Lallemand CBC-1 Yeast for Cask & Bottle Conditioning (11g)

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There are times when brewers who are naturally cask- or bottle-conditioning their beer will add more yeast at the point of packaging to ensure a good secondary fermentation. This would be true when a beer has been filtered prior to packaging, or after a very long period of cold crashing, or if a brewer simply wants to be doubly sure that correct carbonation levels will be met within a certain time period.

CBC-1 is an ale yeast that is designed to be used for refermentation when cask and bottle conditioning. Its resistance to alcohol and pressure means it can work effectively in fully fermented beer, and its neutral flavour profile means your beer's intended flavour will be unaffected.

Best used for refermentation conducted preferably with priming sugars such as dextrose. Refermentation can be completed in 2 weeks at the recommended temperatures of 15°C to 25°C. CBC-1 contains an adequate reservoir of carbohydrates and unsaturated fatty acids, and cell division (typically one division) is likely to occur in the bottle.
Temperature and inoculation rate can be adapted in order to achieve desired results. If the beer is partially carbonated, the sugar addition can be reduced. CBC-1 does not utilize the sugar maltotriose.

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