Perfect Draft

What is Perfect Draft?

Who doesn’t want to turn their kitchen into a bar? This handsome Perfect Draft beer dispenser now allows you to have fresh, cold bar-quality draught beer in the home. It’s incredibly easy to use, just plug in kegs for the perfect beer, no need for gas cylinders and the like. If you’re having a party, what could be better? It also makes the perfect gift for any beer lover.

There are seven beers currently available through Beer Hawk, including the Belgian classic Leffe Blonde, the stunning Franziskaner Weissbier and the refreshing Hoegaarden. They come in six-litre kegs that simply pop in to Perfect Draft. The beer will be chilled to a constant 3℃ and will stay fresh and carbonated for 30 days.

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Available Kegs

For further information on Perfect Draft see the User Manual or FAQ's