Oktoberfest Beers

Many countries hold their own versions of Oktoberfest making it the most well-known beer celebration across the globe.  The original and official Oktoberfest though is held in Munich, Bavaria and it’s no surprise that there’s a few rules governing what makes an official Oktoberfest beer.

It must be produced within Munich itself, brewed to just under 6% abv and conform to the Reinheitsgebot law.  In practice this means that very few breweries can brew the official Oktoberfest beer, namely Augustiner, Hacker-Pschorr, Löwenbräu, Hofbräu, Spatenbräu and Paulaner.  This limited number of producers combined with the fact that an eye watering 9 million litres of beer is consumed over the 16 days of the festival makes sourcing them outside of the event pretty tricky.

We do our best though and do tend to squirrel away a few across September and October every year.  If we’ve got them, here they are!

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