Nut Brown Ale All Grain Recipe Kit (Crushed)

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This Nut Brown Ale All-Grain Kit includes US Fuggles hops, all the crushed grain you need as well the requisite dry yeast strain that’ll give your beer its lovely character. This style is easy to brew (discretely disguising any brewing flaws there may be) and its deep copper colour, fruity caramel flavour and toasty chocolate malt notes are appealing to most beer drinkers.

Kit includes Safale S-04 dried yeast sachet.

Kit does not include priming sugar for bottling.  Use priming or brewing sugar, or fizz drops.

Additional Information

Beer Kit Yield: 5 Gallons
Click Here for Nut Brown Ale All Grain Kit Brewing Instructions
Regional Style: USA
Original Gravity: 1044
Total Time to Make: 4 weeks

This all-grain recipe kit uses crushed malt, hops and yeast to create 18.9L (5 US gallons) of delightful Nut Brown Ale. With its dark colour and rich flavour, this style is accessible to most beer drinkers yet still has a great bit of character for those who like just that little bit more in their beer.


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