Herculometer - Precision Scale Hydrometer 0.980 to 1.020

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The Herculometer is calibrated to 60°F (15.5°C).

This Herculometer Precision Scale Hydrometer accurately measures your beer, wine, mead or cider’s final gravity. Measuring a range of 0.980 to 1.020, this particular hydrometer gives the most precise measurement of your final gravity possible. Its highly durable polycarbonate plastic means that you shouldn’t worry about this one lasting all the way to your final gravity check.


We offer other Herculometers to zoom-in on different gravities:

Triple Scale Hydrometer, a multi-purpose hydrometer

1.000 to 1.070 Precision Hydrometer, for checking original gravity of beers of normal to moderate strength

1.060 to 1.130 Precision Hydrometer, for checking original gravity of big, strong beers

This precise and tough Herculometer Precision Scale Hydrometer is ideal for measuring final gravities, with a range of 0.980 to 1.020.


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