Magic Rock x Gigantic Robots vs Clowns

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Do Androids dream of electric sheep, do clowns dream of perfect parabolic arcs through which a custard pie streams like a guided missile into the face of an unsuspecting passerby. I’m not sure if Robots vs Clowns can answer those questions but it can certainly provide liquid encouragement while you ponder life’s great questions. IPLs are all the rage these days and numerous breweries are trying to answer their own great question: what would it be like if they could create the best of both worlds, ale and lager in perfect union. Magic Rock’s offering edges close to perfection, it’s crisp but fruity, smooth but fizzy, toeing the line perfectly between the two. There’s promise of sweet malts, toffee and a light hoppiness on the nose and to taste, it has a strong, crisp maltiness with some fruity, citrus infused hoppiness on backup vocals. Sometimes when you want to ponder life’s great questions you need accompaniment and this beer is the perfect partner.

Brewery Info

Founded in 2011 and in the vanguard of the first big wave UK craft breweries, US beer culture and the desire to bring a little bit of that to the UK is at the heart of what Magic Rock do. Coupled with a strong sense of and attachment to the local beer traditions, they exploded onto the beer scene the now seminal Cannonball IPA.

Their core range is as varied as it is bold and outstanding (how many breweries would be brave enough to put a gose in their starting line-up) and is ever growing, and as they’re brewed year-round, you’ll always be able to get them!


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