caramel and malty aroma, medium dry, slightly oily mouthfeel, chocolate (mousse?), bitter coffee, malty and coconut flavour, dry, malty, slightly bitter aftertaste. (Posted on 21/07/2017)

  2. The bard...
    Review by Ady

    If Shakespeare had drank this and reviewed it, he might have been more eloquent in his words. Me? Well, I'm just going to say this is poetry... (Posted on 20/07/2017)

  3. Perfect breakfast beer
    Review by MikeD

    Coffee and oatmeal. Recipe for a fine breakfast. (Posted on 15/07/2017)

  4. Roasty...
    Review by Mart

    Black with a nice tan head. Roasted malts, coffee and chocolate. Nicely bitter. (Posted on 07/05/2017)

  5. Lovely beer
    Review by Beebo

    Quite classic stout. Moderately roasty - chocolatey, coffeeish. Oatmeal indeed does add an impression of smoothness in the texture. Otherwise medium-full body, medium carbonation. Mostly roasty malty, other characteristics are in the background. Good one. (Posted on 20/03/2017)

  6. Good one!
    Review by MH

    Dark brown color with tiny tan head. Aroma - Coffee, wood, oat, chocolate. Taste - Bitter, milk choc, coffee, r-malts, nuts. (Posted on 08/02/2017)

  7. Fizzy
    Review by dmukgr

    Too carbonated for my tastes. Taste wise it was bang average as well. (Posted on 09/01/2017)

  8. best oatmeal stout
    Review by christof

    This hit everything I look for in an oatmeal stout, dry and spicy, lovely thick head on brown to black body, malty, just top drawer beer. (Posted on 05/01/2017)

  9. Great stout
    Review by MH

    Pours dark brown-black with thick tan head and lacing. Nose of chocolate with some vanilla and pine notes. Bitterness upfront with pine notes; chocolate in the finish (Posted on 03/01/2017)

  10. Not bad...!
    Review by MH

    Nice enough. Thin grey/brown head. Bit of a coffee taste. Fizzier than the average stout. Ok, but I’ve had better. (Posted on 30/12/2016)

  11. Nice stout
    Review by Middy

    This is a nice stout that comes out well at 5.8%abv.very enjoyable and tastes like a proper stout should. (Posted on 27/12/2016)

  12. Nice stout
    Review by Middy

    This is a nice stout that comes out well at 5.8%abv. Very enjoyable and tastes like a proper stout should. (Posted on 27/12/2016)

  13. Breakfast time
    Review by Iddy

    Pours black with a cocoa head. aroma is strong roasted malts & porridge. Taste is an earthy, roasted porridge flavour with honey. Lovely. (Posted on 09/12/2016)

  14. Decent porter
    Review by Birky

    nice and smooth but was perhaps expecting a little more (Posted on 06/12/2016)

  15. Really good!
    Review by mik

    Sweet and spicy. Not much chocolate character - this is definitely a dry, spicy stout.
    Only disappointment is the lack of depth in the finish. (Posted on 22/10/2016)

  16. Not bad
    Review by Ben

    Tastes as though the nuts roasted too long. Wanted some sweetness from the malt and didn't get it. (Posted on 29/07/2016)

  17. Top Stout!
    Review by simontomlinson

    Beige creamy head sat on a near black still body - looks fantastic.
    Malt, plum & alcohol aroma.
    Dull to the fore with big flavours of malts, dark chocolate & roast followed by a slightly bitter plum, grape & coffee finish.
    (Posted on 28/06/2016)

  18. Fantastic Stout
    Review by Bruce

    Served at 9 degrees.

    Lovely chocolate and smoke with a great smooth finish, try one. (Posted on 23/04/2016)

  19. Awesome
    Review by Anton

    The best Stout I have had. Would buy again in a flash (Posted on 20/04/2016)

  20. Awesome
    Review by Anton

    One of the best stouts I've ever had (Posted on 15/04/2016)

  21. Tasty
    Review by Tim

    Pours like dark treacle, initially fairly sweet and smooth, then espresso and treacle, a little bitterness (Posted on 19/03/2016)

  22. Yummy
    Review by Johnny

    Aroma of coffee, chocolate, earth, oats, a bit vinous. Medium body. Oily. Dry taste with notes similar to the nose. Proper medium bitterness. Good
    (Posted on 07/02/2016)

  23. Not alot to stout about
    Review by Blind_Drunk

    I did like this beer but I wouldn\'t say it was amazing or anything like that. It is a good solid stout which I am sure would please most stout lovers (Posted on 19/01/2016)

  24. A very good beer.
    Review by BJ 53

    Smooth, easy drinking oatmeal stout which disguises its strength very well. Quite moreish and well worth a try. (Posted on 15/01/2016)

  25. Yum yum yum
    Review by Nate

    This is a yummy one! Not as decadant as a breakfast stout, but getting there and very yummy. Great mouthfeel, coffee and choco notes and a malty finish. YUM! (Posted on 04/01/2016)

  26. Tasty
    Review by Llamaman

    A nice stout this one.
    Pours black as coal, with a head that collapses almost immediately to a lacy rim. Can\'t see much carbonation but felt a slight tingle on the tongue.

    Initial taste is spiciness (is there rye in the recipe?), followed by bitter coffee on the finish. Not much chocolate character - this is definitely a dry, spicy stout.
    Only (slight) disappointment is the lack of depth/variation in the finish - but this isn\'t a 9% monster so maybe that\'s expecting too much. (Posted on 20/12/2015)

  27. Nice enough - but nothing to rave about.
    Review by Whisky Socks

    Perhaps I received a bad bottle?!... I found Rogue Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout to be very mellow in taste and therefore quite boring. (Posted on 30/11/2015)

  28. great
    Review by irv

    lovely, dark stout (Posted on 08/11/2015)

  29. Wholesome stout with balance tones
    Review by Elliott.jh

    A lovely Oatmeal stout with silky cocoa notes that linger richly on the palate. one of the best oatmeal stouts ever...probably... (Posted on 10/08/2015)

  30. Tasty!
    Review by Nate

    A rich, full bodied stout with plenty of malt flavour, complimented by notes of choco & biscuit. A very nice drink from this American brewery.
    I did notice that the bottle doesn't have an alcohol percentage mark, but not a problem :) (Posted on 21/07/2015)

  31. really pleasing
    Review by dodge

    a super solid stout with all the nose and flavours one would expect. Missed the final star by a very slight lack of depth (Posted on 12/06/2015)

  32. Good but a little dissapointing
    Review by Abdyman

    A very nice oatmeal stout but I was expecting more from Rouge. Can't really complain though, still has great flavour and a very pleasant smoothness. (Posted on 09/06/2015)

  33. Buy first ask questions later!!
    Review by Edward

    Dark, delicious, brilliant beer :) (Posted on 30/05/2015)

  34. Ravashing Rogue
    Review by Mark

    Firt ever porter and my first beer from Rouge and it's a corker. Deep and dark with velvety chocolate flavours with a hint of toffee. (Posted on 14/05/2015)

  35. Award Winning Beer does not disappoint!
    Review by Wvari

    Roasted Malt, rich flavours of Coffee, Chocolate and a hint of a something sweeter, Caramel maybe or Toffee as a backdrop. This is a lovely stout. It won the World's Best Oatmeal Stout 2014 from the World Beer Awards and to give it credit I rated it a 5 so agree it is excellent. (Posted on 19/04/2015)

  36. The best stout ever
    Review by Rick c

    This stout was with out a doubt the best tasting beer Iv ever had and will be ordering plenty more. (Posted on 09/04/2015)

  37. No rogue beer
    Review by RachB

    Rogue by name but not by nature. This is one smooth, malty, chocolate laden stout. A real belter (Posted on 10/03/2015)

  38. A meal for a king
    Review by Jack Swans

    Has every characteristic a World class stout requires. Deserves a sonnet of it's own. Chocolate smooth mouthfeel, smokey notes. One for the Bard indeed. (Posted on 14/02/2015)

  39. First from Rogue
    Review by Stuart O

    This was my first beer from Rogue and you can't go wrong with an Oatmeal Stout. Nothing too heavy and most definitely drinkable. (Posted on 04/02/2015)

  40. Let it breathe!
    Review by Ay Pee Horne

    Cracking oatmeal stout. Slick, thick, chocolate mouth with a hearty malt backbone. Came to life after it had came up a few degrees. Immensely satisfying. Would definitely order again. (Posted on 25/11/2014)

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