Oxygenation Kit 2.0

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There's an old saying in brewing: "Brewers make wort; yeast makes beer". Given the time and attention we brewers lavish on creating the best wort possible, doesn't it make sense to help yeast to do the best job it can too?

Maximising the the level of dissolved oxygen in your wort decreases lag time, greatly improves yeast attenuation, and avoids yeast stress and subsequent off-flavours by ensuring there are sufficient cells to get the job done. It is particularly important for lagers and higher-gravity beers.

Kit includes:

• 41cm aeration wand tipped with a stainless steel 0.5 micron air stone
• Plastic tubing
• Hi-Lo oxygen regulator w/ barb and nut for use with a refillable oxygen cylinder (readily available in the UK)
• Alternative regulator for use with disposable oxygen cylinders (more common in the USA)

Oxygen is available across the UK in refillable cylinders from Adams Gas (click to visit website).

Click here for instructions and more info.

Healthy, happy yeast is essential to avoiding off-flavours in finished beer, and making sure your wort has enough dissolved oxygen for yeast to grow is a sure-fire step towards clean, consistent and quality beer.


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