Little Creatures Pale Ale

Little Creatures Pale Ale

Style Pale Ale
Country Australian Beers
ABV 5.2%
Serving Temp 4 to 7°C
Bottle Size 330ml
A quintessential American-style pale ale, Little Creatures Pale Ale is a pioneer of the style in Australia. Showcasing Cascade and Chinook hops, juicy lemons and orange are the prominent notes. Chewy malts that taste of caramel and toffee balance out a nice zingy bitterness. Prickly carbonation and a zingy bitterness give way to a dry finish. This pale ale is no palate-blaster; indeed, it's a solid, refreshing beer that is drinkable in multiples!
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Product Reviews
  1. On yer
    Review by Grrrroooooovvvy

    Brash, in your face and bold. Typically Australian (Posted on 26/04/2017)

  2. Forgettable
    Review by baz_the_barn

    Not unpleasant, but distinctly average beer, certainly not worth the premium price (Posted on 08/04/2017)

  3. Nah...
    Review by Andrew

    Didn't enjoy this at all, tastes more like cheap lager than a craft pale ale.

    Very little to it other than fizz - surprised given the other reviews (Posted on 24/03/2017)

  4. Light & Fruity
    Review by Bev

    Light and tasty. There are better beers out there, bug won't disappoint. Enjoy. (Posted on 12/03/2017)

  5. Cheeky taste
    Review by Chunks

    Cracking flavor and very enjoyable well worth the price (Posted on 23/12/2016)

  6. Very tasty
    Review by Beer expert

    Very nice balance of hoppiness and fruitiness. (Posted on 29/11/2016)

  7. Not cheap
    Review by Fremantle

    Just back from where this is brewed, tastes great, especially sitting in the sun! This is expensive even in "Oz" (Posted on 18/11/2016)

  8. Very Nice
    Review by Ninja Terrier

    This beer has eluded me for quite a while. Having finally caught up with it I was surprised by its depth of flavour and fresh taste. (Posted on 25/09/2016)

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