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By cleverly re-purposing the temperature probe built into the Grainfather Connect's control box, the Grainfather Wortometer reads the temperature of your wort as it exits the counterflow chiller.

The Wortometer pushes onto the end of the counterflow chiller's out hose, with an additional piece of 8mm (0.3") inner diameter silicon hose of at least 1m length needing to be attached to the other end (extra hose not included). The control box's temperature probe is then plugged into the thermowell of the Wortometer's nickel-coated, copper body, showing the temperature of your cooled wort accurate to 1°C on the control box's main display.

By increasing or decreasing flow from your cold water tap, and controlling the chiller's flow rate using the red lever on the recirculation pipe, you should be able to precisely hone your wort's temperature according to your yeast's requirements.

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The latest accessory for our favourite all-in-one brewing system allows precise control of cooled wort temperature, dialling in to your yeast's ideal pitching temperature making for seamless fermentations.


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