Wait, so what do I need to do to get free beer?

Just share your code with anyone you know that may be interested in a PerfectDraft machine, and when they apply it at checkout they'll get a discount on any PerfectDraft machine or PerfectDraft machine bundle and we'll credit your account with £35 of Beer Tokens to spend on additional kegs or cases of beer!

When will I get my free beer?

Beer Tokens will be added once a week, so if anyone has used your code in the last 7 days you'll get a nice bonus added to your account! Your Beer Tokens are valid for half a year, and can be put towards one-off orders of beer from our site - so be sure to use them!

Does the code work on any other machine bundle?

Yes, it works on all machines and bundles.

I've referred people in the past without a code, can I get Beer Tokens?

Unfortunately not, we need them to use your code so we can track exactly where the referral came from. The same thing goes for if you give someone your code and they don't use it at checkout or buy a different bundle - so make sure they apply your code at checkout!

What if I refer more than 4 people?

At the moment we're limiting the scheme to just 4 uses, so after 4 people have claimed your code will no longer work. We're hoping to expand the scheme later this year, so keep your eyes peeled for more news!

Can I track how many times my code has been used in My Account?

At the moment the only way will be through the Beer Tokens that are added each week, but more real-time tracking one of the things we're hoping to add as we continue to develop the new referral scheme!

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