Introducing: Heated Seats

  • BREWERY: Mikkeller
  • STYLE: Pale Ale - New England / Hazy
  • ABV: 4.9%
  • LOOK: Hazy, Light straw colour, white head
  • AROMA: Lemon, melon, pineapple, peach & mango
  • TASTE: Citrus fruits, summer stone fruits, smooth, juicy
  • RRP £45.50 - Introductory offer £43.50
  • Limited to 2 kegs per customer
£43.50 | ADD TO CART
What is a New England Pale Ale?
New England style pale ales and IPAs are all about intense, hoppy, tropical flavours.

Characteristically they are pretty heavily dry hopped, giving a strong aroma and flavour but without the bitterness. This is where the explosion of citrus, stone and tropical fruits comes from.

The haziness comes from a combination of using certain yeast strains and the timing of the hop additions - giving it an almost opaque look.

Heated Seats ticks all of these boxes, and is the first New England pale ale to make its way to PerfectDraft!
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PerfectDraft Hoppy Keg Pack


  • RRP £125.30 - Only £112.77
  • Save £12.53
  • 1x PerfectDraft Mikkeller Heated Seats 6l keg
  • 1x PerfectDraft BrewDog Punk IPA 6l keg
  • 1x PerfectDraft CREW Republic Drunker Sailor IPA 6l keg
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More Information
Who are Mikkeller?
Mikkeller started when a maths and physics teacher, Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, started cloning beers from the United States in his kitchen.

Running a beer club with his childhood friend Kristen Keller (get it… Mikkeller) they fell in love with the science of brewing and the art of making incredible beers.

Fast-forward to today and pretty much everyone familiar with craft beer knows of Mikkeller - they are innovators, visionaries, and some would say the mad scientists of beer. They have won countless awards and regularly appear in lists of the best breweries in the world.

Needless to say, we're super excited. We've waited a long time to bring a New England style beer to PerfectDraft, and what better way to do it than from the geniuses over at Mikkeller!
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PerfectDraft Mikkeller Heated Seats 6l Keg | £38.50

Hazy, fruity and full of flavour!

10% OFF - SAVE £12.53!
PerfectDraft Hoppy keg Pack

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