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  • Trade-in is only available to existing customers
  • We will only accept models 3620 and 3720 for trade-in
  • Beer Tokens for trade in can only be used on kegs and/or bottles and cans and must be used within 90 days of crediting

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About your machine...

We need to take some details about your Philips PerfectDraft Machine

To find the Serial Number of your PerfectDraft machine, please lay your device carefully on its side on a soft surface.
Please note down here the "stamped in" number combination, as shown below

Which model of machine are you trading in?

This can be found just above the Serial Number

Is your Philips PerfectDraft machine fully functional & complete?

Is your Philips PerfectDraft machine fitted with a UK plug?

This excludes UK plug adaptors.

Is the tap unit complete & fully functional, so you can pour beer as intended?

Does the pumping noise stop after a few seconds?

Does the machine cool the beer to 3°C and keep the beer at this temperature over time?

Does the machine come with the drip tray?

How would you rate the appearance of your machine?


Like New: The display is as good as new and shows no signs of use; The appliance shows no to lightest signs of usage that are only visible under good light and exact visual search.

Very Good: The machine is in very good condition and has only a few slight signs of wear - e.g. slight, superficial scratches.

Good: The appliance has some obvious signs of use. This includes, for example, significant scratches that can be felt with the fingernail

Acceptable: The appliance shows very strong signs of use. This includes, for example, several deep scratches or dull areas.

What is your preferred collection date?

Please select a collection date at least 7 days from now, to allow for your request to be processed and your returns pack to be issued.

If there are any issues with this date a member of our Customer Services team will contact you

Philips PerfectDraft Machine Trade-In

You need to be an existing Beer Hawk customer with an active Beer Hawk account who purchased a PerfectDraft Pro on our website ( between 30/05/2022 and 31/07/2022 to be able to trade in your Philips PerfectDraft machine under these Terms.

'Existing Beer Hawk customer' means a customer who made at least one PerfectDraft-related purchase on our website (e.g. PerfectDraft kegs or Philips PerfectDraft machine) prior to the purchase of the PerfectDraft Pro machine.

Full terms and conditions.
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