Radius Project 2019 (10 Beers)

Harbour Brewing Co
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The Radius Project is a seriously impressive feat in brewing. A collaboration of 10 breweries set out to make a beer that embodies the area in which they're from by using ingredients within a 20 mile 'Radius'. 

This case contains

Harbour Foudre 2: Rhubabrb Edition 5.8%: A beautifully tart sour barrel aged for 9 months the refermented wirth fresh Cornish rhubarb.

Yonder As the Crow Flies 5.6%: A mixed culture saison made with damson picked from Yonder's very own rookery farm.

Six° North Origin: Heather Honey Saison 4.8%: A complex saison showcasing Scottish heather and honey

Burning Sky Elderberry Saison 6.4%: A blend of three barrel aged beers fermented using Burnings unique yeast strians, aged with locla elderberries.

Fyne Ales Origins Brewing Vigesimal 9.1%: Imperial golden sour ale aged for 12 months and conditioned on foraged Glen Fyne blackberries.

Lindheim Farmers Reserve: Coolship Cherry 7%: Selected barrels of spontaneously femented beer aged on cherries straight from their own orchards.

Exale Tottenham Coolship 6%: An amber ale fermented with a hosue strain developed from mushrooms forraged from Epping forest. 

Little Earth Project Gooseberry & Pineapple Weed 5%: Made using pineapple weed found on Little Earths campsite and over-ripe gooseberries from a local farm.

Land and Labour Lunaberry 6.5%: A wild sour ale made with galway grown blueberries aged for 16 montsh in an oak foeder

Left Handed Giant Drifting of Bees 6%: Made using honey from severnvale bee farmers and infused with rosemary, hyssop and lemon balm grown by Nibley Leaves.


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