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See what you missed in Draft Week

Exclusive new keg pack!We will have a draft week exclusive keg and merch pack for the brand new beer landing on PerfectDraft

MONSTER MultibuyDouble the kegs, yep thats 12 kegs, will be included in the multibuy this week!

Exclusive content & competitions!With chances to win Beer Tokens & an invite to a LIVE tasting of the new beer on PerfectDraft

Draft Week Exclusive Keg Launch!

Schneider's Bayrisch Hell Keg - £39.90


With hops grown in Hallertau and barley from the Straubing Gäuboden, both extremely close to Schneider's brewery, this beer is a true example of local Bavarian brewing. It's a recipe passed down through 6 generations - a light straw-yellow coloured beer which balances flowery hop aromas with the crisp refreshing taste of a classic helles lager.

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Bring the pub home with our PerfectDraft Machine bundle.

We thought we would go big on Multibuy for Draft Week.

With DOUBLE the number of kegs in the offer and let you choose which of your favourites you wanted to stock up on.

Usual Multibuy rules apply : Buy 3 - Save 10% | Buy 6 Save 15%.

The line-up was stacked with some big hitters, Stella Artois, Jupiler, Clwb Tropica, Spaten, Becks and loads more! Check back each week for a changing range of 6 kegs.

See this week's MULTIBUY
See this week's MULTIBUY
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