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Oskar Blues

oskar blues brewery

oskar blues brewery

Founded: 1997 by Dale Katechis

State: Colorado/North Carolina

Big, brassy and bold, Oskar Blues comes with a wailing blues soundtrack. This is a good time beer from the moment you pull snap open the can. Steve Hindy, Brooklyn Brewery co-founder and author of The Craft Beer Revolution, describes Oskar Blues one of the great success stories of craft beer. In fact, they did what no other craft brewery had ever done before: put all their beers in cans. Back in 2002, this was astonishing (it was a hand canning machine), in fact in 2016 some people prefer their beer in a bottle. But we know the natural enemies of beers are light and oxygen – well cans beat both of those. It also gets cold quicker. But it’s what’s in it that matters, and the Pale Ale is just a stunning example. Full of hops kept fresh by the misaligned receptacle.

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